How to Write Articles Title

The general heading of science and technology papers and sub-title is the title of the points, this article refers to the overall title; title Yiming subject, topic or thesis, etc.. 
        Browse books, the first thing that catches the reader's eye is the paper title; access to abstracts, index or bibliography and other intelligence information, is also the first to find the title of paper. In general, the reader is always in the title as the first impressions to judge and decide whether to read the paper. A good title, often fought for a larger audience and thus make paper should reflect the value of their own. How can I write a good title it?
        1, master thesis aims 
        Must first be clear what was intended to write this article is to introduce a new technology to promote research and the results reflect the times, or an overview of the information or lecture; it is an empirical summary, or a clinical lesson. The title is the author's heart sounds. Those who read the title, you can know the purpose of discussion papers, an overview of the main contents of papers; meet the pronunciation taste, it is the reader quest. Did not necessarily want to read the full text after reading the title, immediately produce a non-read the full text is not interested. As the title 'Progress in anti-cancer drug' a glance article is an overview of the author's intention is to introduce the study of anticancer drugs at home and abroad of new methods and results, in order to expand the applications. Majority of clinical pharmacology, pharmacy workers and cancer patients, a look at the title, read the full text of interest suddenly born. As the title changed to 'description of several anti-cancer drugs', the purpose is unclear, the intention of hidden Shibuya, we may believe to be a commercial advertising, not to mention the patients, even professionals do not want to read.  How can reflect the paper's purpose, namely, how to make paper to the point, we might choose the following approach. The text prior to title, the existing scientific and technological achievements, based on the first written paper, and then under the paper writer to develop the title. Or a pre-determined heading for papers, can be envisaged in several different headings, and then compared with each other according to the contents of the paper, choose where appropriate, eye-catching those who use it. In general, the former commonly used in writing a retrospective analysis, clinical summary, case reports of Thesis, which is commonly used in the prospective study of writing, the investigation report, review class lectures and other papers.
        2, reflecting the three elements of technology in the design 
        Articles, in particular the strong research and academic high value of the papers, essential 'object of study, processing factors, seen as a barometer' the three elements. A good title must reflect the three elements, will play a Midas touch on the full role. At first glance the reader to decide whether to read the full text of the title, one of the important reasons is to see whether the title reflects the three elements of these three elements as well as what's unique merits. As the title 'riboflavin platelet aggregation of coronary heart disease and cardiac function', in which the three elements of a glance, and the object of study (CHD) taken to address the factors (application of riboflavin) Comparison of novel and unique. Although this article belongs to basic research articles, but clinical workers will not hastily let go, as the title changed to 'cross-flavin in the application of coronary heart disease', even if the study and treatment factors, but the lack of observed indicators of the factors, it appeared that throughput incomplete scientific. Although the article is a good article, but the reader after reading the title and feel of little significance, will be a read of.   reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

        3, Italy Only more characters Only a small 
        Short title of paper should not only clearly reflected in the themes, but also differentiated from other similar papers, to avoid duplication, we must uphold the 'Italian Only more characters Only a small' principle. Some authors tend to prefer to use: *** a few questions, a number of issues, a few points ... .... So on the title is not only general, vague, non-visible and loose, easily confused with the same identical papers, is a failure performance. 
        The length of the title, how the word is appropriate and how much does the standard is an accurate reflection of the subject of the article, multi-word appears cumbersome, less word for word but mutilated. Both Ximorujin, but also carries tremendous weight, the number of characters that can not be stereotyped as well. As the title 'appetite effects of zinc deficiency on young children', the word meaning a small full, concise and clear, a glance to know the author's intention, and easy to remember and cite. As the title 'octreotide and vasopressin were combined with phentolamine treatment of esophageal varices bleeding comparative study', the word is not more complex, less on the expression of the word unclear, the reader, after reading impressive. In case the title is too long, there is a long list of qualified language, if it deleted some of the words, the content expression is unclear, at this time could be considered the subtitle was added; but subtitled less is better when the non-use is not available.
        4, focusing on basic Chinese knowledge representation 
        In addition to science and technology paper, titled the minimum requirements - other than the statement that fluent, but also special emphasis on accurate terminology, proper grammar, language and customs and appropriate word order and so on. As the title 'Law of the esophagus of the natural environment factors', a quick look at statements fluent, but in Chinese, in terms of knowledge, there are many wrong. From the word order can be understood as resulting from natural factors, esophageal cancer; Obviously, this is the logical concept of an error. Natural factors of esophageal cancer agents, is a result of esophageal cancer ', esophagus its' fruit', only in the title, insert the words' cause 'word, the logical concept of square and accurate. Natural environment, many factors that are broad in scope, the authors could not investigate each and every one study; fact is that the paper is the observation and study the living environment and cold climate and other natural factors, it will be better heading 'natural factor' read 'weather and living environment factors' more appropriate. Scientists to explore the law to clarify the mechanism, design model, were indeed the purpose of work is beyond reproach; if from the dozens of cases, even more than a dozen cases in which natural factors in the rise to 'the law' or 'mechanisms', it seems exaggerated, the title is not only no room to study, but also think that the author is not enough humility; not as good as the 'Law of' deleted, replaced by 'investigate' or 'observation' is better. Now, medicine used to say 'esophagus', do not speak 'esophagus', as the 'fever' talk to 'fever', as non-standard is not rigorous. Zhu class problems, if the ads appear in the commodity is not surprising, may be in the medical papers appear in the title is not desirable and should be special attention.  
        5, strict inspection control keywords
        As we all know, the computer retrieval technology is the world's scientific and technological information dissemination of the most efficient and most effective means of media. Articles ho, such as oceans, in a short time, to access would like to know the literature, only be achieved through computer retrieval technology, which grasp the subject index search in the first current impulse. The various scientific disciplines are vocabulary words. After the title of a good life, you must take words to check the control, inspection and compliance requirements. If the title is not to be used when making an index word (words) contains inside, and even a no, then the proposition is a failure; In contrast, validation is a success. As the title 'pig orthotopic liver transplantation anesthesia and hemodynamic monitoring', where 'liver transplantation, anesthesia, hemodynamics, pigs' can be found in the Thesaurus can be used as keywords indexing, verified statement This title is good. 
        What are the important title should be the terminology, can we make the index may be used when the word (words) included, can take 'reductio ad absurdum' to resolve. Authors can make the following assumptions; if we want to go the index in the literature with their own access to the work-related papers, which should be classified under the heading to find, these classifications title is important you want to use the terminology.
        In addition, acronyms, and digital code used in the title, we also easy to error; but to master the content, it will be easier, here will not go into details.
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