Elements of the plan for party building work in 2010

At present, China has entered the building a moderately prosperous society and accelerating the socialist modernization drive a new stage of development. The international situation is undergoing profound changes. World multi-polarization and economic globalization amid twists and turns in the development, technological advances, increasingly fierce competition in comprehensive national strength. This pressing situation, lag behind. My Office is faced with both the national implementation of the western development strategy, speed up construction of water infrastructure great opportunity, but also faces a long-called water to speed up economic development, and training 'four' long-called workforce difficult task. The next five years, our bureau party committee's work should focus on reform and development of our bureau in strengthening our bureau party's ideology, organization, style, and system building, the Council leadership, cadre ranks, the ranks of party members and staff ranks, as well as the ideological and political work and the building of spiritual civilization in such areas as fighting forces into full play the role of grass-roots party organizations, in order to our bureau's reform and development of political thought and organizational guarantees. To this end the party building work to develop elements of the plan in 2010.
        A guiding ideology and working principles
        1, the guiding ideology of the next five years, the party committee's work should take Deng Xiaoping Theory and the 'Three Represents' important thought of the guide, adhere to the people-oriented, adhere to the scientific concept of development, adhere to our bureau's reform and development as the center, give full play to party political advantage, ideological and organizational advantages, and continuously strengthen and improve the party's ideology, organization, style, and institution building, strengthen the Party's cohesion and combat effectiveness; continuously strengthen Board leadership building, the Bureau of leadership into upholding the principle of 'three representing 'the important thinking of the strong leadership; continuously strengthen the cadre ranks, cultivate a proficient, able to play a long-called project management responsibilities, and can withstand the test of various storms and high-quality cadres; continuously strengthen the ranks of party members and staff team building and raising the overall quality of the workforce; continuously strengthen ideological and political work plan, constantly strengthen the building of spiritual civilization, to our bureau's reform and development of political thought and organizational guarantees.
        2, the working principle of the next five years, party building work must uphold the party must manage itself strictly approach. Around the project management for party building, do a good job of party building and promoting management. To achieve 'four outstanding': highlight the whole, all-round, multi-level studies of party building work as a whole line of thought, and strive to science; outstanding innovation, and our bureau party building work must adapt to the new situation, take advantage of new features, explore new methods, opening up new ways to seek practical results; prominent forward-looking, focusing on our bureau of investigation and research work of party building, in particular to do predictive analysis, and strive to initiative; prominent target, combined with my actual work and party members the Board's management team, workforce status, planned, Party to carry out targeted work.
        2, objectives and major tasks
        3, our bureau work of party building objectives are to: Bureau of leading my team into a learning innovation, democracy, unity, and work diligently for the people, honest and upright achieved remarkable results in the 'four good' leadership. The grass-roots party branches into unity, to lead, educate workers and staff to complete various tasks one mind a strong fighting force; the ranks of party members into work to play a vanguard and exemplary role in the backbone; to improve the overall quality of the overall situation of workers. Strive to create a 'best provincial civilized unit' and the National Irrigation civilizations.
        4, the main tasks: grasping the ideological, political, and style of construction as the focus on leadership building; do a good job in my work, to play a fighting force of the Bureau of the role of the building of grass-roots party branches and play an exemplary vanguard role of party members to focus on party building ; a good grasp of a sufficient number of reasonable structure, excellent quality of the building of the contingent of cadres and workers ranks.
        Third, the leading body-building
        5, according to a political firm, realistic and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative, diligent, good governance, unity and coordination of the general requirements, and 'held the banner, grasping team, lead the teams, and promoting development' as a target depth 'study and innovation, democracy and solidarity, diligence and governance for the people, honest and clean 'the' 4 good 'activities, group members continuously improve the ideological and political quality and leadership, and enhance the' four-good 'activities, targeted and effective.
