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I thank my mentor Professor XXX, they are rigorous and careful, meticulous style has been my work, learning models, teaching them patience and eclectic ideas to give me endless inspiration.

XXX thanks to my teacher, this piece of paper the details of each experiment and each data, you can not do without the careful guidance and your cheerful personality and tolerant attitude, helped me be able to quickly integrate into our new laboratory

I thank my roommates, from the distant family came to this strange city, is you and I together to maintain the fraternal feelings between each other, to maintain a harmonious bedroom share house. Four years, as if in yesterday. four years, we have no red face, no fights mouth, no worry about college before any unhappy things. just coming together, we eat together again on New Year's rare that meal of it, it does not matter , separate ways, we treasure. I hope that the country went to the C-meter safely, stay Fudan's D, E & F happily, troops on the north of G smooth, would also like to leave our bedroom H & I happy we are together days, I will remember a lifetime.

I thank my parents, nothing Xuan grass, talking trees of the back, upbringing, not to return, you always healthy and happy is my greatest wish.

In the paper is about completed, I can not calm the mood, enter the subject from the beginning to the successful completion of the paper

As, the number of respectable teachers, classmates, friends gave me speechless help here please accept my sincere


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