How to write high-quality papers

      Yesterday (April 18, 2008) broke new ground in the library to listen to a lecture. Is said to say its 'spectacular' is because of this seminar is not a guest teacher, but a post-graduate Shige. 2 Shige's profile did not write it down because it is cow people, and here I share the experiences and Shige Ha ~ ~
Arts focus:
The details do not feel that they are able to find a good thinking, innovative subject. In fact, this is to learn from our usual details. Good challenge, seize the point we go deeper, will be able to break through the magnetic field predecessors.
Contact with the associated with the idea of view, to treat the problem. Point to line, or even face, think more about ground contact.
Note that some papers written in accordance with the requirements of a journal written; Note must be fine; academic term will not abbreviated (to be abbreviated, the full name first appears when the annotation)
Science focus:
Topic areas of research there is no 'good', 'bad' of the points, as long as doing enough in-depth, can make a good job. In a specific period of time, may be more active in some areas, relatively speaking, a lot more out of the excellent results

                              Figure 1 Distribution of research work
Promblom 'problem' is the heart of scientific research! To be a clear understanding of your subject of study is the first or someone else has already been studied in appropriate 'fuss', Ji 'a big issue to do'

Idea to consider whether new ideas? Feasible? Let tutor to help you to judge! Determined, quickly hands do it!
Concrete Work experimental verification, theoretical analysis, if necessary, analysis and verification.
Paper Writing
        A large number of extensive reading: reading; summary; review; with English-speaking persons; and professional related
        Selective Intensive: technical approach similar to intensive reading; write a draft;
        Targeted: papers in each section, specific methods, specific aspects of literature to read, enrich and perfect.
        Note format: the magazine article; format rewritten; Save As; Tiff; Endnote
        Repeatedly revised to make mistakes to a minimum. Unwritten rules

Whether it is ready cover letter (Cover letter), the magazine in the cover letter if there are explicit requirements (some have a clear request must state that he listed some of the state, similar to China without a vote draft 2, no leaks, no copyright disputes, etc.)
Asking reviewers to provide their names, if asked, you know the addresses of these reviewers and e-mail it? (Because the editors want you to provide their contact details)
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Work Plan