How to write high-quality Articles

For the broad masses of medical workers who wrote and published medical research papers in medical research an important component of basic skills is one of medical science and technology workers. Medical technology like posting a journal article, you must have the following elements: title, byline, abstract, keywords, introduction, text, results and discussion of references. In general, the medical papers from the structure of the preface to be divided into four parts (Introduction), Methods (Methods), the results (ResultS) and discussion (Diseussion), which IMRAD structure. This is also a four part of the main body of paper. Have to write out a high-quality medical papers on the need to take note of these issues.
        Title is a highly condensed summary of the core content of paper with the this should be as concise as possible, and a general theme.
        Authors and Acknowledgments
        'Biomedical journals publishing these uniform requirements' will be the author's condition is defined as: participation in subject selection and design, or for data analysis and interpretation of those who drafted or modify the content of the paper were of crucial importance; finally agreed that the justice who issued. Should also possess more than three. On the meaning the author's order should be shared by all the authors discussed and decided upon in order to collectively signed the text of the article must be clear to the person in charge, Received order after the author's changes should not do. The author of the same unit should generally not more than six.
        Acknowledgment: Acknowledgment of the object should be included in this study has contributed to the person but not enough to become an author, such as the support of the leadership of those who provide technical assistance, financial and material supporters. Author shall be responsible for the consent of each person who has been Zhi Xie written consent.
        Introduction should be concise and clearly stated the main thrust and purpose of the study and wanted to answer the question, while on the subject to the reader and gives us the necessary documentation. 5000 words on a paper, the preamble is generally 150 ~ 200 words. In the preface the following questions should be answered prior to what is in this that must be addressed? In this part deals with whether it is worth? That part of the correct format for that? Who is their target audience? In this paper, for which the journals?
        The main contents of the preamble is to tell the reader why you should be conducting the study, so that the reader believes that the importance of research. Almost the first sentence should be included both as to say that all the contents of previous studies to clarify the difference between the best introduction should include all previous systematic review of relevant studies and confirmed that the research necessary to pay. Should not be used so that readers confusing acronyms, given the study design, rather than conclusions, not the data involved in this study, careful use of literature and writing skills.
        Materials and methods
        Method is partly a cornerstone of medical papers, this part of the author neglected the writing is often present, while the methodology is unclear, on account of the article was the most common cause of rejection.
        Materials and methods should be part of the written description of the logical sequence of study design, detailing steps or naming the relevant research literature, analysis of data presented on income approach. Study design should include: brief description of them to inform the reader how to conduct randomized, should be noted that 'an independent, parallel, matching, self-control' use of the phrase, the best reference to the original report on the design and methodology papers, in the narrative research is how the process should inform the reader how to choose the study, given the reasons for excluding the object; accurate and detailed description of the materials used give the exact dose of drugs used to inform the exact treatment. In writing at the same time pay attention to medical research in the ethical issues involved in order to man-made object experiment report should indicate whether the experiment 'Helsinki Declaration' standards. The article does not use the patient's name, initials, names or hospital in a variety of numbers, if the portrait Manuscripts should be the patient's permission or to take shelter law. In the analysis as supplementary capital should be used to confirm the P value is invalid assumptions, to assess the credibility of the study are given the exact statistical tests used in the analysis, avoiding periods of blocking solution with the industry to pay for the specialized terminology, but also specify general-purpose computer program used. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

        The result is the core of papers.
The Institute is the data obtained by statistical processing or validation key findings derived from.
        This section should answer the questions raised in the Introduction, using text, graphs, charts and use the way to illustrate the results compared with the control group, it should inform the unexpected results. When the study less than 100 cases, we should avoid the use of the percentage of 10 cases of the following points should be used when indicated. The results should be given concerning the number of samples, range, mean and standard deviation or confidence interval, especially if it involves variation, should be given their freedom and F values. Instructions for Authors of published charts should be produced to avoid duplication with the body, so that the chart with a self-evident nature of the chart should only be involved in testing-chang a problem.
        Discussion part of their research should be the main line, through their own research results and relevant research results of comparison, leads to conclusions of the study. Research in new and important conclusions, the methods used to point out the shortcomings. During the discussion should include the discovery of the meaning and limits, as well as inspiration for further research. To avoid premature argument to avoid their own data are insufficient to support the conclusion, to avoid yet to be completed on the first request made or implied right to be appropriately justified to propose new hypotheses.
        For a paper or a monograph, reference literature is indispensable. To inherit, there should be real, to study a wide range of scientific basis for their predecessors.
        Reference was recorded when the selection is necessary to read the record by himself directly in the paper cited literature; the record of the most essential, the most recent literature; the registered public offerings at home and abroad published in newspapers or books published in the official literature. Meanwhile, in order to read and write convenience, ease of computer storage, retrieval and output, is conducive to the management literature and academic exchanges, the author should be familiar with and strictly enforce the references after the recording of international standards and national standards.
        Described above is related to writing high-quality medical papers need to pay attention to several issues, but it is limited to the main part of the paper. In addition, in the thesis writing process, as well as abstracts, keywords, medical terms, quantities and units and many other aspects of the broad masses of medical workers need to be concerned.
        In short, medical writing is a big topic, not be covered in an article. We hope that the broad masses of medical workers to be able to eat itself in scientific research problems and confusion and the need for what we offer help with time to reflect to the 'Herald' editorial board. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

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