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Abstract: Securities is an important component of China's financial industry is one of the securities companies in the modern environment has been a leap-style development, increasing the number of securities companies in China from the early look at the securities company business model, its economic value is created more significant, but continuous progress in the reform of society, the traditional mode of operation appears slightly behind. Securities industry to adjust business system is a necessary requirement for advancing this end, this paper summarizes the securities company under the traditional system's achievements, and focus on analysis of a modern operating system, create a policy.

Securities Inc. is serving the securities trading activities of both organizations, the current China has established many large securities firms, commercial buildings, which for the securities industry as well as financial and economic development have a facilitating role in the operating system in use early in the process, we discovered the inadequacies of the traditional model. Thus, to build 'modern' business model is indispensable work.

First, the results of traditional securities

Since the early primary stage of socialism in China's national conditions, social and economic development still in its infancy. As a new financial and securities industry representatives, although not in the development of our society to achieve the desired effect, but also for China's economic development has created numerous commercial value. Securities of the early achievements include:
1 benefits of growth with banks, securities firms despite a late, and in the social consciousness of the masses of the more strange, but after 5-10 years of management reform, 'Securities' beginning to be familiar with a lot of investors joined to the securities investment industry [1]. to carry out a wide range of securities transactions, increase benefits for the financial industry has created substantial economic benefits.

(2) continuing operations. National securities industry in order to ensure long-term business, developed a number of companies to help develop the securities laws, the most famous is the 1998 Asian financial crisis <<Securities Act>>, the promulgation of the law securities after the reform and creation of favorable conditions, the securities company has become a key legal guarantee.

3 expansion of employment in the securities company at the same time, it must be committed to the recruitment of talent within the company related to the construction company 'Talents' program implemented, the relative increase in employment in the social, economic professionals who set up a display the stage of self. From now on it seems, after the company hired people to bring their own interests is considerable.

4 cross-border operations where improved cross-border business is really just a theory of imagination, which is mainly due to China's securities companies still early sustained a 'closed' state in one of the few exchanges in the world economy, securities companies Recognizing the significance of taking cross-roads, though not fully implemented, but in theory the idea for the foundation of modern cross-border securities.

Second, the modern idea of ??the problems identified

Long explore, try, my country for a whole new understanding of the financial industry, while the review of early methods of the securities company, I found many of the traditional security model inadequacies, which for the future high-level business strategy to create is very unfavorable.

1 Mixed. 'Mixed' is the modern financial industry, the new concept, which seeks to highlight the 'banking, securities, insurance,' to unite the three major industrial operations, and achieve business, trading, operating on exchanges, so integration of all financial institutions operate. Obviously, this mixed business model in the traditional business is almost no securities companies to implement. Links to free download
2. scope of the market reform and Before opening up the securities company is only concerned in the domestic securities business, for the developed countries into the capitalist market has not been formally considered the world is a merging of the 'big market', each country needs to strengthen the Securities and Exchange contacts between each other can be found between business advantage from the concept of the modern market, the traditional securities firms do not 'world market communion.'
3 the distribution system for distribution of work mainly refers to securities investors of income distribution, there are two aspects of the early distribution of the securities issue. First, distribution chaos, which makes investors in securities companies in the simmering conflict between, leading to the Securities reduce investment groups, and secondly, unbalanced distribution of benefits, the company secretly operating income securities, income distribution less than investors expected.

4 payments of funds when the funds must be raised, the securities companies can not fund scientific management, resulting in inefficient use of funds, while all of the funds are concentrated in the securities industry after this one, the income and expenditure for the other sectors will bring impact on the awareness of corporate governance and securities oversight, resulting in internal funds were not fully utilized, affect the normal business plan.

Third, to build advanced security mode

Economic globalization will lead the integration of world financial business for the future development trends, securities companies must follow the development trend of the securities company as the financial and economic institutions, it should be from the country's financial industry as a starting point, the The current business model to optimize adjustments, create advanced security model to meet economic needs.

1 international business. Economic globalization and international integration, and many put forward the concept of economics, is sufficient to prove that the world economy are taking an integrated model, which determines China's securities companies must adhere to 'international business philosophy.' Especially in China's accession to the WTO Organization, finance cross-border business just around the corner.

2 industrial upgrading. Securities, although a branch of the financial industry, but current development and growth to a specific extent will become an independent industry therefore, securities companies should do to prepare industrial upgrading, continue to adjust the internal management structure, personnel, system, improve the management of change.

3 Principles. 'Principles' is a securities company must adhere to the pressure, not the principles of economic behavior on the lack of stability of the company involved in securities trading activities, should be 'fair, law-abiding norms' and as important purposes, all business activities in order to prevail.

4 management system for securities companies involved in the daily operations of the issues to be managed, not only to strictly control the business activities, but also to ensure operational efficiencies such as: financial management, reduce costs, business management can increase revenue, etc. are the management needs attention.

Early securities business model has not meet current needs, 'modern management' is the current socio-economic development of the important trends. In order to meet the requirements of China's social and economic reform to adapt to changes in the world financial system, securities companies must start early business model to draw business, create a new model in line with modern needs.


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