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New year new start, and we should do a work plan for their own 2010 work plan on how to write it? Below example for everyone out of 2010 students work plan templates for your reference!

As a new student homes, our own future filled with good vision, but also shoulder the historic mission of our students will follow the fine tradition of the last homes, and on this basis breakthroughs and innovation, which We are not only a kind of pressure, but also a driving force. sum up the past, look to the future, the second student will be "unity, pragmatic, enterprising, innovative" for the purpose to "build a combat, cohesive group," as the goal to develop around the "all students, for students in all, for all the students," student-based work plan for 2010.

First, the division responsible for the system: the student union officers and ministers responsible for the overall premise, the hospital students are all members of the division responsible for the implementation of the system, so that a clear division of responsibility to the people.

1. President has overall responsibility for the overall work and office work plans.

2. Vice President to assist the daily work and specific ministries in charge of the work.

3. In the division of labor at the same time, strengthen unity, strengthen the cooperation between ministries, members of the collaboration, so that the division of labor, regardless of family.

4. Ministers responsible for Part and the faculties Xiangguan members work within the department is also responsible for the implementation of the specific division of labor system.

Second, ideological education and ideological education in the original work plan, based on the continuing success, further, to form a theory, based on a spirit, ability to meet the new requirements of the times the practice of spiritual direction, and ultimately "serve as a school teacher The fundamental task of health services.

1. Actively cooperate with the College of ideological and political work plan, so that our hospital has played an exemplary role student leaders

(2) hold full hospital characteristics Mandarin entertainment technology, provide students with scientific and technological innovation for the majority of the practice arena, to develop the majority of students actively explore, truth-seeking spirit of courage.

3. To strengthen colleges and faculties (School of exchanges and cooperation, support and help each department (hospital to carry out various activities enrich student life, full of educational activities.

Third, the style of study

In this semester, we will give full play to students as a bridge to carry out practical activities to promote the study style, guide the students with a good spirit to achieve excellent results, efforts to form a hard, hard, realistic style of study

1 Students use a variety of promotional tools to comprehensive, multi-level to carry out propaganda, and promote healthy practices and strive to create a strong "Atmosphere" atmosphere

(2) regularly organizes various seminars, targeted to carry out various exchange activities to address the students learning, life and other issues.

3 around the style of study, and actively carry out scientific and cultural activities and professional skills competitions to improve their comprehensive ability

Fourth, cultural and sports activities

Through a variety of cultural activities to enrich the cultural life of students after school to meet students' spiritual and cultural requirements, and constantly enhance the cohesion of college, teachers and students to improve hospital-wide physical

1. Organize school activities, and enhance the quality of hospital-wide student

2 students to participate in organized athletic meets our hospital, and strive to obtain better results on the basis of previous

3. Carefully with a large courtyard at the variety show.

V. Life, this semester students will join various departments (hospital accommodation for students and student diet to strengthen governance, according to the school problems and now the actual situation, with students back at the hospital to hospital as the main student organizations, Student Union, faculties ( hospital with a serious approach to the bedroom and food inspection and supervision of students in the school there is a feeling of home

1. Organization set up the food committee, from time to time on food inspection and supervision

2. Governance Committee organized and set up quarters on the bedroom accommodation and a comprehensive health evaluation.

Sixth, the spirit of civilization, this semester students will strengthen links between faculties, earnestly implement the "whole-heartedly for the whole school service" by each department works to improve hospital-wide excellence overall quality of students, enhance our hospital's Atmosphere work.

1 by members of the dormitory thinking, discipline, learning, health and other aspects of study, the introduction of star accommodation selection system

2 Expand the student teaching and research work plan, organize meet the needs of different grades, students living close to campus cultural activities

3 students to explore new governance mechanisms to mobilize the majority of students participate in class construction initiative.

Seven graduates

For each department (the actual situation of the hospital, the hospital school graduate students do our best to provide more employment in the information and jobs, the XX session of the school students of civilization, and happily go to work

"Man of iron, CHAMC" in Vientiane update this moment, our hospital will continue to self-service students, self-governance, self-education purposes, the successful experience of tradition and innovation, in line with the College of the work At the same time, strengthen the internal governance of the students, the style of study for the construction of hospital building blocks, and ultimately the service wholeheartedly for the fundamental task of teachers and students

Finally, our students will be enthusiastic service, the right attitude. To facilitate each student for each teacher to provide services of school teachers and students want to give our students will support and encourage students, and we also hope that students school teachers and students to give us more valuable comments and suggestions, we will try to do to correct and only correct the mistakes and shortcomings, we can be progress, will be growing.

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2010 Work Plan