Analysis of securities market structure and risk

Abstract: By analyzing the structure of stock market risk, investors can avoid the evaluation of the effectiveness of securities investment risk behaviors for different risk attitudes of investors to provide personalized investment decisions based on this paper, the risk of China's securities market structure will be modeled on the the risk structure of stock market analysis, to avoid market risk measures.

Keywords: stock market, structure, risk one, structural analysis of China's securities market securities market securities market structure is part of the composition and the ratio between the relationship by species into the stock market, bond market, the fund market, derivative product market, according to the market place structure is divided into tangible and intangible market on China's stock market still present the following deficiencies:

A hierarchy of defective mature market stock market is usually caused by the distribution market, market, stock market, bond market consisting of multi-level architecture. This multi-level structure provides investors with different risk and return and take advantage of different stock option and stock portfolio stock investment opportunities, etc., but this multi-level structure while filling China's stock market futures, options and other financial derivatives risk transfer and other functions can not be played.
2 serious atmosphere of excessive speculation in the stock market at present, China's securities market is still in the main market to small retail investors, individual investors and institutional investors, start-up phase coexistence due to the lack of individual investors to conduct a comprehensive market analysis and determine the ability to tend to short-term speculative operations, so that price volatility is too large, severe market ups and downs, so that the already volatile stock market into chaos.
3 generally poor quality of listed companies in China, there is no investment value of China's stock market listed companies in the current 70% state-owned enterprises, and state-owned enterprises operating mechanism is not flexible, and relatively heavy burden to society, so the asset quality is not ideal, therefore generally poor quality of listed companies.
4 the distribution of listed companies in China Problems distribution of China's listed companies: First part of the operating conditions of the poor or even zero cash flow is also represented by listed companies, and second, although there were many companies now, but send the current share very small amount, the three were now many companies in the launch of allotment and issuance of the same program, part of the company's major shareholders were now enjoying the benefits, but when you choose to give up in refinancing or discount shares of fixed assets. as As background, the high school is now a listed company dividend information implied by the complexity, not to be looking on, and some even caused a stock price decline.
Second, the stock market stock market risk analysis, risk is essentially a risk factor, risk event, risk results show the possibility of progressive links. The results of the risk of occurrence of risk factors is a necessary condition, while the risk event is a sufficient condition for it. Scholars stock market risk factors are generally divided into systemic risk factors and non-systematic risk factors. systemic risk factor refers to the political, economic and other factors, the overall impact on the market risk factors is non-systemic risk factors refers to the movement of some factors on the stock market of a securities company or an industry's potential revenue volatility factor the risk factors listed from the company itself, the specific risk factors, including corporate finance, corporate business risk factors, default risk factors, risk factors and contingencies circulation risk factors a non-normal variation of the risk of non-rational factors in the time variation of the cumulative or multiple risk factors together will produce risk events.

The securities market is a matter of fund-raisers, dealers, securities professional services, stock exchanges, investors, representatives of different interest groups and other complex systems, and the system within the complex relations between subjects. Fund-raisers through the investment dealer who raise funds in the stock market can also be through the implementation of the allotment program to raise funds and investors in a market from the hands of dealers who buy stocks, bonds, or directly into the secondary market trading in order to obtain dividends. securities business is the financing and investors to connect the bridge and link, as institutional investors, securities firms can also directly enter the market to operate, therefore, financing, investors, securities dealers and major players in the market manipulators, acts of any of the main are not standardized, will lead to the risk of an accident, while the stock market system is not a closed system, the external environment changes, will have a significant impact on the system, so the causes of stock market risk from within the system have to from outside the system, which is outside the system within the system and the result of many factors.
Third, how to avoid market risk is necessary to grasp the trend of stock price changes for each detailed analysis of historical data from which to understand the cycle of changes in the law, or the ability of the continued growth of earnings. Second, with cyclical stocks. Some companies limited by its own business, there is always a year in production downtime for some time, its stock price will fall this time, too, fell in order to avoid losses, while others can be purchased strategically started , the stock suspension is just the opposite combination, may share with each other to make up for losses caused by fall. Third, select the timing of the sale. to stock price changes based on historical data, calculate the standard error, and timing of the sale as a general standard of choice. Fourth, pay attention to the investment period. The business situation often showed a certain periodicity, when the economic climate is good. Stock market trading activity, the economic climate is bad, stock market trading will inevitably wither. Links to free download http://www.
To guard against operational risks, in a careful analysis before buying stock investments, research its current operations and profitability of the past and the trend can be maintained if the earnings growth of companies as stock investments, we can better prevent operational risks. If in-depth analysis of the business enterprise or company information, to make cool judgments, you can completely avoid the risks. to avoid the risk of purchasing power during inflation should be aware of the high market price rises of goods, from production of such goods companies with high levels of selected companies to profit when the inflation rate is abnormally high, should be preserved as a primary objective. to avoid interest rate risk should try to understand the business in its own working capital ratio of ingredients, the interest rate rise high, more borrowing will cause greater difficulties in business or the company, affecting stock prices, interest rates rise and fall on those borrowers less, more enterprises own funds or companies have little effect. Thus, higher interest rates , should be less borrowing to buy or not to buy more company stock, interest rate fluctuation elusive, the priority to buy more shares in the company's own funds, so that the basic interest rate risk can be avoided. Links to free download http://

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