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Global stock market downturn, but many countries of the investors are not as tight as a stock gain or loss does not seem to particularly affect their earnings. Different countries What are the different characteristics of the investors, see the reporter reported.

Europe's debt crisis seems no end in sight, the bad news after another, under the impact of the global stock market is also here, experiencing a wave of fall. Stock market downturn, investors in many countries, but not so tight, they are also concerned about the stock market The ups and downs, but a stock gain or loss does not seem to particularly affect their earnings.

Australia: investors keep an eye on China's economy.

October 14 this day, every major Australian investment institutions, investors are locked TV channels, everyone's eyes glued to the TV screen, focusing on watch, listen - China Bureau of Statistics announced China September CPI (consumer price index data .

Why China's economic data caused investors to such a high concern in Australia? Originally, Chinese CPI data is to examine the current situation of China's economic scale, while China's economic development will have a direct relationship with the Australian stock market, especially the resource stock trend.

According to the Australian AIMS Financial Group, director of investment banking, finance and investment expert Albert introduction, Australian investors and investors from other countries are very different. Investors accounted for 43.5 percent of the total population of Australia, accounting called the world, but which is almost seven investors into the stock is passed down by the grandfathers, they are willing to regularly received dividends. Therefore, whether in Australia take a good look at a stock, mainly to see the dividend is good or bad.

Over the past ten years, many of Australia's state-owned companies such as banks, telecommunications companies and insurance companies privatized through the stock market, a lot of Australians because these distribution shares of its listed companies to become investors, they are a large part of investors entrust others Money, not their own account in stocks and only 5% to 7% of investors are active investors.

Australian stock market daily trading volume is not, because the stock is Jiucheng various investment by Australian institutions such as banks, funds to operate, held by a small proportion of retail investors.

However, do not directly participate in the investment, not directly involved in stock trading on the stock market does not mean that Australian investors do not participate, do not care. Abbott said the Australian stock investors increasingly high level of participation in recent years past whenever shareholders Annual General Meeting, shareholders little concern, only a few investors will attend the meeting. since 2008, the annual 11 ~ Annual General Meeting held in December, investors are actively involved, and at the meeting questioned, cursed the Board, not at all rude.

Such participation caused Australian investors for investment banking division of the increasingly high demand. Before the financial crisis, Australian investors are usually very chic, the investment banking division is responsible for its equity investments, often several months, but asked loudly. Ebert describes , is now very different, as long as the stock market a sign of trouble, investors received a phone call came on a. Moreover, with globalization of the world economy and the well-developed network information, investors and investment banking division received only a difference of a very short time stock market information, investors often call comes in investment banking division commander trading stocks, mess it is necessary for the investment banking division gloating, "Why is it the computer is not fast enough, is not no money to buy it, your investment strategy is not changed ...... Lane investment banking division who was a bit confused. "

Australian stocks a large amount of foreign capital, and now, European countries regard the investment in the Australian stock market repatriation of funds, the Australian stock market trend abnormalities appeared at this stage, however, the Australian investors on the Australian resources sector is still very confident because of worried about the U.S. economy and Europe's sovereign debt, they are wary of financial stocks.

With the Australian economy and China's economic development increasingly interconnected, even if Australia's resource stocks take a good look at all of China's economy, "face" situation. Albert said: "Australian investors to come to Australia for Chinese investment in popularity, much higher than the United States and Europe for Chinese investment in popularity. "

Japan: "Mrs Watanabe" no short-term speculation.

Nikkei (Japan Economic average) is Asia's benchmark stock market one of the most important, by the impact of European stock markets, the Nikkei index fell recently in the state, but the Japanese public and media reaction to this very calm stock market volatility, most discuss just stay in the professional media and newspapers Finance Forum.

In Japanese, there is no "shareholders" of the word, their wording is more complex, called "individual investors." These two words in word formation, we can taste out, the Japanese invest in stocks, funds, bonds other securities attitude is more careful and rigorous.

The early 1990s, after the bursting of the bubble economy, the Japanese investment increasingly cautious attitude of many Japanese heartfelt vigilant and reject riches, because historical experience has told them: the myth flourishes after disillusionment is bound with to endless sorrow and pain.

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In this way of thinking under the influence, most Japanese only stocks, funds, bonds, etc. as a "higher than bank interest rates" way of managing money, not make money. As a result, retail investors in Japan, the family single white housewife and occupy a large proportion of the general Japanese housewives, house and car in full payment of the installment, settled family life, plan out the annual festivals and holidays only after we come up with the balance of 25% to 40% for all types of investment and financial management. share one o'clock ups and downs, her family will not have a significant impact.

