How to write SCI papers published and

How to write SCI papers published and
Pairs of scientists engaged in basic research, whether included in the SCI's magazine published papers is whether or not to enter the academic pre -
Along, in the same internationally recognized platform for academic competition, and make original contributions to a basic symbol.
So what kind of paper is eligible? This paper presents some suggestions for your reference.
Xueshulunwen international core journals in the basic research workers, any tribute, and the larger as a country as small ones
A research group or individuals in high-impact factor of the SC] the amount of papers published in journals is obviously basic research
The level of a more objective sign. Robert? Dai, in his famous 'how to write and publish scientific papers' in order
A statement that 'the evaluation of a scientist, from the beginning graduate student, on the main operation in the lab to see if he was not
The astute, not to see him right or wide or narrow field of study of existing knowledge, much less look at his intelligence and charm,
But look at his writings. They therefore known (or still unknown). 'He has led the United States Microbiology
Will be published for 19 years and as 'bacteriology' magazine editor in chief. His profound insight worthy colleagues engaged in basic research thinking.
Originality and significance of life is the paper
Disabilities such as Ipomoea new to eat in the 're on the scientific and moral issue' that the core journals in the international papers published, the original
Then both should be 'in the international arena for the first time' describes the new observations and experimental facts, first proposed the concept and model
Type, for the first time the establishment of the equation, but also a significant observation on the existing (experimental) fact that a new summary and the new regulatory
Refinement of law. With the original phase-contact, no journals do not wish to make have been found in other magazines, or by other
Language published, or in slightly different form of the published papers. Solar physics authoritative publication 'Space Physics'
(Solar, physics> editor Harvey had specifically mentioned that there were a small number of the major findings of the authors was published in Chinese
Also sent to the 'space physics'. He stressed that the past can be tolerated, but is now allowed. An accepted principle is that the authors could not have been published in the journal through the Peer Review of the major findings and then send them in different forms other magazines before publishing it.
International core journals published in the paper should not only be original, and the results must also be significant, well right
Development of academic disciplines has been pushing, moving. With Harvey's words, 'at least one or two other researchers will read this
Articles, and use these results were published, their own work. 'On the results of the test is significant papers have been cited
With the number of voices. Authors should be worried about their own papers quoted the case, pay attention to the work of the international academic community for their comments
Price, including access to recognition and criticism, especially attention to their colleagues published the results of their different understanding of
. This is to improve the level of their research an important way.
To fully evaluate the existing work, reflect the author's academic standards
To be objective and fully evaluate the work of the past, often by reviewers and readers to measure the academic standards and learning
An important aspect of operation style. Some of our authors are often willing to quote the work of foreign scholars, a little 'words
Must be said that the Greek 'flavor, but published in the domestic counterparts have paid insufficient attention. Sometimes, it is clearly the first Chinese scholars
Done, have not been their domestic counterparts fully assessed. More land and properly invoked the domestic
Line work is should be advocated. However, we do not learn from a small number of Japanese authors, they are rarely quoted a Japanese
Scholars outside the article. Some colleagues in the paper quoted a considerable amount of formula, but do not list the origin of the formula,
Allow readers to distinguish between the development of the author, or cited in the work of others in the past. In principle, in addition to textbooks, the public
Identified equations and expressions, the for for a particular purpose, specific articles, parts and questions deduction, as long as not to make
Who's own work, we must set out the conditions of source and application; even the author's own previous work, we must set out
The corresponding literature, the reader, where necessary, refer to the author to fully evaluate the basis of previous work, it should be clear and
That his original work in the current contribution. This is the author responsible for the performance of science, is right at the beginning to write a good Xueshulunwen
A clear content.
Pay particular attention to the subject of papers, abstracts, charts and conclusions of the
Each author has read many papers experience. Readers read the paper in general custom is to first browse the directory,
Only topics such as, interest only willing to turn to the relevant papers; right papers are interested in a subject, the reader has first of all
Read Abstract; if there is interest in the summary, will then look at paper charts, because diagrams are often the most clear
Reflects the results of papers. After reading the chart, such as the readers are interested in reading papers will be followed by conclusions. Usually only a small number of readers will read the full text of paper.
Authors should be clearly aware that the subject of papers to be read thousands of readers. On the subject every word
Should be carefully chosen, with a minimum of words most accurately reflect the contents of the paper. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

