How to write an annual work plan

Do not cross the work plan as a routine matter of trouble, we should like to take this opportunity to re-examine their own career planning. How to write an annual work plan has been brought to my attention.

        The purpose of the work plan to develop the one hand, in charge of communication with the next annual work plan, on the other hand is also a self-review. In the content, in terms of charge, you are set for next year is expected to achieve work objectives, for its part, is to set up a personal breakthrough program.

        The first step to develop the work plan is to advance understanding of the company's annual target.

        Do not forget the company's goals and personal goals
        In charge of setting the content of your work next year, when, usually in implementing the company's annual goal of a top-down, so you must be careful to understand the company's annual goal, which is important but is always ignored.

        In addition, you must take time to think clearly about their hopes for next year's growth, is to learn from? Is the salary? Another is the development of a professional?

        If you want to learn new technologies, your work plan must include learning program; if it is trying to increase revenue, we must develop plans to increase the performance, or the exchange sector preparedness plans.

        First understand the company's annual goals and the individual annual targets, you do not know what to do when drafting the work plan.

        The exercise is reasonable but challenging
        Then, develop a plan of work principle is "Do not ambitious, goals reasonable and challenging."

        How to avoid ambitious, set a reasonable goal?

        Most people would not have thought to develop plans for their own shortcomings, so, it is recommended you can find your family, friends, or more familiar with the competent colleagues and ask them to review the objectives you set it too good? Are there plans to develop or improve their own to avoid the shortcomings of the past?

        Why challenging?
        Charge do not want you just go to Settings on your original goals could be achieved, he will expect you in the coming year, whether in work or learning can be a breakthrough, so, although I have to avoid far-fetched, but it must set of self-challenge program.

        Target digital, concrete action
        With the above preparation and adjustment, then entered the actual work plan to develop four steps:

        1. Target number of
        Only a vague goal of adjective is meaningless, so should work plan objectives and content of digital, such as time-based, quantitative, amount of.
        Even, even the learning program can be digitized, for example, how much time you expect to learn specific skills, or through a certification.

        2. Concrete action
        With the digitization of work objectives, but also with an effective implementation plan.
        The feasibility of developing a high degree of strategy, in addition to implementing the goals you have to follow the steps, while it makes even more believed to be in charge of to support your work plan.

        3. Learning Program
        You should also develop an annual self-learning programs. Company's employees hold self-learning is usually a positive view, and some companies even plan to study the provisions of the program of work should have projects.
        Learning programs should be clear that include: learning project, learning channel and time, is expected to produce benefits for their own work, and want their companies to provide assistance.

        4. Face to face communication with the competent
        I strongly recommend completing the work plan, you must be face to face with the director of communication, rather than just e-mail sent to the competent work plan. [FS: PAGE]
        Face to face communication advantages is that you can charge through the expression and body movements, a better understanding of the projects in charge of your work plan view.

        You can take advantage of opportunities for face to face and tell you in charge of long-term goals, such as two years, hoped to be transferred from the technical department marketing department, or three years, want a competent level, please charge for the work plan and study plan, give advice .

        In short, do not develop the work plan as a routine matter of cross trouble, we should like to take this opportunity to re-examine their own career plans.

Annual Work Plan