How to Write University Thesis

    Thesis of higher education self-study examination of professional candidates to complete the undergraduate phase of undergraduate studies in the last link, which is a summary of candidates, independent operations, aimed at summing up the results of the professional learning to cultivate the integrated use of what they have learned to solve practical problems. Stylistically speaking, it is also the reality of a particular areas of expertise or theoretical issues explored research essay has a certain significance. Complete the writing of thesis can be divided into two steps, selecting topics and research subjects.
        First is to select topics. Is a thesis writing topics of success and failure. Because it is a thesis written by topics of the first step, it actually is to determine the 'what to write' issue, which is to determine the direction of scientific research. If the 'what to write' not clear 'how to write' impossible.
        Ministry of Education, Office of the self-study examination of the dissertation topics of the ways and requirements are 'to encourage the combination of theory and practical work, candidates can be combined in this unit or I have engaged in the work of Title be reported to the examiners to review the agreement to establish the school. Schools could also be published Title examiners, candidates choose from. The overall thesis requirements should be consistent with the regular full-time institutions of higher learning, so that through the thesis writing and defense examination, testing candidates ability of the integrated use of professional knowledge '. But whether the candidate is an arbitrary choice subjects themselves, or in the Examiner published the designated institutions selected topics topics must adhere to choose scientific value and practical significance, and practical issues. Dissertation topic is selected half the success.
        First, we must adhere to choose scientific value and practical significance of the subject. The purpose of scientific research is to better understand the world and transform the world in order to promote social progress and development. Therefore, the thesis of the selection of topics must be closely integrated the building of socialist material and spiritual needs in order to promote scientific career development and solving practical problems as the starting point and ending point. Topics of scientific research should conform to the right direction, we must be new, innovative, there are theoretical and practical guiding significance to or promote the role of a meaningless study, even though so much energy and expression for further improvement, but also will not have the slightest value. Specifically, candidates can come from the topics of the following three aspects. First of all, from the practical disadvantages of the topics of learning of professional knowledge, can not just stop at books and in theory, but also trip from the city, linking theory with practice, using the available expertise, to find and solve practical work The most pressing problem. Secondly, it is necessary to find the space and edge scientific research topics of the field of scientific research
Many have not been cleared of virgin land, there are many shortcomings and gaps, which are to be filled. Candidates should have a unique sense of vision and advance to the thinking, to discover, to study them. Finally, it is necessary to find the shortcomings of previous studies and errors at coordinate research projects and their predecessors have been put forward in the research, many Although the preliminary research results, but with the continuous development of society, but also to be rich, integrity and development, and such supplementary or corrective research subjects, but also to guide the scientific value and practical significance.
      Second, the ability to choose according to their own practical issues. Thesis writing is a creative work, not only have the individual candidates views and ideas, but also need to have a certain objective conditions. As the candidate's personal subjective and objective conditions are different, and therefore the topics of time, but also with their own strengths, interests, and the available topics of the objective conditions. Specifically, candidates can come from a comprehensive consideration the following three aspects. First of all, there must be an adequate source of information. 'Can not make bricks without straw', in the absence of information on the circumstances, it is very difficult to write high-quality papers. Choose a topic with a rich source of information on the subject in-depth research and to carry out useful. Secondly, there must be a strong research interest and choose their own topic of interest, you can stimulate the enthusiasm of their own research, to mobilize their own initiative and enthusiasm, able to concentrate on, and carefully, perseverance and patience, a positive attitude to complete. Finally, we should be able to play to their expertise with each candidate regardless of the ability of the level, jobs how to have their own business expertise to select those able to combine their work and play to their operational expertise in the subject, for the successful completion of research projects in great benefit.
      Selected topics, the next job is to research, research topics the general procedure is: to collect information, research data, clear arguments and selected materials, and finally pen to write, modify the final version.