Japanese retail investors buy the stock as long as the basic will long hold, there is little "short-term speculation," the investors.

They also only have endorsed a long-term growth in the value of listed companies only after buying this stock.

And the face of the indifferent attitude stock index compared to rates in the face of a part of Japanese housewives Shique not seem so calm at the same time, and the stock market flat in stark contrast, the last two years the news constantly Yen Rate Change impact on the front page of Japan's major newspapers and television news headlines.

The late 1990s after the financial crisis, Japan's bank savings rate dropped to 0.02%, is called "zero interest." This policy, prompting many of the original bank interest by financial housewife, had to consider in the hands of money into foreign currency deposits to foreign banks offering higher interest rates, while the skilled operation in this way once, it evolved into a very familiar "chao."

A few years ago, the Tokyo foreign exchange margin market appeared a strange phenomenon: the morning is obviously in some kind of market conditions, but it suddenly entered the inflection point at noon, while a lot of money into or out of the afternoon market Jiaocheng mess. After some investigation, the staff found, is busy housewife who finished the morning chores, eat lunch, each to the nearest outlets for foreign exchange business. Because the Japanese housewife's life is extremely law, the National coincidentally with millions of housewives out , forming a powerful financial influence of the "Mrs. Legion." Of course, Japanese housewives who like sell their yen to buy higher bank interest AUD or NZD, and deposited a local bank. Zealanders found There are many accounts of the Japanese name "Watanabe", just call these Japanese housewives on the foreign exchange market as "Mrs Watanabe." Now, "Mrs. Watanabe" has become the world's financial markets as a force to be reckoned with, we understand that as long as there is a new sign of trouble, we will be able to see them again on the scene.

Canada: professional investors is relatively small.

To say to the "Canadian investors," I do not strange, because there is a family - my wife was on maternity leave, she even go out or nursing, there are always side with a "blackberry" good anywhere to watch the latest stock market information.

But she kind of "Canadian investors" in Canada purely alternative: Canadian motherboard and the vast amount of GEM stocks, but most of the stock shares of dull, very few transactions a day, one day pulled one end of the transaction, or a horizontal line, What is not surprising thing, so the traditional Canadian investors are not always staring at the disk to see.

Canadians are usually specially commissioned last stockbroker agent stocks, because the large number of North American equities, properties, variety, and variety of warrants allocation scheme is very complex, many requiring professional operation, if investors own hands, will be very hard, so If you find a reliable broker, stocks very convenient.

But the biggest problem a realtor, one threshold is high, two are high costs. The broker will require regular general fund account the lower limit of 150,000 Canadian dollars (C $ 1 about 6.3 yuan regarded as low, some well-known broker did not take less than one million small customers, brokers, certainly not white to your service, in addition to the Commission's stamp duty, they will receive no small amount of the fee, course fee is negotiable, such as some brokers will tell the guests, no less than several times a day trading, or annual transaction does not less than several times, you may be exempt from charges, may be so frequent trading, most people did not dare to do.

In recent years, started a little lower this threshold, some banks or investment company to launch a "self-stock" service portfolio investors to participate in such stocks, you can open an account from the threshold limit, fees will be much lower (because there is no agent is Your service, but this play is not consistent with the traditional habits of the North American market, so the majority of Asian immigrants attracted.

Canada rarely have so-called "professional investors", in addition to their "opening child" an investment company or an independent broker (which in China was considered as a "broker." In Canada, there is some spare cash mainstream investors and middle-class white-collar workers, But their time is limited liquidity, brokerage commission is the norm in Canada also has a variety of stock index futures and "Zoom disk" operation, dare fall admission are "professional investors", but a smaller number.

Known as the G8 countries, the most stringent financial regulation, the Canadian investment mentality brokers and investors are more conservative, prudent, so even though the stock market like the U.S., Canada, the implementation of T +0 and no price limit rule, in theory, easier to speculation, but the deal has relatively light much, but everything has an exception, the Canadian stock market the biggest feature is the multi-resource companies, "shell" more, more than the reorganization of assets, once claimed to have discovered a new mineral resource companies, or a "shell" outgoing merger news funds will flock to speculators who use the "zoom disk" and T +0 rules constantly buy and sell in one day, the stock jumped about, volume will be bursting ceilings. But this market is often only "day rich", the next day they died down dead than alive, and even their colors.

In Canada, many people are concerned about the stock market, because the pension funds, education funds and other investment almost everyone has, and these funds tend to invest in stocks, stock market ups and downs of a great impact on the income of the Fund.

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