Department of Transportation work plan for 2009

In 2009, opportunities and challenges. That is, the country started to implement domestic policies, and vigorously promote the 'big traffic, big building, big development' strategy of the big cause of the nation's transportation investment, the State Council will invest 4 trillion opportunity for stimulating domestic demand, more traffic most of the system reform and the forthcoming tax reform policies introduced in costs brought about by a series of profound transformation. Facing the new situation, new changes and new trends, only the stock of the situation, because of the situation and lead to the transformation to seek more breakthroughs and greater development. To this end, I will inspire the spirit to strive for the pilot based on the large, Hexi District, construction, integration, and even the province looking Changzhutan country, seize the opportunity for development, scientific and rational position, the courage to advance planning blueprint: the scientific development concept as command, closely around the county made 'efforts to build a new city to achieve different under three years' development strategies in order to 'achieve the look City traffic faster and better development' as the goal, grasp and Development Center, highlight the industry, the main line, the establishment of basic systems, ensure that the enterprise stability, the successful completion of the county, the county government issued various tasks for the realization of our county 'first-round well-off, into the country hundred' to provide a solid transportation support. Specially developed the following Department of Transportation in 2009 work plan.

        (A) seize the Development Center. Take full advantage of the core area of our county as a pilot area a good opportunity to play county consistent with the East West, Cheng Nan Kai northern location and transportation advantages, take that advantage to take this chance and for, the flow into and effectively carry out transport duties, a comprehensive the role played by transport through the 'one seeking to push two three docking', so that traffic into our county area construction. 'A mou' that is a good company's development plan. Improve the organization, a clear strategic positioning, grasp the direction of market development, innovation and investment and financing, so that cross-build transportation infrastructure investment and the full exercise of the carrier function of the building. 'Two push' that is promoting the construction of key projects. By strengthening the organization, strengthen quality control and scientific management, scheduling, focus on promoting the county of Beijing-Zhuhai West Line and many other key projects, create a county transportation infrastructure of the 'fine work'. Promote the county road maintenance system. In accordance with multiple fund-raising, grading maintenance, custody of separation, there are roads necessary to support the principle, actively carry out the reform of county road maintenance work. 'Three docking' the Butt construction of major road network. Crack the organization, actively docking Beijing-Zhuhai double-track, long Hunan Road, Xiangjiang Road, and other trunk highway construction projects, so that early planning, early construction, as early as input into Hope Town's economic development. Fast Implementation of the main city of the seven vertical and seven horizontal pattern on the basis of the network to achieve integration of road transport, to hold Changzhutan transportation network, give full play to road network overall performance. Docking fees tax reform effort. Fee will be fully implemented in the face of tax reform, I will actively carry out preparatory work. First, do a good job in investigation, reporting work; Second, do a good job of ideological and political work plan for the cadres and workers; third is to argue strongly for policy support. The policy of living with the easy to use and promote the development of transportation. Docking superior policy support. Docking of countries have launched an active domestic policies to enhance the project packaging, with the central, provincial and municipal departments full communication and coordination and actively seek policy support and tilt, and will utilize the full policy is to maximize the fight for project funding, to increase my County traffic construction inputs.

        (B) to highlight the industry, the main line. Of the transport sector management and development of my Bureau's flagship title and highlights, through the work of beginning to end. I will strive to take 'a cited two tone three innovative' work of measures to promote the county transportation industry sustained and orderly development. 'One cited' that is to guide the rapid development of transport services. Adhere to the policy guidance, the principle of market demand, and actively guide the passenger and cargo, freight forwarders, passenger and freight transport, transport services, information services, road transport business of the orderly development of, and guide transport service enterprises bigger and stronger support of logistics enterprises, accelerate the construction of logistics base, forming an increasingly rational transport integrated service system. 'Two tone' is the adjustment point, point construction. Currently our county have been built in rural areas due to bus terminal originating sites scattered, so they basically are in idle state, there is no role to play. Therefore, I will adjust the direction of Station building, and actively strive for provincial and municipal support, select the main line, a reasonable construction of approximately 200 bus shelters, and truly meet the people's travel needs. Control four markets. Enhance corporate responsibility, to establish regulatory mechanisms to optimize passenger transport network, so that the administrative, business behavior, market-oriented organic combination of capacity, traffic to achieve a relatively balanced, and gradually perfecting the four main passenger transport markets (freight, Jia Pei, maintenance ). 'Three innovation' that the innovative management approach. Management on the industry seeks to break new ground, full implementation of the scheduling system, credit rating assessment system and accountability system, standardize enterprise behavior with the system and change the responsibilities of dislocation of the situation, enhance their ability to self-responsibility. Innovative accounting methods. Explore the new accounting model, the strict management system, adhere to balance two lines, standardizing law enforcement behavior, efforts to promote punishment separation, separation of new ways to pay fines. Innovation and development environment. Bearing in mind the principle of service, to carry out extensive quality service, a solid commitment to promoting the social services system, to create a good social Wang City traffic brand image, an active depth '2 superior' to create activities, and strive to enter the county '2 U' advanced rank.

