Staff training work plan for 2010 samples

To implement the chairman and party secretary, Comrade *** staff training program on strengthening the spirit of the speech, comprehensively enhance the overall quality of the staff group and operational capacity to promote healthy and rapid development of the Group, combined with group practice, staff training and development in 2010 work plan.
                1, the overall objective
                1, strengthen the company's executive staff training to upgrade the operator's business ideas, open ideas, enhance decision-making capacity, strategies to develop capacity and modern business management capabilities.
        2, strengthen the company's middle management personnel training, enhance the overall quality of managers, improve the knowledge structure, enhance the overall management ability, innovation and implementation capacity.
        3, strengthen the company's professional and technical personnel training, enhance the level of technical theory and professional skills, enhance scientific and technological research and development, technological innovation, technological innovation capability.
        4, to strengthen the company's technical level training for the operator to continuously enhance the level of the operator's business and operational skills, to enhance the ability to fulfill their duties strictly.
        5, strengthen the company's academic staff training to enhance scientific and cultural level personnel at all levels to enhance the overall cultural quality of the workforce.
        6, strengthening management and industry personnel at all levels of qualification training, accelerate the pace of work certificates, and further standardize management.
          Second, principles and requirements
                1, adhere to on-demand teaching, to ensure the principle of effectiveness. According to the reform and development needs of the Group and staff diversity training needs, at different levels, sub-categories to carry out content-rich, flexible forms of training, education and training to enhance the relevance and effectiveness to ensure the quality of training.
        2, adhere to self-training on the assigned training, supplemented by principle. Integration of training resources, establish and improve the training center the group as the main training base near the institutions for the training base assigned training network, based on self-training to improve basic training and regular training base for doing a good job assigned by the relevant professional training.
        3, adhere to plant co-educational school, part-time learning-based principles. According to the company needs the mainstream with the relevant institutions to conduct joint schools and offer relevant professional post-secondary education training course, organized workers to focus instruction on weekends and holidays, combined with self-study to complete their studies to obtain qualifications.
        4, adhere to training of personnel, training content, training time for the implementation of the principles of the three. In 2009, senior executives participate in management training, accumulated no less than 30 days; middle-level cadres and professional and technical personnel professional training accumulated time of not less than 20 days; general staff operations skills accumulated no less than 10 days.
                Third, the training content and methods of
                (A) Company leaders and business executives
                1, the central, state and government of the major policies of the study, domestic and international political situation, economic situation analysis, national policies and regulations related to research and interpretation. Unified organization of the higher authorities through the transfer of training.
        2, open up strategic thinking to enhance their operational concepts to improve scientific decision-making capabilities and operational management capabilities. Entrepreneurs, high-end by participating in forums, summits, annual meetings; to successful businesses at home and abroad visit the study; to participate in domestic and foreign well-known high-end senior corporate trainer seminars.
        3, academic degree training, and qualification training. To participate in Beijing University, Tsinghua University, Nankai, big and central, provincial Party School's academic studies or MBA, EMBA learning; to participate in senior operational and qualification training of teachers and so on.
                (B) the middle management cadre
                1, training in management practices. Production organization and management, cost management and performance evaluation, human resource management, motivation and communication, leadership and art. Invited experts and professors to come to the company focused on medium of instruction; organize relevant personnel to participate in Session lectures; in Group Training Center received the era Guanghua courses.
        2, academic studies and professional knowledge training. Actively encourage qualified middle-level cadres to participate in University (College) correspondence, Zikao or participate in MBA and other master's degree in education; organizational management, business administration, accounting professional management cadres to participate in licensing examination to obtain qualification certificates.
        3, broaden their horizons, develop ideas, access to information, lessons learned. Organization of middle-level cadres in batches to the upstream and downstream enterprises and associated enterprises study tour to understand the production and management situations and learn from successful experiences.
