How to Write a Thesis

Thesis both in content or form, has certain requirements, which is the fundamental basis for performance evaluation of papers.
Thesis Writing on the specific requirements of the relevant chapters in the future will be discussed in detail here, let us talk about some of the principles of thesis writing requirements.

1, adhere to the principle of integrating theory with practice

Write a thesis must uphold the principle of integrating theory with practice.
Theoretical research, particularly in the social science research must be practical, serve the socialist modernization drive, for spiritual and material civilization. Theory comes from practice, but also counter-productive in practice. Scientific theories are the guiding role of practice, through practical activities of people into tremendous material force. The task of science is to reveal the regularity of the movement of things, and use this understanding in law and practice to guide the people to promote social progress and development. Therefore, the thesis in the subject matter and point of view, must focus on the construction of socialist modernization, the actual contact, and closely monitor the social life of the new situation and new problems.

Adhere to the reality of theoretical research, so that theory with practice, they must stride feet, deep into the realities, carry out social investigations and studies. This is our basic approach to a correct understanding of the community. Only when people go deep into the practice, extensive contacts with the objective things get a lot of emotional material, and then use the scientific method of logical thinking of these materials Qucuqujing, Quweicunzhen, getting from here to outside to the inside of the processing of production, in order to discovered practical significance and are suitable for their own research on new topics. In China's reform and opening up in new situations and new problems, new experience after another, need to study all aspects of the problem throughout society, as long as we have a strong interest in practical problems and high sensitivity, good at capturing those vivid and typical the reality of material, through in-depth thought and research, will be able to benefit from leads to understanding of the laws of socialist modernization, to improve the value of dissertation. Of course, thesis writing a very wide choice of topics, not limited to real-life problems, you can also study the basic theory of professional and western comparative studies. However, no matter what the research topic selection, we must implement the principle of integrating theory with practice, so that past serve the present, foreign things serve China, the study draws from the historical reality of social development, conducive to the experience and lessons from the foreign study, learn from their success experiences and lessons of failure, or to provide some basis for China's foreign policy.

Implementing the principle of integrating theory with practice and methods must be carefully studying the theory of arms control.
Li Xiaoping pointed out: "Stressing the reality by no means negate the importance of studying the contrary, more to be carefully read, repeated reading, deep drilling hard research, and be truly read good grasp. Otherwise, do not grasp the theory, how can we talk about linking theory with practice? "(" Seeking Truth "magazine, 1989 No. 24) seriously study includes two aspects, first, to learn specialized and professional knowledge base. This is a written dissertation and the necessary conditions for the premise. Experience tells us that only by having the appropriate level of knowledge accumulation, in order to understand a certain depth of academic problems; the same time, only with a particular knowledge structure, in order to discipline problems in a particular study. As Hegel said, in the discussion of academic issues, you must "first be a certain degree of knowledge", otherwise "there is no basis for proceeding with the discussion, so they could only have remained at a vague and meaningless situation of Kongshu in. " (Small logic "third edition of the preamble) The second is to conscientiously study the basic principles of Marxism, learn to use the Marxist stand, viewpoint and methods of analyzing problems, solve the problem. Marxism correctly reveals the natural world, the development of human society and thought the most general laws, as the proletariat and the revolutionary people to understand and transform the world a powerful ideological weapon. Understanding of Marxism as a great tool, although not directly provide the answer to solve specific problems, but it was how can we correctly identify problems, analyze and solve the problem provided the correct position, viewpoint and method, therefore, university graduates thesis writing, it should strive to learn and master the basic theory of Marxism, and consciously use the Marxist stand, viewpoint and method to guide the thesis writing.

Second, arguments should be scientific, viewpoint, be innovative

(A) The argument should be scientific

Thesis is the scientific nature of the basic ideas and content of the article to reflect the objective laws of development of things.
Article, the basic point of view must be from the analysis of specific materials generated out of, rather than a subjective act out. Scientific research is to reveal the role of the law, and explore the truth, for people to understand the world and transform the world to develop a way forward. To determine whether the value or the value of a paper the size of, first of all is to look at the scientific articles and content point of view of how. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

Scientific articles of objective things, first of all from well-planned and thorough investigation and study.
To master a large number of rich and practical material, making it, "Man proposes, God of the base, brought to fruition the Road."

