Production safety work plan for 2009

        The party's 17 guided by the spirit in order to implement the scientific concept of development, building a harmonious society as a guide, adhere to safe development, prevention, and solve the problem of the approach; to build 'two-oriented society' big Hexi strategic requirements of the pilot areas, focus on building a 'harmonious look city', highlighting the responsibility of implementation, supervision and law enforcement, the source of three key governance, and further innovation and means of supervision, improve the working mechanism, strengthen the governance risks to implement the radical move, the county efforts to promote further improvement in safety in production order. Production safety work plan for 2009 to be in the 'three pay more attention to' work hard, give prominence to the work of 12.

        (A) greater emphasis on the responsibility to implement, and further intensify efforts to assess the accountability

        According to 'the government's unified leadership, department supervision according to law, companies must take responsibility, community-wide participation' general requirements, and further advance the implementation of safe production responsibility system, strengthen assessment and accountability, and strive to form assume their responsibilities, concerted efforts in the work.

        1. To strictly implement the Government's safety management responsibilities. With 'Ping Wang City' construction and the safe production responsibility system for assessment as a carrier to establish a scientific assessment methods, and to form an effective incentive and restraint mechanisms. Further refine specifications township and village (community) safety management responsibilities, to promote the implementation of grass-roots security management responsibilities.

        2. Further rationalize the overall production safety supervision and special supervision, improving the monitoring mechanism to improve the efficiency of supervision. Has a special duty to monitor the safety department, according to the law of this system, the industry, production and operation in this field of work safety in production units to implement the guidance, supervision and management to fulfill the special supervision of production safety duties; integrated management of production safety departments should strengthen guidance and coordination , supervision, service, support and cooperation bears special safety regulatory responsibility of the department do a good job, forming there is a clear division of labor, there are mutual cooperation, concerted efforts in the work. Authority regular meeting to further improve the security system, the establishment of an office of liaison committee system, and timely coordinate and solve production safety in the work of prominent problems.

        3. Attaches great importance to the safety zone management, and further clarify the development zones, industrial parks, focusing on project management of production safety duties, make right park, focusing on implementation of the project specific methods to effectively monitor the implementation of safety management responsibilities, to prevent regulatory vacancies, to prevent re - occurrence of major accidents.

        4. Of economic policy guidance, the typical business model, hidden investigation and supervision, and licensing enforcement checks, and media publicity supervision, and enthusiastic service to promote a variety of initiatives to promote the implementation of a comprehensive enterprise security the responsibility of the main production and vigorously promote 'safe production concept of honor and disgrace', guide enterprises to consciously commitment to safety aspects of social responsibility.

        (B) greater emphasis on supervision and law enforcement, and further intensify efforts to control risks

        Through strict supervision and law enforcement, and strengthen production safety risks governance, deepening rectification, promote the establishment of an orderly way and good order of production safety.

        5. Continue to conduct special rectification work, through the special rectification, suppression and shut down a number of safe production conditions do not have the production and business units and projects, efforts to promote safe production order, continually improved.

        6. Improve the safety in production joint enforcement mechanism for the comprehensive management of impact on the community wide, regional, and tendentious safety issues in a comprehensive way, through a Government-led, sector linkage, joint law enforcement, focus on regulation, inspectors supervision, accountability and other measures, to enhance law enforcement work together and strive to resolve a number of industries and fields long safety supervision management, and lack of accountability problems, form a joint management working mechanism.

        7. Strengthen and improve the safety checks, focus on improving the relevance and effectiveness of the inspection work. On the inspection findings and all kinds of hidden danger of accidents, will be one, will be responsible for, timing, and strictly implement the rectification and reform, and establish a perfect hidden rectification feedback system to track inspection.

        8. Strengthen production safety supervision and law enforcement and strictly and severely deal with safety violations. According to 'the Administrative Punishment Law' and 'safety regulations in Hunan Province' of the relevant provisions of the township commissioned law enforcement work actively bring into full play the role of rural safety production supervision and management. Vigorously promote the safe production of administrative law enforcement work, increase penalties for violations of safety efforts, and urge enterprises to implement the hidden governance responsibilities, governance measures, treatment duration and contingency plans. Fully implement the State Council Decree No. 493, strict implementation of the production safety incident reporting system and the investigation and handling procedures, in accordance with 'four left off' in principle severely punished all kinds of accidents that occurred greater responsibility for the social impact of the accident, timely notification in the county. Give full play to the supervisory role of the masses in time to receive and investigate safety violations and to report cases of major security risks.

        (C) greater emphasis on radical move, and further increase the intensity of the grass-roots base and source management

        The implementation of radical move to strengthen management at the source as soon as possible to develop for the purpose of the enterprise as the main body to regulate the focus to law enforcement for the protection of the enterprise security monitoring long-term mechanism is to achieve a fundamental improvement in production safety situation, the most important prerequisite.

        9. Grass-roots level to further strengthen production safety supervision of team-building, and gradually form a highly efficient and pragmatic, law-based administration work plan, and a standardized safety management systems. In a sound and complete regulatory authorities in towns and townships on the basis of promoting economic development zones, industrial parks, regulatory authorities in the construction of key projects, implementation of safety management. According to 'strict, detailed, real' requirements of grass-roots level safety supervision team building and business-building ideas, especially for rural safety management through education, training, rotation, assessment and other means to improve safety in production management level.

        10. Continue to focus on high-risk industry, production safety administrative licensing work, strict safety access and to ensure the quality certification examination. Access to safe production license for failure to mines, dangerous chemicals, fireworks, construction, civil blasting and other production enterprises engaged in production and operation activities, be resolutely banned according to law. That have access to safe production license of the various types of enterprises, strengthen supervision and dynamic management to track, do a good job 'look back', have reached less than safe production conditions or the existence of serious security violations, according to law withheld or revoke safety permits certificate, to take shutdown, ordered to stop operation.

        11. Comprehensively promote the standardization of safety production. Sum up experiences, find enough in the mines, dangerous chemicals and machinery industry, comprehensively promote the standardization work, based on the expansion of safe production of standardized coverage. By Dianxingyinlu to point, and give full play to safety standard model driven enterprises leading role in promoting various types of enterprises standardized safety management system, and strengthen the basic work safety in production enterprises, strengthen dynamic management and implementation of long-term mechanism.

        12. Enhanced safety training, improve the quality of employees safe. According to strengthen the people responsible for production and management, security management personnel, special operations personnel and engage in more hazardous operations staff induction training qualification. To promote safety education for all, through training courses, playing safety feature films and other forms of knowledge to enhance corporate employees and migrant workers on safe production of basic education, improve safety awareness.

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2009 Work Plan