How to Write Teaching Papers

                   Paper mainly refers to the teaching of teaching theory, methods, experiences etc. discussed in the article.

                 Many comrades engaged in education and teaching, usually get the work done diligent and hard working; student achievement is among the best, brightest; talk about teaching experience, but also themselves, and very familiar. Papers to be starting to write the word often does not convey his ideas, talking seems to have become the teapot boiled dumplings.

                 "How to Write Teaching Paper" will become their Gordian knot, this weakness in the exchange of experience, job classification, the look is particularly prominent. In view of this situation, combined with my years of writing experience, put forward their own views on a number of immature for reference purposes only.

                 1, views to the right

                 Since it is a thesis, they should express their own unique insights. Right or wrong opinion is often divided, we have suggested to sing innovation, to encourage a breakthrough against the parrot, but also against the wrong point of view, the position of a reactionary thing.

                 Some time ago, "Yangzi Evening News" has such a story: a teacher to allow students to carefully study and openly in class with students: "A good school in the future could live in a beautiful house, marry a beautiful wife," and so on.

                 Assess the intentions of the teacher and no matter how what the students reaction. Such a reference is in itself a feudal society, "Reading! Read! Read! The book's own Pork; read! Read! Read! A beautiful woman in the book," a replica of a similar view, as if in his paper, this article Qi You also desirable that?

                 Thus, to write the article first elements: point of view be correct.

                 To ask such a question seems to be talking about what the great truths, does not. Just think, we have the time to write the article, if large amounts of data collected does not in any screening, to see the so-called useful information on the copying available, it is inevitable that non-rational, and even fill up these unhealthy ideological viewpoint.

                 As I mentioned above gentleman if not conducive to guide the people, educate, motivate people, On the contrary, something like that if there is in the article, such an article is not only high quality goods, but also defective, the drug .

                 Not only that, left the materialist dialectics to examine teaching problems, it is feasible.

                 Dialectical theory tells us: all things are interrelated and influence each other. Similarly, engage in teaching and research can not only see one aspect of the problem, while ignoring the other side. Otherwise, it could not withstand any scrutiny of the article is, of course, that is, do not have any academic value.

                 Second, coordinate research projects should be appropriate

                 Topics of writing papers and books are an important starting point, including: content, scope and degree of difficulty on three aspects.


             The information is often based on their own, depending on the material they are familiar with is usually selected, preferably within the framework of their own their own business or professional studies with the similar content. Not to jump on the bandwagon, or order to assess the title of submissions, barely pick pick East West constituency election, look for something that even she herself Sidongfeidong. Even if this is done, the end can only be unproductive, nothing.

                 The scope and difficulty of the scope and ease of papers to be master. In many people's subconscious is very fearful of people dissatisfied with the light, it seems that the bigger the subject, the heavier weight of paper, or more like a thesis. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

                 In fact, the subject of much later, often due to inadequate, and prone to failure. Here's "too much" means: To study the question of "outreach" too big, which is almost everywhere - not Studies, is the principle, not mathematics, that is, physics! This article looks on the surface atmosphere, may tend to give people saying nothing, slick feeling.

                 Similarly, if the choice of subjects is too small and it looks easy, does not cost effort, but also help increase.

                 , Of course, the size of the subject, of course, is not absolute and can be as small as a big issue, small problems can be masterpiece. The key is how to determine the specific point of the argument.

                 In general, the big issue is easy to write vague, this is often due to lack of scholastic ability, were unable to penetrate to write less like a Dragonfly point of water, such as skimming over the surface; write more it appears that long and stinking.

                 Conversely, if a small question to seize a key to in-depth nature, to the point, from all that deep, said it thoroughly, and there are unique new insights, then there must be papers on the weight.

                 When the topics of a general pay attention to: its relevance to each other the opposite sex, accuracy, breakthrough, etc.

                 3, materials necessary to fully

                 The reasonableness of the article selection is the key to success.