        6, persist in the central group learning systems, central group of members in each party to concentrate on studying at least 12 days, to seriously develop a learning plan each year to determine the focus on studying the content and research. Theory with practice, in-depth investigation and study group members to complete 1-2 articles per year have a higher quality of theoretical articles and investigation reports. A planned, organized and conscientiously study Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, in particular, should take the lead master Deng Xiaoping Theory and the 'Three Represents' important thought, complete and accurate grasp of Deng Xiaoping Theory and the 'Three Represents' important thought of the scientific system of , skilled use of the scientific world outlook and methodology to solve the Bureau of reform and development of the major problems.
        7, earnestly implement the principle of democratic centralism, adhere to the collective leadership and individual responsibility system of combining, the right-I Bureau of the major issues and important matters, in accordance with the principle of majority, after the party committee discussed and decided upon collectively.
        8, adhere to democratic management, and related to my Bureau of reform and development of the vital interests of workers on major issues, we must listen to staff representatives, grass-roots party branches and the views of party members and cadres. Discussion and study of some of the major issues in our bureau, to take publicity, briefings will be middle-level cadres, and other means, to exchange information, listen to their views.
        9, persist in democratic life unionism. Seriously good start would be a year of democratic life, combined with group members of the thinking and practice and carry out criticism and self-criticism. Democratic evaluation of leading cadres conducted once a year. Party members and leading cadres should participate in branch activities and organizational life, can not leave or absent without reason, we should seriously listen to the views of party members to accept the supervision of Party members.
        10, adhere to Bureau and link grass-roots system. At least four times a year to the reach of contact in charge of sector research, to help grass-roots level to solve practical problems.
        Fourth, building of the contingent of cadres and workers
        11, and strive to build a moral integrity and ability, education, age, and professional knowledge structure is reasonable, there is a strong management capabilities of middle cadres, and boldly promote outstanding young cadres into the section-level cadre posts, the formation of a stable age 35-45 the main body of about 20 middle-level cadres.
        12, and comprehensively improve the quality of cadres, optimizing the structure of the ranks of cadres. To enhance the education of cadres, management and supervision, the establishment of middle-level cadres in party and government leadership and system of regular conversation. Adhere to the cadres training system, each of 1-2 times on various cadres collective training. Create the conditions to arrange for young cadres to the Party to participate in political and theoretical training. Encouraged to pursue academic education of young cadres to participate in a variety of training.
        13, improve the selection and appointment of cadres, management and appraisal system, and gradually implementing fair competition to select the best of the cadre system. On the outstanding achievements of cadres should be given awards in recognition of the incompetent cadre posts to be adjusted to create equal competition, survival of the fittest, promoted or demoted mechanism. The implementation of section-level cadres before their appointment system. Continue to implement cadre appointment system to develop middle-level cadre selection and appointment procedures.
        14, concerned about the growth of young cadres. The establishment of young cadres on a regular basis to exchange ideas, reporting of work systems and bureau-level leading cadres and talk regularly with the young system, properly care for and help them solve their thinking, work, study and life practical problems. To enhance the training and examination of reserve cadres, establish training files, the implementation of dynamic management.
        15 to strengthen the cadres and workers of the education and training. The next five years, the beginning of each year to develop a unified whole staff training work plan, organize, including project management, water supply, flood control, financial accounting, secretarial writing, computer use, safe production, wage management, legal knowledge, spiritual, party work, discipline inspection and supervision, the content of training courses such as trade union work. And strive for every two-year rotational training a cadre of workers, rotating once every 3 years.
        5, the building of grass-roots party branches
        16, give full play to the role of grass-roots party branches of the fighting forces, strengthen leadership to ensure that grass-roots party branches around the various tasks and the overall work of the Center, work creatively, in order to push forward the reform and development of our bureau to provide a solid organizational guarantee for effective .
        17, the Council leadership should insist on participating in the activities of grassroots party organizations to conduct investigations and studies to strengthen the work of guidance. Each party at least once a grass-roots party branches specializing in building, setting goals, designing measures, according to the different branches of the characteristics of guidance.
