How to Write Dissertation

Abstract: In this paper, training of graduate students in scientific research and thesis writing and other important segments of the general summary of law. Its purpose is to train graduate students of science, rigorous, realistic good style of study at the graduate stages of learning to make innovative results.
1 Introduction
Dissertation was a graduate student representative works, is the overall quality of graduate student summed up the whole process of cultivation and summary, is an important part of postgraduate training. It epitomized a graduate of the basic theory and specialized knowledge, a solid, systematic, reflecting the students in access to knowledge in this discipline in the depth and breadth, but also reflect the flexible use of students in the basic theory to solve practical problems and basic experimental skills. thus to measure the students to undertake scientific research and independent commitment to technical expertise the ability to work and whether they have reached a post-graduate training objectives.
In the Ping Yue has a Master's or PhD thesis in normative standards, developed a standardized language, namely: Master's thesis - in this discipline has acquired a solid foundation for the theory and system expertise, has engaged in scientific research and commitment to technical expertise the ability to work, thesis work innovation.
PhD thesis: In this discipline to master a solid, broad-based theories and systems, in-depth expertise, with independent scientific research and commitment to technical expertise the ability to work. Paper has made innovative achievements.
This is different measure of graduate level degrees, but also the general requirements of the dissertation. Of course, all the thesis work should be the basis of this request. In fact those who made a dissertation student has experience in the topics of That moment had been writing into the paper work, in a sense say that the whole degree of the process is the process of writing papers.
2, thesis topics of
To make a good thesis, good topics of is essential. Thesis topics of work is also important to guide teachers to assume responsibilities.
Topics of a good paper should have advanced, forward-looking and creative, to a certain extent, but also there is achievability. Generally speaking, "scientific research" is ready papers necessary but not sufficient. In our present-day "research" of practical value but not a lot of paper value, not all projects can do a good paper. a good paper to have the topics of "three" of its specific meaning is as follows:
Advanced: thesis topics of the discipline should be a hot, dissertations starting point should always be at the highest point.
Forward-looking: There are some projections, layman's terms, that is, there is hope for this research to achieve results in several directions what is, that is, the results of scientific research have the basic forecast.
Creativity: research methods, put forward the concept of the experimental results than their predecessors to make progress and improvement or a major breakthrough. So, in a sense, there is a good selection of topics had already completed half of the thesis work.
3, thesis writing
Overall, writing papers throughout the research work should be a summary and distillation of outside to the inside of the analysis process is a mathematical analysis of the physical interpretation of the concept of the process, but also with the experimental data strongly support the theoretical process. To be written-degree paper, we must master the style dissertation style and language features of a good paper should be carved in various aspects.
In science and technology field, our task is to describe natural science workers of natural phenomena, analyze the laws of natural phenomena to study various laws of nature for human practice, the method to describe and express the various results obtained. The characteristics of their research work, the ideas expressed in the paper should be rigorous and accurate, simple and lively language, reasoning should be logical, intended to avoid discrimination and misunderstanding.
Write a dissertation architecture tend to be more fixed, it contains some of the main projects, but every one of the main project has a certain function, writing a certain degree of linguistic characteristics and specific requirements. Talk about the wording of the points below to initiate only reference.
1, the title (Title): The first one of the main thesis is the title, its basic functions are:
1) The summary text: title text should be able to accurately summed up the contents of the general requirements outline Zhi collar, is highlighted in the theme, so that the text title match.
2) to attract readers: readers are often "to get the text entitled," Title should be attractive, so attractive in order to read text, under normal circumstances to see if the title of readers is much higher than the body of the reader reading.
3) easy to search: Title is an important index of retrieved papers, good thesis title is conducive to the circulation and dissemination. Title linguistic characteristics are: First, the title of the article in general is just a "label", "title" does not reflect the specific content, general do not have to use complete sentences; In addition, the multi-purpose noun phrase. (especially English)
Writing the title requirements are:
1) concise. The experts do not recommend more than 15 words, according to characteristics of human memory, preferably not more than 12 characters, otherwise not easy to remember. If it is difficult to refine, to an additional subtitle. But the title is too short and obscure nor desirable to .
2) To avoid the space holes, too broad, too general title. Should be resolutely put an end, such as "video coding", and too broad, it is touch far-fetched, but "based on Walsh - Hadanard Transform Image Coding" is the a better title. makes one to see that the paper is the study of image transform coding, and transform is used for Walsh-Hadamard transform.
