How to Write a Thesis? Dissertation a few major steps

The completion of a thesis in general has to go through the following main steps:
First, there are three topics of principles:
Value of: choice of thesis research must have value, there are social needs;
Innovative: choice of thesis should be to explore new areas, blank filled, Tung said corrected (introduce new), the former said that the supplementary (Toyozane perfect);
Feasibility: personal conditions, practical investigations, data tenure conditions to guide teachers in the conditions.
In short, according to his own possess the ability to choose the size, depth, moderate issue. But also to Note: The topic should not be large, Yi; subject to a moderate depth; topics of professional subjects should be based on the content-based learning; topics of the time the subject should be appropriate (junior specialist Writing Time 4 - 8 weeks to complete); Papers look at the length of need (4000 words or more).
Second, gather information channels: first, through social surveys; Second, through extensive reading, access to literature.
(A) The subject of the investigation the contents of the Social Survey: Professional, papers need to identify the object content; investigate ways and means: an extended stay, instant noodles, ask questions and so on.
(B) reading, check information literature: Selected; have selected the main points of view; study of digestion, as I was using 'refining process. '
Third, to establish the argument, the selected material
(A) Clearly the argument is the key (point clear)
(B) Ming-li argument should strive for the right, there is nothing new (novel point of view ---- a hot issue the last two years)
(C) the establishment of the argument to write the argument sentence. General remarks point of contention ---- pm
Example: well-known economist in the Xingyuan subject 'in the determination after the economic reforms' (remarks points)
Sub-argument sub-layers: a clear direction for reform; on the new economic system, to conduct a comprehensive design; developed and implemented these changes.
(D) According to the argument filter material (Toyozane --- informative - refining)
Fourth, the preparation of writing an outline
(A) prepare to write the title contention
(B) determine the level of separation of paragraphs
(C) the trade-off materials, the arguments presented
(D) rationalize the rational distribution of Context
(E) use of a simplified general language (professional language mentioned below)
5, writing the first draft (draft is the key to success - should pay attention to the level and structure of language)
(A) the structure should be rigorous, level should be clearly
(B) the thesis of the language features:
1, accurate, objective, rigorous
2, norms, uniformity, standards of
3, simple, concise Yan
4-to-earth, natural simplicity (and literary works different)
5, vivid, vivid language, there is anger
6, modify the final
(A) view is consistent with Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the basic principles of social market economy.
(B) The central argument is correct, clear, whether there are profound innovation; whether the title Ciace 'finishing touch. '
(C) demonstrate the adequacy of the theories, facts - facts and reason (at least two or more cases).
(D) structural integrity, and strict; level is clear, coherent; idea of whether a coherent and smooth.
(E) the layout is reasonable - of detail properly.
(Vi) language meets the requirements of papers; text, punctuation use is appropriate, accurate; tattooing is written specifications.
(G) reference to whether the information is accurate.
7, thesis quality of line and Grading
(A) levels: excellent, good, pass, fail (not fail graduation)
(B) to measure five aspects of quality
1, scientific - the academic standards
2, innovation - new ideas, or forward-looking.
3, practicality - linking theory with practice
4, technical - refining, analytical problem solving skills, problem-solving ability
5, logical - structure, levels before and after the echo, arguments, arguments, conclusions
8, thesis (operations) of writing the basic requirements
(A) format requirements: can be used form of a thesis or a survey form.
(B) Content requirements: (1) The papers required by the topics of study within the framework of the professional
(2) discourse analysis of both professional and theoretical point of view and also to have experimental analysis (theory with practice more than two cases)
(C) the structural requirements: Whether using paper form of a survey form and structure should be clarity, remarks point, sub-points clear concrete.
(D) space requirement: 4,000 words or more, but do not be too long.
(5) Writing requirements: writing neat, paragraph format specification, SD page. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

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