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Abstract: The insurance industry is an important component of China's socialist market economic system, the development of the insurance industry strongly rely on the environment of the insurance marketing, insurance marketing environment of continuous change to take the right insurance sales strategy for the insurance companies and insurance industry workers, managers of great significance. on the basis of the analysis of doing the status quo of China's insurance, the insurance marketing environment is defined, and how to improve the effect of insurance marketing strategy on this basis, can improve the decision-making of the insurance marketing level, optimizing the environment of insurance marketing, insurance companies, and promote the liquidity and stability of society to further grow and develop.


The insurance industry through the establishment of the risk fund a specific injury and accident compensation, the whole economic and social play: the role of financial compensation, financial intermediation and social management of the business activities of the insurance industry is in a continuous and changing environment. can also be said that the marketing process of the insurance industry, reactions, expectations and decision-making process is a dynamically changing environment in the insurance marketing environment is increasingly complex, a variety of environmental factors and changes in conditions, you can bring the insurance industry development opportunities, the formation of resistance affect the insurance industry. Therefore, as the insurance industry practitioners should be effective cognitive insurance marketing concepts and features of the environment, to analyze the influence of the insurance marketing environment, the role and power principle, the correct treatment of insurance development and changes of the marketing environment, to provide accurate, detailed and effective insurance marketing strategy, the growth of the insurance companies, the development of the insurance industry, and orderly economic life and society as a whole stable service.

First, the insurance industry an overview of the marketing

(One of China's insurance market, the status quo

The new century, China's insurance industry in the process of building a socialist market economic system at an unprecedented rate, but should see the current insurance market is still in the early stages of development, development of insurance industry is still very low level of insurance companies The mode of operation is extensive, and the risk of consumers, insurance awareness is weak. Major lack of performance of the insurance company: insurance marketing idea behind part of the quality of employees needs to be improved, poor marketing environment, the lack of related services, these negative factors affecting the sustained and healthy development of the insurance industry.

(Two pairs of understanding of the insurance marketing environment

Insurance marketing environment affect the insurance companies of the marketing management capabilities make it the success of the development and maintenance of a series of internal factors and external conditions, the sum of its target customer transactions related to insurance marketing environment is a complex, multi-level from the perspective of environmental levels of classified insurance marketing environment can be divided into macro-environment and micro environment. divided into broad and narrow sense from an environmental point of view to insurance marketing environment can be divided into the external environment and internal environment. insurance companies should insurance marketing environment for the conduct of the investigation, analysis, anticipation, and scientific and rational marketing strategy to control and regulate the insurance business behavior, the marketing environment in the development and changes always consistent with the insurance business objectives, to ensure that the insurance business goals.

(Development of China's insurance industry outlook

China's long-term development trend of China's insurance industry in the future for a long time, will show a rapid, sustained development trends, experts predict that China's "12th Five-Year" period, the insurance industry will maintain the average annual growth rate of more than 15% In the case of international, private economic development and changing patterns of the insurance industry will be presented in different levels, business philosophy, the gradual maturity of the situation, the development of the insurance industry, a new development opportunities. Share the free paper Download Center http://eng.hi138.com

Second, improve the level of insurance marketing strategy

(A shift to the concept of the marketing of insurance companies

First, establish a new concept of insurance marketing, insurance marketing concept is the central link and core part of the modern insurance business strategy, this concept should be to establish a corporate image through marketing channels and object selection and marketing activities carried out to develop business, expand their markets, improve economic efficiency, digging new insurance clients resources should be focused on the development of private enterprises and private entrepreneurs, the marketing of the insurance market should actively develop the market of migrant officers insurance market, the expansion of rural masses to insurance awareness, staff efforts to increase state administrative institutions, promoting the expansion of the only child of insurance coverage in the urban households. Third, to expand the insurance industry marketing channels, with the social and economic development information raising the level of the insurance industry marketing must actively explore new channels through the community, banking and network marketing, and effectively expand and cover the range of insurance marketing.

(Two to create a favorable external environment of the insurance marketing

Should raise the level of insurance marketing and business objectives, level of operations and marketing channels to effectively integrate the promotion of environmentally benign gradient of insurance marketing. Secondly, it is necessary to improve the legislative work of the insurance industry, to strengthen the supervision of the insurance business. Finally, the intensity of inspection and management. enhance the quality of construction of the insurance team, the reform of the insurance agency system, improve the industry education and continuing training system, to improve the overall quality of the insurance marketers.

(Three to create a good internal environment of the insurance marketing

First of all, it worked out for actual business objectives, provide a guide to action for the insurance business decisions and activities. Secondly, to work out suitable insurance business strategy, develop one or more contingency plans and countermeasures for each of the major changes in the operating environment, to ensure the stability of the insurance business and realization of business objectives. Finally, according to the changed situation, amended at any time and adjust their business strategy to adapt to the needs of the insurance business activities.

Third, the Conclusion

In summary, as the insurance industry practitioners should know how to discover the marketing environment factors that influence the development of the insurance companies, through extensive research, careful analysis and scientific decision-making, formulation suitable for continuous and constantly changing environment, marketing strategies, integration of the various effects of insurance market factors, to obtain insurance companies in the revitalization of the complex conditions, to grow in a continuous environment, in a dynamic market effects such as social stability, the effectiveness of the flow of funds, insurance companies and other social functions and economic function of the realization of service.


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