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  • Analysis of China's open-ended equity mutual fund performance evaluation
    Thesis network: Abstract: This paper uses empirical analysis of 122 open-ended equity fund, the Sharpe ratio, Treynor, Jensen index, the valuation ratio, the M2 measure of the five different styles of fund performance evaluation indicators The independent samples T-test

    Jun 10,2012

  • On the insurance marketing environment of insurance marketing strategy
    Paper Keywords: insurance marketing strategy Abstract: The insurance industry is an important component of China's socialist market economic system, the development of the insurance industry strongly rely on the environment of the insurance marketing, insurance market

    May 22,2012

  • Causes of small and medium investors in China's securities market law to protect the status quo and
    [Abstract] China's securities market is less than 20 years, but in the last ten years in the development and construction process, the securities market has undergone enormous changes in China's emerging and transitional stock market investors protection of the rights r

    May 4,2012

  • To explore the company's modern management system network building
    Paper Network: Paper Keywords: system of modern business strategy of securities companies Abstract: Securities is an important component of China's financial industry is one of the securities companies in the modern environment has been a leap-style development, incre

    Nov 9,2011

  • Securities broker system for innovative thinking
    Abstract: Securities broker system is a mature stock market trading system a very important face of the current global stock market prospects, we should be the mature agent system as a model for the characteristics of China's securities market agent for the system mode

    Aug 5,2011

  • A discussion on Investor Behavior Theory and Its Market in China
    Abstracts: Stock investors act theory is an extension of the classical theory of a balanced market, a balanced analysis of the use of in the stock market. The theory emphasizes investor in the "economic man" under the conditions of investment motives, to illustrate the

    May 9,2011

  • On the positive feedback trading Behavior - Positive feedback trading theory and the abnormal fluctuations in securities prices
    Paper Keywords: positive and negative security price DSSW debt transactions Abstract: The main review of the role of positive feedback trading theory, psychological basis, mechanism, model, and with the relationship between stock price changes, the study of China's re

    May 9,2011

  • Securitization of rural land
    19th century 70's, asset securitization transactions originated in the United States, and now it has become a widely adopted by countries in the world of financial innovation tools and rapid development. Land securitization of financial innovations is on top of this act

    Mar 9,2011

  • On the replacement of ST Analysis of company executives
    Paper Keywords: replacement of senior management major shareholder changes Sf Abstract: Over the years, the replacement of senior executives of foreign capital markets is an important element in the. China's securities market after ten years of development has taken s

    Jan 19,2011

  • Analysis of the pros and cons of the stock option system
    Paper Keywords: stock options executives negative effects of positive role Abstract: As a long-term stock option incentive system has many advantages in the world, widely used in many countries, but on the other hand as the Enron, Global Telecom, WorldCom, Xerox, repr

    Jan 18,2011

  • Construction of faith-based equity securities market development and cultural promotion
    [Paper Keywords] integrity of corporate governance and cultural interests of the shareholders equity securities regulatory protection [Abstract] lack of credibility and damage the interests of small and medium investors to bring serious harm to China's securities mark

    Dec 20,2010

  • Of state holding listed companies Mechanism of internal and external constraints
    Paper Keywords: state-owned holding company of listed companies corporate governance mechanisms of internal and external constraints Abstract: Analysis of patterns of Chinese listed companies choose the basic framework of China's state-controlled listed companies that

    Dec 20,2010

  • On the Stock Option Incentive and Corporate Governance of SOEs
    (Paper Keywords] Incentive Stock Option barriers of corporate governance proposals (Abstract) the encouragement is the core of corporate governance, the implementation of incentive stock options is the way to improve the corporate governance mechanism, and its effecti

    Dec 19,2010

  • On state-owned shares of listed companies and improve the governance structure of the dialectical relationship between
    Paper Keywords: state-owned shares dialectical relationship between improved corporate governance Abstract: State-owned share reduction program repeated test failures, study its willingness and the reduction of clear objectives, not even on the right. This paper attem

    Dec 19,2010

  • Development issues and convertible bonds influencing factors on option value
    [Abstract] article from our convertible bond defects in the development process of the starting points were reviewed, in terms of its convertible bonds, financial derivatives and new options together to discuss the pricing of elements. [Key words] Option Value of Conv