Second, the article often depends on the scientific nature of the authors observe, analyze problems, whether they can adhere to the scientific attitude of seeking truth from facts. In scientific research, would not be a mixture of personal bias, can not we just repeating, much less far-fetched to conjecture a vacuum, but must proceed from the analysis, and strive to achieve truly reflect the true colors of things.

Again, the article is scientific, but also on the author's theoretical foundation and expertise.
Writing dissertation is based on the achievements of their predecessors, using the scientific theory of our predecessors made to explore new problems. Therefore, we must accurately understand and master the theory of their predecessors, with a broad and solid knowledge base. If the thesis involves scientific achievements in the field of ignorance, it is impossible to write valuable papers.

(B) the point of view to be innovative

Thesis innovation is its value.
Article, innovation, in general, is to ask not simply repeating the views of their predecessors, but must have its own independent views. Xueshulunwen The reason should be innovative, which is determined by the purpose of scientific research. Fundamentally speaking, it is to conduct scientific research is to recognize those areas have not yet been recognized, academic paper writing is the textual representation of research results. Therefore, the research and writing process is itself a creative activity. In this sense, theses, if there is no creativity, no longer of scientific research, and thus can not be called Xueshulunwen. Although thesis research focused on the ability of students of basic training, but its strong emphasis on creativity is still a basic requirement.

Of course, Xueshulunwen particular the specific requirements of the creative thesis should be the correct understanding.
It can be expressed as the predecessors had not explored new areas and our predecessors have not done a new topic, and made results; can be expressed in the predecessors on the basis of the outcome of further research, there are new findings or proposed The new view of the formation of a three words can also be expressed as from a new perspective to the existing materials or ideas to be re-summarized and presentation. Articles in real life can make a scientific description of new problems, propose solutions, which naturally is a kind of creativity; even if only some sort of new phenomena and new problems, can cause people's attention and thinking, this is regarded as a creativity. The outcome of the National Science Board released in March 1983, "Invention Award Regulations" states: "In the scientific and technological achievements are only transforming the objective world is the invention of ... ... As for the understanding of the objective world of scientific achievement, it is discovered." Ordinance for the "new" explicitly provides that: "New" refers to our predecessors do not have. Where the public know-how and common, are not "new." These provisions could be used as an important basis for measuring the creative thesis.

Under the "Regulations" under the principles, combined with writing practice, to measure the creative thesis available from the following specific aspects to consider:

(1) the issues raised in the professional disciplines within the field of a certain theoretical or practical significance, and through independent study and put forward his own certain knowledge and views.

(2), although others have studied the issue, but the authors adopted a new angle or argument of the new experimental method, the proposed conclusions to some extent be able to give people inspiration.

(3) be able to own a strong and thorough analysis to clarify the confusion on the issue in a particular view.
Although there is no updated view, but can be for others to study the issue further to provide some necessary conditions and methods.

(4) with the relatively new theory, a relatively new way to move and to some extent, solve the actual production and daily life issues, and achieved certain results. Solution of practical problems or to provide new ideas and data.

(5) with the relevant disciplines to better put forward the theory and to some extent, solve the problems in the discipline.

(6) with the newly discovered material (data, facts, facts, observations, etc.
) to demonstrate that they have to prove some points.

Creative scientific research what others have already called for the conclusion does not follow blindly, but to be good at independent thinking, courage to make their own independent views, dare to deny the conclusions of those obsolete, not only have a hard learning attitude, but also must be pursued truth, and innovative spirit. We must correctly handle the relationship between inheritance and innovation, nothing new came out of thin air are not always based on the results before the people. Therefore, we should seriously study, research and absorb the results of their predecessors. But this learning is not mechanically without any analysis, but it is necessary to inherit, but also criticism and development.

