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     Medical science workers, regardless of the medical personnel, research, prevention or education work, they need to continue to progress, constantly access to knowledge and information, also need to continue to carry out academic exchanges. The most important form of academic exchanges in science and technology papers. The quality of medical scientific papers, not only reflects the level of medical research, but also reflects the medical developments, but also the basis for future generations discovery and invention. Therefore, it is different from the general summary report on the work or working, but will work in research and practice of information received scientific generalization, analysis, reasoning, and form to reflect the objective laws of the argument, this is a written record of academic papers. 

     (A) The purpose of Writing of Academic Papers

     1  Storage Research Information

     After the completion of scientific research is required to summarize their research findings immediately, and to clarify the form of papers or reports of its discovery and invention. Otherwise, as time goes on, the gradual disappearance of his invention and discovery, leading to later generations may be to repeat the work of their predecessors, the occurrence of avoidable waste of human and material resources. Thus, writing academic papers is the storage of such research information, make it a new invention later found that the basis (that is, standing on the shoulders of giants), in order to facilitate the continuation of the cause of science and technology and development, and constantly enrich the treasure house of human science and technology. The continuation and development of human civilization, it is by virtue of this continuity of constantly accumulating, creating, and then the accumulation of the process of re-creation achieved. So Xueshulunwen is an important carrier of information storage research, and writing paper is a summary of scientific discovery is an important tool. 

     2  dissemination of research results 

     As early as the 19th century, the famous British scientist Michael Faraday once pointed out that for scientific research work, one must "start it, finish it and published it" (to begin''to end''to publish). Because any one scientific and technological research and inventions, are members of the community of individual labor or partial crystallization of research activities undertaken. For humanity, the very necessary to the outcome of the minority to become the common wealth of mankind, which requires mutual exchange, mutual use (that is often said that science and technology without borders) in order to enable continuous development and progress of science and technology . The mutual exchange of one of the ways is to use scientific and technological papers put into practice.

     This mode of transmission could be free from time and geographical constraints, but also can be transmitted to future generations. Such as the February 27, 1997 issue of the British "Nature" magazine, which first reported the use of cloning technology (asexual reproduction) of a breed of sheep, it is undoubtedly the area of genetic engineering a major breakthrough in the world caused a strong shock. So Xueshulunwen is also an important carrier of information, dissemination of scientific research. And in accordance with accepted practice, the scientific results of the first power, must be the form of academic papers published in academic journals, can only be recognized, while the mass media to disseminate, is not officially recognized. 

     3  exchange of practical experience

     Engaged in front-line clinical and medical work of other staff, through continuous practice, accumulation of a more successful experiences and failures. These experiences and lessons learned are very valuable. Their scientific analysis and conclusion, and in the exchange of papers published in the form, you can play a huge role in the guidance and reference for the benefit of the people. 

     4  inspired academic thought 

     In a large number of scientific research results and practical experience, based on the formation and development of ideas from various academic, these academic papers in the form of ideas by constantly exploring and exchange, and inspire each other to form a new academic ideas in order to promote the development of science. 

     5  improve the research level 

     Scientific Writing is a creative mental work, which embodies tremendous hardships.
In the writing process, with the deepening of thinking, can improve scientific and technological work in the analysis of problems and problem-solving skills, promote research and raise the level. 

     6  assessment professional level 

     The number of published scientific papers (several) and its social, economic contribution of size (quality) is the evaluation of scientific research workers, business, scientific and technological achievements of the important criteria (must be realistic, scientific research results to reflect, and never allowed to build leave). Of course, operational evaluation and job classification, one of the important basis (currently of particular importance). Also was found that one of the channels. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

     (B) Medical Xueshulunwen written request

     1  ideological

     Write a medical papers, first of all must abide by the ethical medical science.
Second, to have their own distinct argument that the concept of full articles and judgments must be clear to avoid ambiguity, subjective, one-sided, as well as from the objective reality. 

     2  scientific

     Writing scientific papers should be in order to reveal the objective law of development of things to explore objective truth, making people understand the world and transform the world guide. Writing scientific papers in medicine, it is to lift the patient's disorder, to protect people's health, an important measure the benefit of humanity. Thus, from the papers of selection, design, observational studies, inductive analysis, until the conclusion of each step must adhere to the serious attitude, rigorous style of study and rigorous methods (proposed by Nie 1964). In particular:

     (1) the chosen theme: there must be sufficient scientific evidence, or they will labor without the public.

     (2) Design: In order to reflect the objective real results, the need to remove everything that may affect the outcome of the subjective factors and causal factors. Chose the methods and materials used to make a full comparability and randomness. 

     (3) observational studies: a true reflection of objective things and processes, without any distortion (authenticity); accurate observation and recording, without changes in the deviation (accuracy); comprehensive complete collection of information, without significant deterioration (General). For clinical research while sometimes difficult, but important. 

     (4) The reasoning and conclusion: The reasoning should be logical, the conclusion should be rigor.
Can not be an exaggeration, or raise themselves to belittle others. Must be based on objective facts and data support, but only in practice to bear on the basis of written papers, only the most convincing. 

     3  advanced, also known as innovative.

     Scientific and technological papers on the results of scientific research and technological innovation of scientific records, it is different from the general monographs and textbooks, or summing up the work. Papers should be a new discovery and invention, rather than to repeat the past, the information and conclusions. If engaged in basic research, it should be topics of new and advanced methods, there is a new discovery or new ideas. Clinical studies should use more cases, or more in-depth observation, or innovative methods of treatment and better efficacy. This is necessary to read enough literature to understand the past and present of the stock market. After numerous scholarly articles will not be used to invest in journals, often it is the lack of new ideas and innovative (for example, reported 100 cases of appendectomy surgery experience). Of course, different journals have different levels of requirements, such as a national leader in journals at home and abroad to be achieved or advanced, local journals requires local art. Only in this way can the continuous development of science and technology can be moving forward. 

     4  practical 

     Medicine is an applied science.
Apart from a few purely theoretical studies and research papers, the vast majority of medical papers should be combined with medical care, prevention of actual work, and strive to clinical practical problems. Example, to animal experiments, not simply in order to carry out research studies, or to write a few articles and studies, and animal research should be based on the conditions are ripe, the transition to the clinical benefit of the people. Practical value of the larger papers, its guiding role in the greater, the more importance is the more welcome to readers. 

     5  readability 

     Medical academic papers writing style to be applied a standardized text, including technology genre.
Would express their accurate, concise, fluent, level inventions, the argument rigorous, clear diagrams, the best there is a certain degree of vividness. To make the reader feel fluent, no hard to understand, with the least time and experience, access to the most knowledge and information. But it should avoid modification of sumptuous emotional, unrealistic exaggeration. 

     6  the size of

     Scientific Writing specifications according to certain format.
Although many scientific and technological journals have their own fixed-writing format, but worldwide, has become increasingly unified, standardized, and standardization (such as: units of measurement must be standardized). Standardized format is conducive to scientific and technical information of domestic and foreign exchanges, to facilitate literature search. 

     Above 6 o'clock, scientific, advanced and practical value to determine the academic papers, but the quality and level of the first thesis is based on the academic value of research foundation.

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