      First, the research topics of the basic work --- to collect information. Candidates can access the library, the library data, do field research, experiment and observation to collect information on three aspects. Gather information more specific and detailed as possible, it is best to collect the information you want to bibliography, detailed plans are listed. First of all, access to information should be familiar with the master library classification, must be good access to bibliographic, indexing, should be proficient in the use of other books, such as yearbooks, abstracts, lists, numbers, and so on. Secondly, to do field research, survey research can achieve the most true and reliable, the most abundant first-hand information, the purpose of research which must be clear, well-targeted, content specific. Survey methods are: the general survey, focusing on the investigation, a typical survey, sample survey. Survey methods are: meetings, interviews, questionnaires. Finally, on the experiment and observation. Experiment and observation is to collect scientific information and data, access to perceptual knowledge of the basic approach is to create, produce, develop and test practical basis of scientific theory, this method in science and engineering, medical and other professional studies classes are more commonly used when using this method careful and comprehensive records. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

      Second, the focus of the work of research --- research data.
Candidates want to hand the information collected to conduct a comprehensive browse, and read the different data using different methods, such as reading, choose, read.
      Read the full text of the right to read, useful to choose the right parts, useful content to read, study or research project with content related to a comprehensive, careful, meticulous, thorough, and repeated reading. In the reading process, we need positive thinking. To order books or papers in the argument, arguments, proof methods and research methods to trigger your own thinking, to eyes, hands, brain, and use imagination, a new creation.
      Information in the study, but also good information on record.
      Third, the core work of research topics and selected materials --- a clear argument. Basis of the information in the study, candidates put forward their views and opinions, according to selection of topics and sub-arguments to establish the basic arguments. Put forward their point of view to highlight the new innovative, innovation is the soul, not just to repeat their predecessors, or parrot. At the same time, but also to prevent the Tantaiqiuquan tendency to fear is incomplete, a large section to repeat existing knowledge, it would fail to reflect their own characteristics and results of the study.
      According to the established argument that the basic arguments and sub-selected materials, which own the information collected on the basis of the study to be formed. Organization of material must be careful to take a scientific way of thinking and pay attention to the material before and after the logic of relations and the relationship between primary and secondary.
      Fourth, the key to the work of research topics --- penned write. Candidates should write to the attention of the following two aspects: development of an outline and the basic format.
      An outline including the subject, the basic argument, content outline. The content outline, including major projects, namely the Tai paragraphs purpose and that the paragraph in the project purpose and small projects, or small pieces of material that is paragraph paragraph Zhi. An outline will help arrange the full text of the logical structure, building the basic framework papers.
      Basic format: general thesis from the title, abstract, text, references and so on four aspects of composition. Heading for direct, specific, eye-catching and concise. Summary of the paper the main points of extraction on the body of the paper prior to the convenience of readers, so concise, summary. The core text is the thesis, including the introduction of this theory, the conclusions of three parts. Introduction description some of the major reasons for studying this subject, meaning, it is written in simple. Should be clear and specific issues put forward by the discussion, and sometimes want to write some historical review and current status of analysis, which I will have to add, correct or development, but also a brief proof method. The theory part is the main thesis, namely, to express the author's research results, mainly elaborated his views and arguments. This part should be sufficiently strong material to the views set out to accurately grasp the content of the article level, the intrinsic link between the size of the paragraph. Lengthy papers commonly used type inference (ie, the argument step by step in this argument with him to start step by step in-depth written) and sub-theory of style (that is subordinate to the basic argument of several sub-points tied up, one by one to be discussed separately ) a combination of both methods. Conclusion is attributed to choke part of the paper, write the results of argument, so that coherent at the same time to write the research vision of the reference to further explore the issues or avenues for possible solutions. References that the process of writing papers read some of the articles or information, to select the main columns in the text after.
      Fifth, the research topics of the security work --- revised final version. Through this link, you can see whether the intention expressed by writing clear, the basic arguments and sub-argument is accurate, clear, material used in an appropriate, persuasive, material arrangements and whether there are logical arguments effect, the size of the structural integrity of the paragraph convergence nature, the sentence is correct and appropriate words, the article whether it is normative.
      In short, writing a thesis is a complex thinking activities, the lack of writing experience, self-examination has indeed a certain degree of difficulty. Therefore, candidates should be 'to repeatedly study, practice and then practice, practice', with an open mind to the instructor Qiujiao.
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