How to write a thesis

Thinking before writing: It is the end of learning phase or a new beginning. Consider the question.
          First, the overall awareness of Thesis
          1, the concept: thesis is a specific approval standards are papers on the topics of the center point, data arguments, frame structure, language expression are clearly defined and requirements.
          2, objects: thesis is and expert dialogue. Do not write large section of the writer's life, works introduced in the last reply also have to note that statements do not introduce the contents of papers, but should focus on why the paper to write their own innovation points, limitations, less than these places.
          3, standards and requirements:
          1) the argument clear, 3-5 minutes should be a clear statement of their own arguments. Novel argument that the level of excellence can be achieved papers.
          2) focused, regardless of instructions in several areas, we must always focus on the central theme.
          3) The argument full, solid. Are looking for materials to be appropriate subject, other people's comments, the writer of the readme, individual of the debates, past and present on this topic by the results of the study can be done argument.
          4), clear thinking, reasonable structure. Section represent different ideas, different levels. Paragraphs of the article is not not a good article the other hand, too much is too broken section is not a good article. Section should not be too ,3-5.
          5) The presentation should be clear. Words do not luxurious, and less rhetoric, the article style should be simple, clear language should be clear-cut.
          6) The writing must be standardized. Annotations, citations to a high degree of strict arguments that it should have the basis to achieve academic standards.
          7) adopt a new perspective, new perspectives.
          4, attitude: to use all the wisdom and strength to complete, as much as possible to find all the materials, we must pay attention, think of all related issues, as much as possible to maximize the depth and breadth.
          Second, pay attention to several issues when writing
          1, coordinate research projects (which is crucial): by no means pick any one topic issue. Is a complex and rich topics of the course is to learn from their past, a complete clean-up process. To seriously look back on what impression deeper, more interested in what it is possible to write good, you may come into contact with what materials. The size of the difficulty of the subject itself is not a problem, is not important, the key lies in how to write. How to write what to write important than ever, any slightest break is valuable, and the difference is the value of others. Topics For example:
          In the modern classical and modern in the classical (with philosophical implication)
          On the siege of knowledge Qian
          On Shen Congwen goddess of West Hunan
          Hsu stylistic features of poetry
          Diary (letters) in the use of modern fiction
          Lu Xun's works of folk phenomena
        These are the topics unique, innovative examples of the argument. Give the following counter-example:
          On the artistic beauty and life of the United States (subject too large)
          On ZHU Zi please prose (subject too large)
          On the Rickshaw and small-fu death of the child (subject too small)
        Incidentally, the Ministry of Works from a talk about an issue, select a point of view in-depth discussion.
          2, collecting materials: materials collection is a process of reflection, to bring the issue, there must be a clear focus, and gradually cohesion vision, focus on ideas, which should pay attention to a bigger than the two questions:
        Big: the process of gathering material to complete the process of literature review. Related to the topic with the results of its own which, it is important viewpoints, has the perspective and methods were used and summarized the views of their predecessors, which is an integral part of the paper should be placed in the first paragraph of paper to write.
        Small: To accurately record the source material, publishing houses, time, number of pages.
          3, which provides an outline: the outline of the logic of the relationship between levels of a sense of right papers directly related to the steps.
          4, the first draft: write the first draft as soon as possible as soon as possible, to a coherent, coherent, and then to amend it.
          5, amend: The last changes and you sure you want to slow down, carefully considered, strict scrutiny and repeated polishing.
          Third, the special needs of a few major issues
          1, paper views and perspectives as possible an objective and fair. Hold well-supported, on the justified. There are materials to support, there are logical identity, to avoid arbitrariness, Do not say something too much and too large, then, let alone to support his argument while belittling the other point of view. Correspondence related to a time when more should be objective and fair.
          2, quotation must be standardized. If you hit the quotation marks should indicate source. To indicate the original source, do not use too much time difference versions (for example, cited 54 times by 54 times the material is necessary to publish, do not use modern), with the regular version, as much as possible to avoid quoted.
          3, to write their own feelings, experiences, feelings, write their own stuff, do not rigged. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://eng.

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