How to write an annual work plan

Annual work plan is the work of the coming year may face the situation, problem, change and make forward-looking deployment and intention, is also a party and government organs, social organizations, companies and other commonly used style. Written annual work plan, the work of the unit or department can play a guiding, organizing, promoting and monitoring role. Therefore, the outstanding leading cadres should attach great importance to develop an annual work plan. Write an annual work plan is easy, but written not an easy task, especially new ideas is even harder to write, easy to commit combines do not close, the content space holes, language does not concise error. So, how to write an annual work plan? In my experience and understanding point of view, the major should take a good 'tight, solid, refined' three words:

        Combine to 'tight'. Written annual work plan, 'with' the word is very important. Those who write the beginning of the annual work plan, easy to commit two errors, one that is impervious to eat on the situation, not knowing the policies and regulations superiors, neither a high degree of such a plan will deviate from the direction of, especially in organization and personnel departments of the annual work plan, political and policy are very strong, we must uphold and cadres, party's management principles, are not familiar with the work of the central authorities on organizational and personnel policies, regulations and requirements, the annual work plan should be written, is impossible; the other is the impervious to eat lower-ranking officers, not to engage in research, do not grasp the real situation of this unit, it is difficult to write realistic annual work plan, in particular the organization and personnel departments of the annual work plan related to the units and departments, cadres and the masses of vital interests, not from the masses, then the masses can not be written annual work plans. Therefore, to written annual work plan, we must realize the organic combination of feeling and lower levels. The so-called thorough understanding on the situation, that is, the higher on the organizational and personnel are familiar with the work of policies and regulations, knowing the request of superiors to understand what things we can do and what things can not be done, why not do so in order to reflect the party's principles and policies to meet the requirements of the higher ; the so-called thorough understanding lower-ranking officers, is to have the units and departments, the reality of the situation, and proceed from objective reality and realities, serious investigation and study, so that repeated consideration and discussion, not subjective wishes, ideals, passion and motivation for writing programs, so that in order to ensure that annual work plans are based and the basis in line with the actual unit.

Surface content of the notification to be 'real'. It is writing the life of an annual work plan. Some though eloquent, but the people talking. Write an annual work plan, and resolutely oppose regardless of objective conditions, do not speak the reality may be the blind pursuit of high targets, and even boasting exaggerated. In particular, the organization and personnel departments of the annual work plans must be in accordance with the requirements of the scientific concept of development, adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts, people-oriented, to maximize the all-round development. Thus, writing the annual work plan, must be real and capabilities, active and steady, reflecting emancipating the mind, with the times, the future in the spirit, so that dare to think, say, dare to do with the practical and realistic, honest together. Specifically, the purpose is to make clear, so that a clear mandate, so that measures are feasible, so that requires a specific. The purpose must be clear, one can tell why the formulation of plans; must do the task well, one can tell it what to do and put forward realistic targets, jump jump reach it; measures must be feasible, a look at would know what to do, methods, steps and measures to clear; must do require specific, a look at who would know what to do, when what should be done, when completed, at a glance. This annual work plan, only operational, can be welcomed by the masses.

        Language should be 'fine'. The annual work plan is to use words to express a high degree of re-high, new ideas and then strong, and content of that fact, opinion and then out, language is not accurate, concise, not a good plan. Therefore, the written annual work plan, we must insist on the language seeking 'precision', and strive to be concise, specific and accurate, not as long as possible is good, as long as possible weight and the longer a political achievement, the key to see the contents of look at the quality, is in line with the requirements of the higher and the unit's actual circumstances, leaving this point, and then write a long to no avail. The general principle is to use the most concise language to express the meaning of the most complete, accurate, clear, and lively on the line, does not like to write argumentative, as first mentioned arguments, obtain other arguments; can not be the same as the written narrative, detailed about the process and the story, can use a word, not two words, can use a word, without words, we must Ximorujin. In addition, should be easy to understand. Let the people see at a glance understand fluent reading. Organization and personnel departments in particular, writing the annual work plan, the masses can not read, how are the people accepted? The people can not accept there is no way to ensure implementation of the plan, do not go, how can be regarded as a good scheme? Good plans must be concise language, we saw and clearly.

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Annual Work Plan