3) The issue-less title. In academic papers, the problem-type the title in general is rare, because the question-type the title index is also more difficult.
4) minimize the use of non-standard abbreviations. If the English title would also try to avoid the term gerund mix.
2, keywords (Keywords): The key words are that the most important papers, the most critical, the highest rate of repetition of words or phrases. Keyword function is to enable the readers to guess the name was intended to help understand the thrust of the whole chapter. For the ease of retrieval, the general keywords commonly used as an index included in the document retrieval system, therefore, is conducive to full-text search.
Keywords: of the language features are:
1) The multi-purpose noun; words is limited; usually 4-6, up to no more than 10.
2) Source clear: in general selected from the title or summary, this part is generally the most important part.
3) Writing requirements: writing specifications, including the title, location, writing, etc. should conform to specifications, usually between keywords separated by a comma or a semicolon.
3, Abstract: The summary is an important part of the paper must be carefully organized.
Summary of functions are:
1) The summary is a microcosm of paper is a highly condensed and concentrated full-text, easy to readers to understand the outline of the full text.
2) The summary is to expand the flow of the media, some intelligence officers abstract index data, while others are incorporated into the Digest publication, this will greatly expand the scope of the circulation.
Summary of language features: short and pithy, abstracts must outline portable collar, concise and focused. Abstracts can be divided into two categories, one category is broad-based summary, a class-based summary of the information. Summed up summed up paper-based summary of the main arguments analysis process and conclusions. generally short and pithy. summary abstracts is mainly used for strong theoretical papers.
Information classes are generally full text of the summary of enrichment, not only to review the contents of the paper, the thrust of the focus, but also an overview of the main method used in paper setting out the relevant data, test results. If it is innovative approaches, algorithms, but also explain the basic principles, steps, using the data key information. Such summaries are used for more technical papers. the full text of its length should be 1 / 30 or so. reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://www.hi138 . com
Generally speaking, a general summary of a more macroscopic, more formal style, length, relatively small. IT-based Abstract The micro-, more flexible style, length, relatively long.
Abstract relatively fixed style, generally the "three-" structure, namely: beginning, start at the end. Begins with the topic sentence, came straight out the theme; expand the contents of the paragraph to further clarify the thesis, research methodology, analysis process and demonstrate the main points ; the end of the paragraph is to give full text of conclusions and pointed out the significance of the conclusions.
Content of abstracts must be complete. This is mainly reflected in four aspects: purpose of the study; studies; results of the study; the main conclusions of the study. The general thesis, can be a separate chapter. Abstract collaborative should avoid too short, spent too much pull to avoid the sentence structure to avoid the use of non-standard abbreviations, generally do not interrogative and exclamatory.
4, text
Dissertation in the body of the general structure of relatively fixed. Technology rationality thesis is that the article, the main function is discussed in objective reality and its laws, therefore, science and technology more realistic style. In the process of writing the accuracy of attention to the semantic, non-image nature, pay attention not to be emotional, try to keep account of objectivity. papers should include the following components:
Chapter I: Overview
Paper the general arrangements for the first chapter, "Overview", in recent years, many papers to write, "Introduction," I personally think we should write "review." Because the "review" is a synthesis of (summarize), is the subject of the paper against the right predecessors the concluding paragraphs of the work. while the introduction of English is (introduction). usually in the multi-purpose when writing a book introduction.
Requirements: The main brief research background materials, the main literature point of view, previous studies history and future of research and study of the relationship between the past, and now the main research methods, the main findings of the study, there is now a major problem and then raises its own research objectives, but also explain the significance of the study.
Features: 1) a synthesis of research around the theme carried out; 2) General representation of the method, algorithms should be age, author, a brief description of the main results, the main outcome indicators of contribution to the development of the research, there are major problems. (marked Source - literature number); 3) Finally, the paper leads to a continuation of what their own way to continue (usually to open another channel of the rare); 4) General overview should be a good 10 to 20 pages or so.
Chapter II: Principles of introduction
Mainly as foreshadowing role, should be systematic and refined nature of harmony and unity, to pave the way played the role of the necessary knowledge have mentioned that.
Chapter III: Papers of the main
The major length of the main paper to introduce their own research, this part of the content should be accounted for more than 60% of the entire paper.
The main thesis writing should be: 1) the argument clear and conspicuous description of innovation points; 2) Basic theory of a solid, logical reasoning, strict; 3) multi-language or mathematical language to use technology to avoid telling a tale, vernacular Lianpian.
Under normal circumstances, we hope that research programs are: physical phenomena --

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