        (C) the establishment of basic systems. A solid, scientific, rational basis is to promote the development of the overall work of the foundation, and we will adopt 'a changed two to build three to strengthen', the basis for building a highly efficient management system. 'A change' that is to change the management system. Against the government, enterprises, things mixed up the status quo, will gradually establish a body of independent, career grouped, enterprise autonomy, responsibility and clear and efficient mode of operation. 'Second Construction' to establish smooth pattern. In accordance with democratic decision-making, co-management requirements, the establishment of sub-line responsibility for program management, link checking in the work. Building windows working environment. Through the strengthening of the window hardware and software, optimize the working environment, to conduct 'the grass-roots people are satisfied with stations' activities, improve the service ability and level, and foster a good image. 'Third, to strengthen' the strengthening of information technology. The establishment of information centers, and improve information networks, innovative management style, improve work efficiency, and strive to invest 100 within two years, million to complete the task of information technology. Strengthen the ranks. Build traffic of cultural ideas and spirit, to strengthen the ideological guidance, the quality of training, capacity building and the rule of law and education and build a positive and progressive, dynamic, professional competence, ability and political integrity and enthusiastic, honest and self-discipline team. Strengthening standardized management. Establish and improve rules and regulations, so that use of the system management of personnel affairs, improve work style, normative behavior, inspire enthusiasm and build a learning-based, service-oriented, good type, performance-based organizations.

        (D) to ensure that enterprise stability. Company stability is the stability of the whole transport system as well as the prerequisite and basis for the county, I will by 'a strong resolve two competing 3', to ensure the overall stability in business. 'A strong' that is, strengthening the responsibility of the security holding stability. By setting goals, signing targets, assessment objectives, deliverables, and strengthen the security holding stability and objective responsibility system. 'Two war' that is fighting for attention. Traffic enterprise stability or otherwise affect the overall result, difficult to resolve whether it involves the overall situation. Therefore, we must attach great importance. Win support for policies. Actively seek a higher level of difficulties in transportation business support, restructuring the policy and financial support to promote business survival and stability. '3 to resolve' that is to resolve security problems. Increased capital investment, and strengthen inspection and supervision and investigation risks, especially to strengthen key areas, key positions, focusing on periods of investigation and security risks continue to increase shipping crossing the ferry, dilapidated ship's renovation and updating of the security risks to resolve in the bud, to ensure that no re-occurrence of major accidents. Wrapped around his visit to resolve the incident. Pay close attention to petitioners 'specialized households' and long-term chronic problem difficult to solve, always grasp the developments and make every effort to implement the reasonable demands of petitioners, and gradually resolved to visit the event wrapped. Restructuring to resolve conflicts. Insist on 'an active and steady, steady progress' in the principles of restructuring to focus on rationalizing ideology, creating job opportunities, asset disposal of contradictions, in order to create favorable conditions for enterprises a smooth restructuring.

        5, requests and recommendations

        1, the request to adjust my bureau budget management system. The Board authority to implement 'Sanding', into the full budget management, to ensure personnel and public expenditures and to implement wage unification hair, the Yun Guansuo in fiscal budget management to ensure that staff and public expenditure.

        2, the request on the county road maintenance system a special meeting to study the issue, clearly related issues.

        3, the request to solve enterprise restructuring predicament 3 million yuan of funds.

        4, the request to resolve cross-building issues related to investment and accelerate the development of
        ① expressly entrusted the construction to vote on the basis of setting a quota, to further clarify the number of rank and grade in order to facilitate investment companies play their role.
        ② request agreed to pay 153 acres of land to build vote banks as collateral for loans, Finance of discount rates, at the same time, please apply as soon as possible wash heart of Homeland Avenue, procedures return land to alleviate the pressure of cross-investment into gold.
        ③ Request speed dial the South Terminal for projects 20 million yuan, in order to facilitate the promotion of engineering construction.

        5, suggested that the Government increase the rural road construction, management efforts
        ① recommends an appropriate increase in highway construction supporting standards, and an annual additional 2,000 million special fund for road construction, the establishment of highway construction investment, quality supervision, a new mechanism for conservation assessment.
        ② requests allocated 06

2009 Work Plan