In December 2009 work plan for the Office of Pham Van

According to the Office of the Bureau's own requirements and characteristics of the department after careful consideration, the development office in December 2009 work plan. Specific plans are as follows:

        First, note that doing a good job '12. 9' chorus of the specific tasks. To do the work in this sector is responsible for the department to seriously and conscientiously completed, must be completed. It is necessary to make reasonable arrangements to organize the work, but also to achieve the effective implementation into practice, the implementation of specific tasks to individuals, specific accountability to individuals. To ensure that everyone things to do, everyone can do it well. The second task of this work is to participate in the specific work of 129 staff make every effort to work with, be sure to be on call, so what can do there.

        2, orientation question of the financing party. New Year Party in accordance with established practice, the office responsible for materials management, carried out in the evening's main task is the integration of actors clothing props and management. Taking into account the actual situation, the Department did not intend to in the 129 chorus members prior to the recruitment of the new Department. The new member of the chorus in the training department is familiar with the Office in a large party in the specific work, to develop their practical work experience and service details. In addition, the welcome party, when the call for the implementation of the Bureau, the department will be submitted to a program, because office personnel is limited, the special nature of the work could not leave the work site. Space and time exists between the two conflicts, considering the program should not be too much involved. However, the Office of the Office must do our best. The members of the need to strengthen the organizational point of view, the collective concept.

        Third, the members within the department of communication. Because the last stage of departments there is a certain degree of ideological change, so do a good job in December the Ministry of communication between the members and ministers are in December in the work of a priority is to determine the 129 chorus and the New Year party office do a good process ideological guarantee for the work, but also the basis for success and cohesion of the concrete embodiment.

        4, the office issuing press reform of the system. Office of the Office of the newspaper distribution system, the specific reform measures are scattered back, centralized distribution. In accordance with the members of the Office of the curriculum and individual work plans, and make the newspaper issued a specific date. In addition, the office of the newspaper will never be allowed release date of the occurrence of delays.

        5, on the J104 further clean-up materials. J104 materials for further clean-up concrete work is mainly the removal of waste materials and classified. For the complete removal of waste. There are four reasons, one can save storage space. Second, it could broaden the aisle. The third is beautiful, simple and clear. The fourth is easy to manage.

        6, the new member in the Department of Zhaolu problem. As a result of needs, office Zhaolu Members of the new Department permission request has been approved by the Bureau. Office is hereby decided to move into the new Department in December members of two or so. In the strict implementation of Zhao Lu Zhao Lu standard, Zhao Lu, after careful assessment. At the specific Zhaolu staffed by Cao ** responsible for the training of new staff from the Ministry of Xu **, Cao ** jointly responsible for the new members of the examination by the Ministry of discretion, Xu Jinlong (Cao ** not to participate, as members are the Ministry of Cao ** strokes, and his move into his own assessment was unfair.)

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2009 Work Plan