        18, branch to the work of party committees in accordance with Council arrangements, combined with the actual unit to develop an annual work plan, annual work summary report to all the party members, and consciously accept the supervision of party members and promote the work of the party branch institutionalized and standardized.
        19, strengthening of grass-objective management assessment and appraisal work. Once a year a summary of the advanced party branches, exchanges and competitions, party branches in recognition of outstanding awards. Continue to implement the party vanguard projects, 'Model Posts: Continue to implement and improve the dynamic management.
        20, strengthen the building of party branches, choose party-loving staff engaged in the various branches of work, strengthen the Party branch secretary and branch members of the training, centralized training once a year.
        21, in the whole party in the great efforts to create learning units, learning-oriented party activities. Learning activities will work with the other party, the party activities together.
        22, in the life of the party organizations adhere to the 'people-oriented' as the core of the scientific concept of development, the grass-roots party branches from their own reality, and creatively carry out all forms of high-quality inner-party activities. To uphold the political, ideological, principled and flexibility, combined with a rich diversity of organizational life within the party.
        23, grass-roots party branches should work in a creative way to further expand the coverage of the party's work and further strengthen the Party's cohesion among the masses and give full play to the grass-roots party organizations as the political core role and strong fighting force.
        6, party building
        24, to strengthen ideological and political education of party members. To improve the political quality of party members to enhance the party spirit for the purpose of closely around the central work of our bureau and basic tasks of the regular members of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the 'Three Represents' important thought, the party's basic line and basic knowledge of education so that all party members in politics consistent with the Party Central Committee.
        25, strengthening party building, the building of a high-quality contingent of party members. In order to improve the quality of party members to bring the whole to improve the overall quality of the workforce. Give full play to the exemplary vanguard role of party members.
        26, establish and perfect the party members to study the system. In accordance with plans, sub-level, focused and results-oriented requirements, to develop arrangements for the annual party members to study education, targeted members to carry out educational activities. Asked party members to be in accordance with the provisions of the Communist Party Constitution the rights and obligations, conscientiously perform their duties.
        27, the strict organizational life system, adhere to 'one class for three' system. Adhere to democratic appraisal once a year party members.
        28, administer the party strictly, strengthen education, style, and discipline. Strengthen examination and supervision of party members, so that members of each party to strictly fulfill the obligation to play their vanguard and exemplary role.
        29, strengthen the organization and development. Conscientiously implement the 'adhering to standards, ensuring quality, improving structure, and careful development' approach, focused, and measures. Research branch at least once every six months development work of party members, analyze the status of the ranks of party activists, targeted to make training work. Increase in the outstanding young employees and production to develop the backbone of the strength of party members. Tuan Zongzhi earnestly recommend to the outstanding members from the party as a development object is done by members in the development of new party members Tuiyou rate of 100%.
        30, attach importance to and strengthen the ranks of party activists, training and education to build a number of relatively abundant and high-quality contingent of activists. According to activists in different circumstances and requirements, targeted education and training. Party members and activists to establish contact system, the performance of outstanding employees to focus on training. Adhere to branch contact system and establish a training file. Inspected on a regular basis, strict assessment, quality assurance, the development of a mature one. Fight for the next five years to absorb five active members.
        31, strengthen the system construction, strengthening and improving the management of party members. Make good use of this educational campaign to establish the results of long-term mechanism to develop improve the work systems within the party. Party members to strengthen liquidity management, the establishment of mobile party ideas and work of the regular reporting system. Concerned about the retirement party members thinking and living, often listen to their views and recommendations, pay attention to play their active role.
        7, the party style and clean government
        32, improve the unified leadership of party committees, party and government make concerted efforts, coordination between disciplinary groups, departments, each performing its duties, relying on staff support and participation of honest government, a new pattern. Earnestly implement the central, provincial, the provincial Water Resources Department Office of clean government party and my provisions to implement the responsibility system, establish and improve education, system, and supervision equal emphasis on punishing and preventing corruption.
