Sample nursing care plan in 2010

2010 work plan for hospital care will continue to focus on "patient-centered, quality as the core" service concept, the work will be concluded in previous years, the benefits continue to develop. Full implementation of the ISO9001-2000 quality management standard, continue to strengthen nursing science , standardized management, and promoting quality of care overall improvement, to achieve "for the safety of surgery patients with quality care, with excellence in surgery," the target, according to the spirit of nursing, combined with the actual situation of our department to develop care plans in 2010 and objectives are as follows:

1, update the care management and service concepts to improve the quality of care. So people-oriented, focusing on human services, in-depth development of "patient satisfaction in the departments' activities. Strict enforcement of protective health care system, ready for the interests of the patients, the patient's condition , effect of surgery, surgical complications, surgery will not talk. effectively change the service concept and mode of working conditions to ensure the best care services for patients, to meet all reasonable needs of patients for surgical patients to create a warm and comfortable environment, to patient care and job satisfaction ≥ 95%. work focus on strengthening the communication with the doctor to collect patient information, gain understanding, trust and support, and continuously improve internal service quality, in order to better cope with surgery, to clinicians operating room nursing job satisfaction ≥ 98%.

2, to enhance care quality and safety management plan to ensure that the accident rate was zero. Strict department rules and regulations, with periodic discussion and analysis of errors and accidents, recurring problem for the rectification, to prevent the occurrence of errors. Use of the morning will , service learning and other forms of care service to enhance awareness of nurses, so that active service, warm hospitality, attentive. the operation of care and treatment of patients with greeting, the use of encouraging language, gentle movements, so that patients feel like family warm.

3, the strict implementation of the checking system, emphasizing the implementation of the second check in place to strengthen security management responsibilities, to prevent serious errors and accidents in safety, based on improving our quality of care.

4, deepen family services, improve service quality in the training of nurses on the basis of the daily ritual, to further standardize the care and operation of language, nurse-patient communication skills training nurses to establish a good professional image.

5, the rational use of human resources, to avoid overstaffing situation with the proportion of hospital health care is unreasonable, a small staff of nurses. Heavy workload, nurse patient departments should be based on rational allocation of nursing workload and human resources, flexible scheduling, increased peak work period the number of the hospital nursing staff to do the work necessary, on call, in order to achieve quality and quantity of patient satisfaction with care.

6, to establish awareness of the law, standardize care and legal documents written with the awareness of people, the promulgation of regulations dealing with medical malpractice, nursing services, how to strengthen the legal system, improve the legal awareness of nursing, nursing management has become an important part. Care Provincial Health Department, Department of Nursing in strict accordance with written specifications document, nursing documented, objective. clearly the significance of nursing documentation writing, standardized nursing document writing to ask higher-level hospital counterparts, clearly documents how to write good care to achieve standards . combined with writing care hospital files of the actual situation, a summary and analysis, countermeasures, provide a legal basis for the evidence to protect the legitimate interests of nurses and patients. for Nursing records writing contest, the winner will be awarded.

2010 Work Plan