How to Write Abstract

Keywords: Abstract
        Paper published in the journal generally limited to several thousand words, why should a few hundred word summary of it? Is nothing more than to facilitate the reader with the shortest time access to information, studies or articles about the main contents and results, to determine whether it is necessary to read text. Acceleration of growth in knowledge and information today, summary of the importance of more prominent. Not only play a guiding role for the reader to read more literature compilation, computer storage, retrieval ready to become an important source of scientific and technological information. ABSTRACT who essence also.
        Authors should pay attention to summary writing. Written summary, both the need for serious scientific spirit, but also a carving art, dedicated to the readers is fine, playing the mutual exchange and common development. Chinese-language magazine of the English table of contents and abstracts is the only way to conduct international exchanges, a direct reflection of China's scientific research and the quality of the magazine, is to let the world know China a window.
        Abstract not to say, so take a verbatim scrutiny. Content must be complete, specific, people at a glance. Although Chinese-English summary based on the summaries, but can not read Chinese, taking into account the needs of readers, substantive content can not be missed. To this end, one after another in recent years, China's scientific journals use structured abstract, clearly the purpose, methods, results and conclusions of the four parts.
        1. Objective (Objective): succinctly, the purpose of this work, scope of the study.
        2. Methods (Methods): a brief description of the basic research practices, including objects (each group, and the number of cases, the usual number or only a few animals, etc.), materials and methods (including drug doses used, repeat visits). Special statistical methods are required to indicate.
        3. Results (Results): a brief summary of the key results (must be marked with units), data, statistical significance (P value), etc., and explain its value and limitations.
        4. Conclusion (Conclusion): a brief description of the results of the study obtained from the right point of view, theoretical significance or practical value, the promotion prospects.
        In English and Chinese marked before engaging in Chinese and English the title, author's name (up to 3) and by units (postal code). English summary should be interlaced typing, in order to modify the reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

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