        33, conscientiously study and clean work style of the regulations to strengthen the party spirit, style, discipline education, so that honest government, as a central group to study and democratic life of party members will be an important part of organizational life, build a strong party members and cadres of the ideological and moral line of defense.
        34, party members and cadres to strictly observe party discipline and party rules, honest self-discipline, set an example by acting impartially. Adhere to the leading cadres of the income declaration system, the outgoing audit system, the reporting system on major issues such as the provisions of honest government. Will accept all aspects of supervision, for violations of party discipline and government cadres should be severely punished.

        35, increase the project bidding, project completion and acceptance, construction funds, especially bond funds management and use of supervision and inspection to ensure the financial safety and engineering safety.
        8, ideological and political work plan for
        36, insisted on workers to carry out ideological and political education. Seriously organize the staff to study Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, 'Three Represents' important thought and the party's line, principles and policies, and all branches to focus on political learning time of not less than twice per month on average, in-depth and lasting, solid manner to the ideological and political education of workers.
        37, combined with our bureau's reform and development, combined with their ideological, practical, ideological and political education to continuously explore new ways and new methods to enhance ideological and political work of the orientation, effectiveness and initiative. To solve ideological problems with solving practical problems, and strive to resolve the deep-seated concerns of workers hot and difficult problems, manage emotions, and impetus to launch a new round of development in our bureau.
        38, strengthen the propaganda and ideological work, grasp the correct direction of public opinion. Propaganda and ideological work should focus on the central task, for me, Bureau of reform and development to create a favorable public opinion environment. Emphasis on propaganda and public opinion building of positions, 'long-called Voice' to constantly improve the quality, strengthening the network of media propaganda.
        39, meets every two years the study of Bureau of ideological and political work, research questions, set up your work. To carry out targeted Party, ideological and political work, and my bureau and other aspects of reform, development and research, to explore and exchange.
        9, spiritual civilization construction work
        40, adhere to 'focusing on construction, Guizaijianchi, results-oriented' principle, closely around the deepening of a long-called water reform, development and long-called water economy of such a center, within the strong quality of training 'four' workforce and improve employee the ideological and moral standards and scientific and cultural quality, plastic good long-called image, to promote the building of our bureau of the three civilizations to a new level.
        41, to create the best provincial civilized unit of work into the overall objective of the overall situation, the implementation of target management responsibility at every level. Issued with the party and government targets, tasks, jointly conducted by the assessment,
        42, vigorously strengthen project management, and striving for national irrigation civilization. In accordance with national conditions and requirements of irrigation civilizations, strengthening irrigation construction and management, and continuously improve the management level.
        43, strengthen the cell construction, reinforce the foundation. Continue to carry out an advanced party branches, civilized collective, civilized family of five, civilized employees, of civilization yard activities; continue to work with Weiyuan County, Yanling Town Police Station to carry out police and build a safe and civilized demonstration unit activities; continue to work with high-Shek Ngau Shek Village, Town urban and rural areas to carry out campaigns.
        10, trade unions, Communist Youth League, etc.
        44, to strengthen trade union leadership. Case studies in trade union work party every year once or twice in support of trade unions around the central tasks of our bureau in accordance with the law and trade union charters to work independently, so that trade unions be my Board and staff to contact the bridge and link.
        45, give full play to the employee congress of democratic management and democratic supervision. Where I Board of the major issues of reform and development, as well as the immediate interests of workers related to the event, the discussion should be considered by the employee's representative conference to solicit the views of employees.
        46, to strengthen leadership over the work of the Communist Youth League. Party committee to study the Communist Youth League to work on the ideological and political construction and organization of the Communist Youth League building of important issues in support of the Communist Youth League and bureaus around the party and I have to work independently responsible for their activities. Council leaders should support and participate in the activities of the Communist Youth League organizations, the major concern for the growth and cultivation of CYL cadres. Give full play to the role of the Communist Youth League uniting and educating young people and the party's assistant role.

2010 Work Plan