Fan annual work plan for 2010 graduates

Work plan is the work of a recent or long-term plan is to set their own goals and concrete steps to improve their efficiency and initiative, especially graduates, are set on how to do individual work plans were puzzled. Now available Fan annual work plan for 2010 graduates, the majority of graduates want to have an inspiration.

After graduation I finally found a job, because I studied the teacher after graduation only to become a teacher because of my learning in school has been very serious, the school has won awards, so the job is easier when point.

At first a teacher, the school attaches great importance to me, I also train, probably the school teacher that I have the temperament, and I do not as a teacher, give me the position of a trainee teacher, I slowly adapt to working I am making a trainee teacher, co-management classes to help the Wu affairs, I want to thank our new teachers to the school to provide such a good learning opportunity, thanks to the Wu gave me patience, guidance.

Students in specific situations:

Class of 40 students, 19 boys and girls 21. 24 local students, 16 from other provinces and cities Jie Du. 2 single-parent families who enjoy the benefits have 2 student tickets.

A guiding principle:

Party leadership and the school under the guidance of Church and State Department, adhere to the moral education as the main line, in class, and implement the Party's education policy, the education of students. Insist on improving the main line of moral practice, and promote the improvement of student achievement. Efforts to educate Students learn the proper methods and attitudes continue to develop in students good study habits, and truly let the whole class each student has made progress.

Ideology, patriotism and morality should strengthen the training of students and love of the party, love the socialist belief in the cause of education, the four cardinal principles and reform, establish a good outlook on life, but also for the education of right and wrong, courageous and education, learning, and strive to train students to seriously study and timely completion of work habits, is more important is to teach students some of the ways of learning. work, training students in the initial management capabilities, particularly the establishment of a sound class committee, Mission Branch, with the regular teacher to improve classroom management, so that the class students have a safe, comfortable environment for learning discipline, enhance students' conscious discipline of habit, so that students in addition to consciously abide by the school, grade, discipline , but also take the initiative to safeguard the interests of the class group and school, honor, there is a certain sense of justice.

Second, the specific work:


1 well to consolidate learning classes, classes and students are familiar with the situation, to strengthen home-school links and communication.

2 mechanism for the formation of classes, to seriously study "Thailand Sunday school day routine," students consciously learn and habits.

3 good classes, students develop a love of education, work education, students learn about health, love and a series of group activities.


1. Continue regular education students and do routine work.

2. Constantly review and sum up, to strengthen the ideological education of students, to develop education.

3 good general education and publicity, the timely completion of higher level layout work and active participation.

4 good mid-term exam arrangements and review the work of learning.


1. To continue to develop education, increasing the intensity of the ideological education of students.

2 summarizes the pros and cons mid-term exam, to study measures to further strengthen the excellent makeup classes within the secondary.

3 complete layout of all the school work: good sports week, a series of co-ordinating science activities week to prepare.


1, to enhance students' overall education, and foster a strong sense of responsibility, study hard and strive to progress.

2, further strengthen moral education, to encourage students to positive, moving to a higher level.

Trainee teacher is complex, detailed work, but also an interesting work, as long as you threw himself into the inside, will be able to feel the joy when the class teacher, teacher education and teaching life's lively and enriching life in the real work, teacher training in line with ideals, morality, culture, and discipline of the four virtues starting in improving student achievement, we must also improve their political and ideological quality, training students in practical skills, adapt to the social ability to enable students to fully develop, the general feeling to be socially useful talents.

Trainee teacher to develop the quality of the work plan related to the enforcement of a semester of work, but also to work for the entire class, not the horse Hu Shi, must be carefully written work plan for the class teacher in the implementation of the plan, certain to attract attention.

We are now trying to work the next generation is responsible for the motherland, the prosperity of our country can not just look at our generation, but also look at the future, our future is now for students, we must educate the next generation, is to educate the next generation future of our country to lay the foundation for a strong future of the motherland but also each of us shine.

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2010 Work Plan