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Knife does not wear unhappy, you can not change the bad. Throughout the ages, where the accomplished writer, which did not attach importance to the article be amended. Two thousand years ago, Xunzi says: "People in the literature, it still jade in pondering it." Cao Xueqin wrote <<Dream>> at the Red House in Mourning, Piyue decade, five deletions, "every word seems all the blood, ten years hard work is not unusual." Danish physicist Niels Bohr wrote <<light and Life>> repeatedly revised 9 times, until he thought each word in the fully expressed their intention was formally published. Hemingway to the United States <<Old Man>> repeatedly read the manuscript before the final printing nearly 200 times the writer Ba Jin said: "The written death, change to death, with modifications to compensate for their hard work loophole." Thus, the change is writing a thesis very important part, in a sense can be said to have a decisive role in the link.

First, the process of understanding the difficulty of the decision of the inevitability of change

Thesis requires students to apply the learned knowledge, theory with practice, to explain the reform and opening up and modernization drive with some understanding of the laws. Paper reflects the author's understanding of objective things, and objective things are colorful, tortuous and complicated , know it is not easy, it is difficult to reflect, because this one comes from the objective difficulty of the thing itself exposed the internal contradictions of a gradual process, its development is tortuous and complicated the other hand, this difficulty comes from the people knowledge is subject to a variety of subjective and objective conditions, in the understanding of all phases of the process a bit negligent, it is prone to one-sided and subjective. Mao Zedong <<Oppose Stereotyped Party Writing>> pointed out: "article is a reflection of objective reality, The thing is tortuous and complicated, must be repeated studies in order to reflect properly, careless here, just do not know how to make an issue of basic knowledge. "People know there is a study of the phenomenon to the nature of the one-sided to the full by not deep to the more profound process. and people of the research results reflect also have the inaccurate, inappropriate, to the more accurate and appropriate process to write thesis on the research results reflected from the inaccurate, inappropriate to the more accurate, appropriate The process of change is bound to have a modified part. Leo Tolstoy said: "Gold panning to go through to get, brilliant, well-thought is expressed, too." Thus, changes article in line with people's understanding of the law.

Thesis, is essentially a cognitive process, which includes the objective things to people's subjective understanding of "meaning" of the process and written from the subjective understanding of the performance of the "materialization" process often occurs in the process of care "does not match the intended objects ", that is, not fully understanding the subjective, objective and correct understanding of things, and in the physical and chemical process and prone to" words do not convey "that is written in the article can not be completely and accurately reflect the author's point of view, therefore, in the process of writing papers in one more change on the understanding once more, one more modification before further, at least to reduce mistakes and overcome its weaknesses. As the writer Lao She said: "Articles must be changed, and who can not write a great article at once, faster and better."

Second, the change that runs through the thesis writing is an important part of

Writing from a formal point of view is to modify the final steps, is the perfect stage of the article, but from the whole, the change is throughout the writing process. Writing can be divided into four stages, each stage in the change effort should be strengthened The first stage, the idea of ​​change brewing. paper before you begin to fight the idea of ​​brewing a plan. modification should start from here, such as the establishment of centers, select the subject matter, stylistic rules and layout, etc., must go through repeated reflection, some analysts There are also integrated, which does not put pen to paper-side changes, it determines the entire success or failure of a plan to change well, to write up detours. If you determine that a tight outline, put up a good stand, there would be no major changes in structure of the article So must be considered before beginning to write, not pen the letter to further major changes in the second stage, after write the changes. put pen to paper after careful thought into the process on the image to pay to use thinking and logical thinking, a common sense inference, image exploration, the division level, the interface between paragraphs, sentence selection examination, appropriate vocabulary, scrutiny. Aspects are likely after repeated analysis, comparison, choice, choice in the change of some words, sentence, level, after the completion of draft paragraphs, this is writing at the side change, while improving and writing stages of the third stage, the first draft of the changes . After all the Cultural Revolution as to word for word, paragraph by paragraph, the layer re-reading for overall changes in the changes not only to the discretion of the word pour sentence, but also consider the material choice, hierarchical arrangements, structural organization, the center of expression, and so on. the fourth stage, under the guidance of the instructor to modify. the instructor after review, affirmed the benefits of the draft, and pointed out that lack of the full text. The author's comment about listening to the instructor after the text to further discover their own strengths and weaknesses, research should through, and understand that to be deep, then consider modifying this modification is not a second time to end, modify the difficulty increases than the original, but if changing for the better, the article level can significantly improve. Share for free download

In these four stages, after the draft is more important changes since the first draft of the paper in the drafting process, the author of each argument, the argument can not be thought very careful to express it more difficult to be precise, while at the Drafts written after the author's focus from writing to the local overall look, look down to check, refine the central argument of the expression is prominent at all levels, the appropriateness of the paragraphs addition, the author's standpoint can be moved from the writers readers, the more detached to various parts of the paper, "judgmental", "pick and choose," more objective and more strictly serious consideration and repeated scrutiny, the paper further mature and perfect.

Third, the change is an important way to improve writing skills

Thesis writing is a writing exercise and comprehensive skills training. To improve the writing skills necessary to write more, but also to more change. Ancients said: "Good for the better good change", "the article is changed out." Many college students quick thinking and writing things faster, but because they do not attach importance to the article to modify, refine, and less refined, often written in the article structure is loose, repeat the wordy phrases, spelling is greater, and thus raise the level of writing unhappy. should be modified as the process of writing an important stage in learning how to modify the article, is writing a basic training, but also more effective training. Lu Xun to understanding "should not be so written" - that is, to modify the draft method, known as "extremely useful way of learning." In a sense, will not write the article, you can use to measure the change will not and only to write will change when it can be said to have a certain writing skills and ability, as Chekhov said: "the ability to write well is a bad place to delete the ability to write." by modifying the paper, can further improve the wording and phrasing, structure and logical reasoning ability of the article effort.

To revise their papers, but also to develop rigorous scholarship and a good style of study needs. Writing is for others to read, the society will have some impact, so the author must hold the reader the spirit of being highly responsible to the community seriously revise their papers. Seriously to revise their papers, strictly, this is a rigorous scientific approach and scholarship. Lu Xun once said: "After writing at least read it over twice, trying to be non-essential words, sentences and paragraphs, without pity. "He urged others to modify the articles, his articles are often repeatedly modified his famous essay <<Fujino>> change where there are 160-170 at <<<graves>> the question in mind>> there were only more than 1,000 words, changes are also as many as one hundred. proletarian revolutionary teachers to modify their work in time, it is better. Marx <<Capital>> Volume I finished, revised from start to finish later German and French translations of the second edition, he changes were made, he wrote <<Das Kapital "for 40 years, in the middle after several revisions, and now the first part of the first two volumes of manuscript, preserved on the light 8 titles as Paul Erlafage in "Memories of Marx>> a book, said: Marx" never published a detailed process and has not been seriously pondering his works, he can not stand the things he did not complete the public the public the idea. He did not want to do the final correction of the manuscript to anyone, for he is the most painful thing. ... One day he told me that he would rather burn his own manuscript, do not want to half-baked to left in the behind. "Such a high spirit of responsibility to society, we should learn and we can Marx's spirit of responsibility to learn this infinite power.

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