    Dec 1,2010

  • Shareholder derivative action in China
    Abstract: With the promulgation of the new company law, shareholder derivative litigation rights of minority shareholders as the last bulwark of protection, rights and interests of minority shareholders formally incorporated into the protection system. But the rule stil

    Nov 30,2010

  • Improve the rural financial system to promote sustainable development of rural economy
    Abstract Finance is the core of modern economy, capital is the economic development of the blood. The development of rural economy and promote sustainable economic development in rural areas can not do without a lot of effective capital input. Rural finance rural econom

    Nov 30,2010

  • The rise of sovereign wealth funds and the international monetary system defects
    Abstract: The sovereign wealth fund is a government of all the investment funds, it has a sovereign, from the excess reserves, no debt, long-term investors in capital markets and other features. The rise of sovereign wealth funds from the current unreasonable internatio

    Nov 30,2010

  • Financial incentives \ financial support to agriculture and Legalization
    Abstract: The fiscal and financial capital are two very different nature of the configuration side arms, with a strong complementary capabilities, combining the two can be a massive outflow of rural capital financing needs of rural areas is difficult due to effectively

    Nov 30,2010

  • Effect of the new monetary policy
    Abstract: This paper analyzes a new round since the second half of 2003 after the implementation of monetary policy, the impact of economic operation in Hubei, and then analyze the process of monetary policy transmission in the presence of obstruction, whereby the next

    Nov 30,2010

  • Organizational form of China's Stock Exchange
    Abstract The currently selected stock exchange membership form of organization. With the global economy and communication technology advances, the worldwide exchange challenged the monopoly of countries increasing competition between exchanges, the traditional members s

    Nov 30,2010

  • On the System of the foreign exchange market trading
    Abstract: This paper briefly stated from the price formation mechanism is closely related with the market trading system, analyzes the order driven and quote driven trading system for the two markets, in this based on the international foreign exchange market trading sy

    Oct 15,2010

  • Private Placement of Securities
    [Abstract] Historically, the Company Law can be said that private placement was the first spontaneous emergence of a corporate financing. The emergence of private placement market to a certain level of economic development with social and economic needs arise. Private b

    Sep 27,2010

  • China's securities market regulatory status and future trends of
    [Abstract] stock market as an important part of the financial markets, the development of the national economy plays a vital role in promoting. Stock market to raise specific funds, assets restructuring, corporate value and risk suggest that functions as a market econom

    Sep 19,2010

  • Current Development of Securities Companies and Trends of research and analysis
    [Abstract] China's securities companies from the whole, the brokerage and proprietary trading to investment banks underwriting business is still mainly domestic brokerage business content and the most important source of profits, all kinds of financial innovation in ter

    Sep 16,2010

  • Private placement of securities of the construction of legal system
    Paper Keywords: private placement of securities issued legal system Abstract: New "<Law>" and "<Securities Act"> response to the rapidly growing economy, China's private placement of securities initially formed the basic framework of the system. But the sy

    Jul 24,2010

  • My project quality management program see
    Abstract: A project success and failure, superiority and inferiority, lies in the management of project quality, it can directly reflect the overall quality of a company, to the increasingly fierce competition in this market, gain a firm footing, we must improve the lev

    Jun 11,2010

  • Specification and development process of China's stock market
    Abstract: The Chinese stock market have early, the stock market and stock price scale is not only in the interests of listed companies, many intermediary interests, the interests of the majority of shareholders, but also qualify as the largest shareholder of the nationa

    Jun 11,2010

  • On shareholder derivative action in China
    Abstract: With the promulgation of the new company law, shareholder derivative litigation rights of minority shareholders as the last bulwark of protection, rights and interests of minority shareholders formally incorporated into the protection system. But the rule stil

    Jun 3,2010

  • On convertible bond financing for the adverse effects of tradable shareholders
    Abstract: convertible bond refinancing of listed companies has become an important way and use more and more, it directly affects the issue of bond investors, non-tradable shares, the interests of three shareholders of tradable shares. This paper from the different pers

    Jun 3,2010