2009 work plan for the company storekeeper

Now I have been in the company as a warehouse manager, this is a very important job, the company's all logistical items and the company's items are stored in the warehouse, so my job is very important. But I work for so many years later, I began to follow me have a deeper level of understanding, I can do better. However, time property management work plan, but not the effect, and in 2009, I have deliberately developed a work plan for 2009, the company storekeeper, I think I will do better!

        1 to ensure that business processes work smoothly

        1. For the customer's return product back to warehouse, to correspond to the return solely for the receipt of the purchase receipt, storage, after checking invoices issued by the standard return correct single-, indicating the original purchase order number, and by the office in charge of examination return to headquarters after the commencement of exchange or return to maintain the first time, customers can receive the new product.

        2. Warehouses based on the nature of products and storage conditions and arrangements for the storage of products appropriate place, reasonable stacking and proper thatch mats, fragile goods, light-light. Note that safe operation, ensure the product in the warehouse throughout the year without accidents, provide first-class customer service.

      3. A good acceptance of product storage will pass, the product quantity, quality, packaging inspection, if found inconsistent with this storage product, warehouse staff will quickly be reflected to the headquarters and take corresponding measures.

        4. Product out of a good review of libraries will pass, for a database product, storage must be in strict accordance with company rules and regulations documents shipped to the delivery of customer-by-review, so that the number of accurate, good quality and will mark the clear, and to porters moved clear delivery, so as to avoid customer receives the goods do not conform to the damage.

        5.2009 Annual Survey of Storage will be based on local market conditions, rationalizing the use of stocking plan, access to library plan, the preparation of customer-selling products, storage plan to ensure customers get the goods first time, there's the work of satisfactory service delivery.

        6. Warehouses will be in accordance with safe, convenient and economical principles, rational use of storage capacity, warehouse, goods and products necessary to the road from the right wall, stack distance, layering. Products out of libraries according to the advanced libraries, first-out, first-out period of the preceding principles apply.

        2, delivery, and strive to improve their own management

        1. And strive to improve their own management business level and to deepen understanding of the products of various models and strive to achieve to become a member of the excellent management team.

        2. Put in such a small observations: to enable companies to packaging has been modified, for example: cj12-400 / 5, hs13-1500/39. There are relatively large company products, the carton packaging into wooden packaging, a good product no harm.

        3. Coordinate the delivery of customer orders by the time control, and Willow City warehouse to coordinate the shipment of the cycle.

        4. Warehouse strict management and fire, fire, power, water. The implementation of safe work area management system of classification is responsible for a clear head of security at all levels of the region's warehouse security, strict implementation of safety rules and regulations of various kinds of safety knowledge and skills.

        5. To enhance access to library and acceptance of products and clean, safe work plans to ensure that accurate, the company produces products to enhance the understanding of the customer's question must be consulted Yes.

        6. Subsequent increase warehouse weekly, monthly cleaning efforts to maintain capacity of clean, beautiful, moisture-proof.

        '三百六十行 ,行行出状元 ' This is what we believe has always been, and as an ordinary company employees, I do not ask anything, I just asked myself better, and constantly in progress, like the I know that their ability is limited, but the capacity is based on respect, attitude is another. As long as my serious work, I believe I will do better, and these I will know that I believe I can do!

2009 Work Plan