                 Thesis as a whole idea, to identify the subject, to demonstrate the process and so on, can not leave the choice of material - objective information. The purpose of selection, the idea of using public home for so long, as one has at heart. Therefore, must pay attention to the following aspects:

                 How to establish the argument that through data collection, compilation, collation, to coincide with their own ideas argument, arguments, argumentation methods chosen, and from a new perspective, to be a new observation.

                 How unique

             Similar information, different authors have its own separate set and ideas, we can put those rich personality of the typical arguments, reflect their own characteristics and reasonable arguments, extract them, so as to guarantee their own unique.

                 How to express themselves

             Many articles similar, and therefore, the information content of the intersection point of controversy, often the value of the article, the point. If we note that this information sorted out, for the formation of their own minds, the article's argument to determine the angle and direction of development, is of great benefit.

                 How intensive

             Many articles for various reasons, the original author only raised the issue. Did not make a detailed and pertinent answers. If the paper was part of the transports and collects together a little, be expanded analysis, we will wish to be inspired, thus amending the topics of the original direction of orientation on the issue, will be degree of thought and research.

                 In short, selection, we must pay attention not to make white elephant contact and comparison. Must have a choice, to focus on looking for some things which are related to our arguments to make comparative studies, in order to extract from their own views.

                 Fourth, ideas should be clear and

                 Writing papers, we may wish to write an outline to be good, if it might be preferable to a draft, and then hands. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download


             Can help us establish the overall concept, a holistic approach, to examine every detail of the position occupied, the role of showing the logical link between the appropriateness of the ratio between the various parts of the harmony, each part of each whether links are for the whole of the need, whether great accuracy, tacit understanding, whether the theme is able to service ... ...


             Outline only the broad outline of paper, it is impossible to consider carefully each and every detail perfect, and therefore can be the first to write a first draft. With it, it may be found in the original outline certain assumptions are improper, then it should be adjusted or modified; For a wrong-headed, arguments, or the discovery of new arguments, arguments, should be deprived of the timely and add to, so that gradually improved.

                 Writing the first draft are usually two kinds of writing:

                 (A), carried out by stages according to the order of the outline, it can be the article style, style consistency before and after, before and after the convergence of compact, natural, next to the Plaza to avoid the ramp up to prevent the language, writing on the duplication of efforts;

                 (B), according to familiarity with the content carried out by stages, such an approach is conducive to positive thinking author, easy to capture inspiration.

                 5, expression must be accurate

                 Change - paper post-production.
Repeatedly hammered out Excellent phrases, carefully amended to China Zhang.

                 Only repeatedly deliberated on and carefully worded, the article would only make a specific, accurate, vivid, in order to appropriately describe your own education, teaching and research achievements.

                 Changes more or less extensive, since both a "remedial" - is to discover any problems, modify any problems,

             Deletions through the material, so that the article plump flesh and blood, so that legislative point of view of the firm, and with the materials to achieve and unity; they can "bottom" - found the problem, the homes on the homes, to go then go, no estimate income. Including changes in content point of view, modify materials, in the form including the modification of the structure, modify the language.

                 View changes

             After the formation of the first draft, again look at the text's basic view is correct, that it's a number of subordinate argument, whether it is biased, with one-sided or representations were less accurate; while also paying attention to whether their views with others similar or identical, with or without creativity and new ideas and so on.

                 Modify the structure of

             From a structural point of view, requires not only arguments, arguments, argued the relationship among dispose properly structured, context aware that subject matter can be smooth and fair expression, also called the article at the beginning of the end of the paragraph, level, transition, anaphora, primary and secondary in detail various aspects reasonably compact.

                 Modify the language to the accuracy of the language, academic, readability and so hard, writing accurate, refined, concise, professional, and strive to achieve every word valuable, substantial sentence.

                 Article, the final wish: Each reader is a beautiful article, the owner! Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

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