        (C) professional and technical personnel
                1, by the professional, deputy chief engineer, chief engineer on a regular basis to conduct special technical seminars, and take advantage of distance education and training base for the Group to carry out new techniques, new materials and quality management knowledge and other specialized training, cultivate innovation, to improve the level of research and development. Training arrangements during the year are as follows, a total of 310 were:
        2, organize professional and technical personnel to advanced enterprises in the same industry to learn from advanced experiences, broaden our horizons. During the year two batches of scheduling personnel to Shandong Haihua, a study tour of Lianyungang Soda Plant and other units.
        3, step out to participate in training personnel, strict management, training, and after going to write a written report Training Section, where necessary, some new knowledge and learning within the company to promote.
        4 pairs of accounting, economics, statistics, etc. have passed the exam to get a professional and technical positions in professional counseling through the program of training and test approaches to improve the passing rate title. Through the accreditation of the engineering and other professionals to obtain professional and technical positions, to hire experts in relevant professional seminars, multi-channel professional and technical personnel to improve the technical level.
                (D) The basic training of workers
        1, the new workers into the factory training
                2010 to continue to recruit for new employees to further enhance the company's corporate culture, training, laws and regulations, labor discipline, safety, teamwork, quality awareness training. Each training year shall not be less than 8 hours;
        Through the introduction of master train an apprentice on the new staff professional skills training, mentoring new employees of all subsidiaries, the contract rate must reach 100% examination every six months once, twice qualified in the assessment of new workers to be dismissed, given for outstanding assessment at a certain reward.
        2, transfer, re-employment training for workers
                In 2010 to continue the re-employment center personnel and enterprise culture, laws and regulations, labor discipline, safety, teamwork, career concepts, corporate strategy, corporate image, training in the areas of project progress, each of not less than eight hours .
        At the same time as the company's expansion, the internal channels of employment increases, timely professional and technical training, training for not less than 3 months.
        3, staff training, technical grade
                Group in 2010 to plan new train 15 technicians and senior technicians 2. Alkali industry, the shares of the company and above mid-level workers the proportion of skilled workers accounted for more than 70% in 2009 while continuing to spread, expand the ratio, the focus is to develop high skilled workers, plan to train senior technicians, two people, technician 10 people. And the pilot, chief engineer system, and establish a sound system for skilled personnel, to provide experience for other subsidiaries.
        Other subsidiaries should focus its work on the basis of their work, focusing on training, intermediate and advanced engineering work, win and above mid-level workers can be accounted for as a whole more than 30% the proportion of skilled workers, so that the quality of skilled workers, there is no overall increase. On this basis, the strength of a proven strong individual trades, focus on training five technicians, 50 senior workers.
                (E) to carry out formal schooling
                1, Group Training Center and University of joint schools and offer professional chemical process, mechanical and electrical integration of technical expertise college class. Through a national entrance examination for adults, to meet the admission conditions of employees in a planned focus on training, access to education.
        2, with the Polytechnic University of schools, and organized correspondence Chemical Engineering undergraduate classes; recommend outstanding for more than middle management staff to Tianjin University and Nankai University studying for a master's degree. Improve the company's executives the academic, business level and decision-making capacity to better serve the company.
        3, mobility of workers self-learning initiative. Self-examination for workers to provide good services to help employees sign up to provide correspondence information; adjust the existing level of employee qualification-the-job training incentives standards; the academic level as induction and administration, technical positions for promotion, increase employee motivation to learn.
                Fourth, organization and leadership
                1, Group and a subsidiary of the training of cadres should be included on the agenda and implement the responsibility system. General Manager has overall responsibility for the training of competent leaders (in charge of cadre and personnel work) to implement them well.
        2, the organization in place, expenses are covered. Personnel and organization departments according to company training programs to organize, coordinate, service, monitoring, and so the company wants to transfer in accordance with the relevant provisions (1.5% of payroll to 2.5% of the ratio), training funds are put in place to ensure that training

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