Third, the argument should be informative, demonstration should be closely

(A) The argument to be informative

An excellent dissertation is only a good theme and point of view is not enough, it must be full and detailed materials to support the argument.
Bring in the occasional multi-party support, is different from the thesis of general discussion of the distinctive features of the text. A general discussion paper, the authors to prove a point, sometimes only one or two pairs of arguments can be analyzed, while the thesis to a large number of arguments must be material as the basis for the formation of their views and establishment of the backbone. By establishing a point of view of each must be considered: What materials, call the shots certificate, what materials do circumstantial evidence; for their point of view have different views on whether or negative opinions on the appeal shall be held by others, how to explain or disprove. Thesis asked the arguments put forward by the author, insights and really is their own, but to make their own point of view can be other people's recognition, there must be substantial, adequate, there are convincing reasons to prove his point of view of the right . Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

Thesis of the argument should be adequate, must use properly.
A paper can not and does not need to study all the proceeds of the fact that ancient and modern examples, incisive exposition, all the empirical data, observation, investigation results, and all other references come in, but to whichever are necessary to discard may be There can be no person. Argument for the argument of services, materials can not prove that the simple accumulation of not only the argument, forcefully articulated argument, but the article gives a drag counseling, chaotic, but to no avail feeling. Therefore a large number of materials have been collected to choose the necessary arguments very important. Generally speaking, pay attention to the novelty of the argument, typicality, representativeness, more importantly, is to consider its ability to effectively set out ideas.

Thesis quoted material and data, must be correct and reliable to withstand scrutiny and verification, that argument is correct.
Specific requirements is that the quoted material must be repeatedly confirmed. First-hand information must be fair, to cross-check, to get rid of personal likes and dislikes, and take it for granted seems to presuppose, to retain an objective reality. Secondary materials to study at the end of the root question, to identify the original source, and the deep collar of their meaning, and not taken out of context. Quote other people's material for their own demonstration service, and not as a chapter he admits. In reference to other materials, you need to make some screening, identification of effort and ensure accuracy. Writing thesis, should be the practice of multi-reference their own data, survey results, etc. as a reminder. If the contents of the article argues, is the author's own hands-the results, then the value of the article will increase many times over. Of course, mastery of knowledge is limited, fewer college students the opportunity to practice speaking, in the initial scientific research in the inevitable duplication of someone else's work, in the thesis in more practice in applying the results of other people, data, etc., are inevitable. However, if the contents of all articles are indirectly, to a combination of things, very few have their own hands to be something, it also completely lost the meaning of thesis writing.

(B) The argument should be closely

Argument is argument to prove that the method and process arguments.
Argument to be tight, full of logic, so as to make the article persuasive. From the article overall, the authors raise questions, analyze problems and solve problems, to comply with the laws of objective things, in line with people's understanding of the procedures of objective things to make people understand the logic of the procedures and processes unifying the whole chapter to form a logical whole. From the local terms, for an analysis of the problem, the interpretation of a phenomenon, we must reflect the more comprehensive concept, judging, reasoning process.

Thesis is based on logical thinking, pattern-based articles, which resort to extensive use of the scientific understanding of body language, through the concepts, judgments, reasoning to reflect the essence of things, or the law of speculation from the known unknown, various theses are based on the This form of thinking. Social Sciences and is a known fact that often take the form of inductive reasoning, to seek knowledge of the unknown. Make the argument rigorous, logical, must be: (1) concept to determine accurately, it is the premise of logical reasoning; (2) should be level, structured to clarify the process of objective knowledge of things; (3) To facilitate the theory as the key link, false and true combined, reflecting from the "real" to "virtual" from "things" to "reason", that is, perceptual knowledge to rational knowledge leap up the process.

In addition, graduation thesis writing style should also note that a clear pattern, standard.
Papers, investigation reports, popular science books, feasibility reports, publicity and so on have their own outline the characteristics of the writing method can not be confused with each other. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

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