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Bank as a very important country, one of the executive branch has a great function of the bank is to control the country's economic growth is an important part, so we must understand the current situation, the bank must let our normal work carried out This is what we have been the result of continuous growth. Bank regulation Bank Office is a very important premise, I believe we will be able to do office work. But the premise that we must strive to, as this will be successful. Bank office work for banks prerequisite for the smooth conduct of the work, how to tie in with a good banking departments, we worked out a bank office work plan:

        1, earnestly carry out '党办 ' and 'OK to do' have the dual function, pay close attention to the implementation and the implementation of various systems. At present the work is very heavy and arduous task of reform and development, so as to fulfill '党办 ' and 'OK to do' dual functions of the office, must be closely around the Party central task, focused, enhance service, improve the working mechanism党办 active党办 work to promote the institutionalization, standardization, and in time will be important documents, meetings, decision-making arrangements break down project, implementation of specific contractor sector, clear lines of responsibility and specific requirements, regular or irregular basis to conduct inspection notification. Instructions investigate matters of leadership, so that 'must be approved, check will fruit, the fruit must be reported'. The formation of '党办 ''OK to do' two-run single item of the work was captured, each piece measures are implemented, interrelated and mutually reinforcing, a good atmosphere for concerted efforts to ensure the leadership and departments, between departments and between departments upper and lower levels of information channels between the smooth lines and the timely and effective convergence. Petition to do well in the new period of work, perfect letters and visits, supervision and supervision register to seriously address and respond to letters from the masses and find a visit to the questions asked, and actively for the whole line of business development, create a relaxed and favorable business environment.

        Second, closely around the entire line of work thinking of information and research. At present, the bank plans to focus on tackling the 'scattered small difference' loan out of the market development and enterprise restructuring insurance agents in respect of non-performing assets disposal research. Second, leadership needs to carry out closely around the services, information and research. First, leaders must understand the lower levels for the higher-line services, focusing on higher-line meetings and conferences around the implementation of the mental condition, each period of business operation and management development, new approaches to primary-level and so on, in time for the higher-line leadership of the information provided. Second, the research to the grassroots-oriented and service leadership. Office staff to organize effective, timely sum up the good work of the grass-roots experiences and good practices, reflecting the work of the emergence of new situations and new problems and strive to provide a quarterly accurate data, analysis and thorough research of targeted materials, based OK The next step leading scientific decision-making services. The third is firmly in the hot spots around the business, focus and difficult to carry out research. At present, the pace of development bank's various businesses showing good growth momentum in the work of new situations and new problems are emerging, which requires that we have to associate pulse of the times, through research, timely reporting to the line leading to the primary-level feedback to make the information survey always stand at the forefront of the business.

        Third, efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of document management to ensure the implementation of various tasks. Documents to carry out official activities at all levels of the basic line of tools and an important carrier, but also at all levels of line management level and efficiency of the level of concentration is to achieve document management in a scientific, standardized and efficient, to play to enhance the management level institutions and the promotion of business role in development, should focus on strengthening the three do.

        First, strengthen the system construction, reinforce the basis of document management operation. Rational system and improve the regulatory system is to ensure that documents the level of management quality and documents an important basis for document management method according to the head office and related systems and regulations, timely development include document processing, auditing, transceiver, power management, including confidential text a series of rules and regulations, and actively build a more complete document management system.

        Second is to strengthen the process control, improve the quality and efficiency of document management. View of the current low quality of public documents, I line the reality of the future I Bank should focus on the good correspondence and approval, which if signed off, content and text Guan Guan, strict confidentiality requirements documents, and earnestly strengthen the classified documents and the transfer chain management sign-off , effectively improve the flow speed of documents.

        The third is to strengthen the supervision and supervision of the documents. Further refine the inspection procedures, the establishment of inspection card, clear supervision and responsibility, supervision and content, entrusted by the time to complete the time to host the Ministry of room, efforts to improve the supervision work of the authority of supervision of work gradually institutionalized, standardized and scientific and increase effectiveness of the work to ensure that all work carried out without fail and the whole line of the timely and correct implementation.

        Fourth, the bank employee plans are carefully structured to lead the work of good supervision. Enhance records management, and efforts to improve the file services. In recent years, land records management branch agencies to work around the services, and reform of the bank's business development needs, actively make innovations in service means to constantly improve the level of the standardized management of archives, take a remarkable success, but due to primary-level file management to guide our work over less affected by the objective conditions coupled with other factors, so that primary-level file management generally can not keep up the current situation and development is prominently manifested in hardware failure, do not follow the system requirements documents archiving, low quality of personnel and so on, to the line of leadership and various departments and timely access to archives, to provide information quickly and accurately caused some difficulties. To solve these problems, the future I-line file management work will continue to focus on institutions on the basis of file management, focusing on strengthening grass-roots-line records management guidance, to enhance the use of archival resources, to improve electronic records management level and service level, service value, properly manage and use files, actively cooperate with the various business units make full use of historical data and forecasts on a regular basis to carry out business operations and analysis of the situation, in time for the line of the leadership of the right to provide a scientific basis for decision-making.

        The Bank's development of great benefit to the country's development, so we must understand the current situation, only the banks work, we will have more development, and these are things we must do, in the constant development, these are the workplace. Reality, we must do it all (individual work plans). Once we attach great importance to the development of banks in the continuous development of more progress, it is fundamental that we have been growing. I believe our country will be more prosperous, rich and strong!

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