How to write a thesis of economic

Economic Papers, after the completion of the draft, and then after repeatedly changes, if confirmed that the article has already reached a relatively satisfactory level, we can consider the presentation finalized. To read the full text of this time to do a final inspection, and then finalized. Finalized, in accordance with standard line of paragraph format of Culture and surface requirements, or require a paper with writing paper, copying paper fair copy. After the fair copy, and then full check again to see whether or throw off the word, a mistake of the phenomenon; whether the requirements of sub-surface parts of the text, etc., to confirm there is no error, and thesis writing also it was finally completed.
        First, the economic thesis constitutes the final completed project
        A complete, standard economic thesis project usually consists of the following composition: title; authorship; directory; summary; keywords; body; note; thanks; references; Appendix. 10 items listed above are all of the component projects of economic papers. A specific economic papers, both may include all of the projects but also may not need to completely possess these items. Usually, in general, for the exchange of academic journals published papers, title, byline, abstract, keywords, text, notes, references are essential projects, theses and dissertations, because of its length than the long, in addition to a general exchange of paper should be an essential addition to the projects, but also have a directory, appendices, and executive summary (slightly more detailed than the summary) and other projects.
        Second, the purpose of economic thesis writing and requirements
        1, the title. Heading to the papers from the author's name, which is the general representative of paper, the authors must be repeated scrutiny, carefully determined. Their writing requirements see the 'economic paper title', writing format, see the 'economic paper tattooed'. 2, the author signed. Signature is the text of the right and responsibility for the embodiment of all. Only direct participation of the research work, and can the person responsible for the content of the paper, have the power, but also signed the necessary papers. As for the experts, leading researchers and non-nominal, then they are considered a normal phenomenon, academic research in the unhealthy tendencies that must be eliminated. See the wording and requirements of its 'economic paper tattooed'.
        3, the directory. Lengthy papers should be prepared by a simple directory. Publications is the paper in order of priority at all levels of subheading. Discharge subtitle, and the page number to indicate where the title to facilitate the reader grasp the whole article, logical system, but also for readers to choose the relevant parts of the thesis provides a convenient. Wording and format of their books with the general format of the same directory. 4, summary. Summary is not paper notes and comments on the content of the short statement is a major amount of information with the paper equivalent of a full essay, focusing on paper to illustrate the final conclusion. See the wording and requirements of its 'economic paper abstract, keywords and references', writing format, see the 'economic papers tattooed'.
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