Reviewer comments and rejection correctly
Reviewers international core journals are mostly leading academics in various fields.
Magazine publishers will be in regular consultation with editorial
The views of the reviewers to choose the best team. Reviewers are unpaid. Reviewers are mostly very serious working attitude
. Reviewers must have great respect for the views, criticisms and suggestions on each one to be carefully analyzed, and accordingly revise their papers
. That is not right for their opinions, we must very carefully, and seriously to answer, reasoned with the reviewer
Explored. How to deal with being rejected journal papers, often the author disaster has problems. Here is rejected must be analyzed
Reasons. The first refusal is a 'complete denial', editor in chief is usually expressed by one opinions on this article
Always not want to see, and then send this article is pointless. One type is the number of the article contains some useful
Data and information, editor of rejection of these articles is due to data or analysis is seriously flawed. Of such authors may wish to
First put off until more extensive evidence to find support or have a more clear conclusion, and then revised '
The new 'articles sent to the same magazine. Editor normally give consideration to re-accept this sort of article. The past two years, at least
I complained to the two reviewers, individual Chinese colleagues in a paper by a magazine refused, they would be intact
A manuscript sent to another journal, and they once again been invited to do so reviewers. They were very objectionable. Papers by Li
Of course, to be rejected. On this issue, 'the universe of physics' (The, Astrophysical, Journ
al) science editor Thomas asked: 'In a paper being rejected a magazine, without modification, then sent to another magazine, this is a very bad mistake. Typically, the reviewer made a very serious work that the paper issues, and recommended changes. If the author ignored these warnings, this is the time and effort
A real waste. At the same time, send a bad article, for the author's scientific reputation is a serious damage. 'Real
Occasion, the impact factor of different academic journals, papers accepted standards and requirements vary greatly. If rejected
Papers not due to errors in presentation, but the importance or innovative enough, the author carefully considered the reviewer
Opinion, seriously revised manuscripts, it can send a lower impact factor of scholarly journals. It is noteworthy that
And reviewers because of knowledge limitations and certain prejudices, and even different academic perspectives to determine the error and recommended rejection
Will happen. How to deal with the situation, there are two examples for reference. Recently a paper by a young magazine
Deny . After repeated discussions of testing, we judge reviewer is wrong. In order to papers published in time, we have
The authors suggested polite and earnest reply to the editor in chief, pointed out that the reviewer error and asked his opinion editor transferred to reviewers, and then to withdraw the paper, and then on the
The text to make the necessary improvements, sent to another journal impact factor higher. Paper was immediately received, and get a good assessment
Price. In this example, the papers did not undergo significant changes on a whim send to other magazines. But the authors are responsible
Please Editor to the opinions of the reviewer forwarded to the reviewers. In this case, the authors send the other magazines should not be changed
Subject to restrictions and censure. But the premise is the thesis the results of repeated testing, the correctness of the thesis has been the exact

Grasp. I group a paper in a major magazine was released after two and a half before, the main reason is that the first
Bit vector of our reviewers questioned the reliability of the magnetic field measurements do not agree with published paper. Through the right
Wei consult colleagues and repeated thought, we recognize the right of the study, using measurements, the full quasi -
Indeed, and reliable. Author spent nearly two years to discuss with the reviewer, not only papers to be published with reviewers
And the editor has established a good relationship, this paper has been published good international quote.
Make great efforts to improve their English writing skills
English is not our mother tongue, English, learning English writing is the most difficult part. SCI papers and cited China's partial
Less, in addition to restrictions on the level of basic research, the language barrier can not be ignored. Each worker must be a basic research
To improve their English writing skills as a daunting task. There are three successful experience for reference. China Branch
Technical University, Professor Hu Youqiu always reviewers in English and their own original amendments were part of a separate copy modified
In the book on the 11 controls. Carefully refine and back down, bit by bit to improve their English writing skills. His reason for sending
Papers to international core journals are often referred to as reviewers well-written. U.S. National Solar Observatory has a
The internal editing system, its main purpose is to ensure the correctness of papers, while research has
Mutual influence and the opportunity of bettering benefits. Without internal reviewers of papers can not be sent to magazines. Senior solar physicist
Sara, Martin proposed to find some examples of papers can be used as intensive reading, learning how to organize and write the English language. She
Special reference to the late well-known astrophysicist Zwaan paper can serve as a model to emulate. Completed the first draft paper
After, we must make spell check does not appear a simple spelling error. If uncertain of their own English writing,
Please a colleague with good English and foreign counterparts to the English customs is necessary. To fundamentally improve China's scholars, United Kingdom
Language level, we propose that graduate students are required to operate in English writing courses. In written English, we really need to play
A stand up battle.
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