Thinking of strengthening the capacity building of the social insurance agencies

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Policies and regulations to accurately grasp the many policies and regulations in the pension insurance, and most of the long span of time. Handling personnel should thoroughly understand the "point" on the spiritual essence of the actual situation, "face" to engage good upper and lower convergence, entire areas, so that we can digest improve accurate understanding preach and to grasp the ability of policy provisions.

Policies and regulations to seriously implement the social security handling personnel various regulations, policies, systems, processes, standards, and apply it on the handy accurately place more efficiently. Managers in social insurance should not only pay attention to professional ethics and abide by the policies the bottom line, but also with reality, both adhere to the principle, but also flexible application of policies and regulations do neither "overdraft" or "balances" to prevent the implementation of the policy deviation in policy implementation, to the masses of the people and national interests caused by the loss of social security agencies is the main body of the implementation of policies and regulations, which requires social security agencies should be a lean, reasonable and efficient organization. social security agencies should be scientific setting positions, the rational allocation of personnel to play maximum performance of people and organizations.

The << Law on Social Insurance >> functions of the social security agencies have made comprehensive provisions and specific requirements, along with the extensive application of computer technology and the implementation of standardized Manager process to require social insurance regulations, policies, systems-based information into support, standardization as a means to maximize their respective advantages of the "people" and "machine", to be rigorous, thorough, subtle Manager process to ensure that the handling results and best. Managers, managers give service object accurately explain the regulations, policies and business processes, the service object pretty good idea; handling personnel in the handling process to master computer program, in strict accordance with management standards and working standards, the audit of a variety of reports to be accurate policy applications, workflow specification Manager outcomes to be scrupulously accurate data processing.

Data as the main body of the Manager application of information technology, it has multiple attributes, the basic quality characteristics including five aspects of applicability, accuracy, completeness, timeliness, effectiveness factors affect the quality of the data in the actual work, mainly in the following aspects.

First collected not strict. Data in the entry is the wrong items, the formation of the garbage data.

Incomplete data acquisition and information collection is mostly concentrated in the collection of the insured static information on the dynamic data collection is not comprehensive enough, can not truly grasp the the insured dynamic information changes.

Permission settings is unreasonable. Handling personnel not strong sense of responsibility, no computer as the platform, but as a simple tool to artificially manual, lack of patience treat some simple, repetitive tasks, resulting in erroneous data often appear.

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The imperfect information error correction control deficiencies, the judged ability erroneous data is not high, repeat insured have occurred.

Managers work huge things, only the introduction of information technology, to the liberation of the people from the complicated work, improve work efficiency, improve the quality of Managers. Therefore, data precision management to establish the concept of dynamic management, good "people "combination" machine ". and usually effective data collection, storage, processing and applications, the same data must once an access to the system to ensure its accuracy, timeliness, completeness, and the entrance to the unity to do: before plugging in the control and after the trial.

Before plugging process, that is, during the information collection and business managers, handling personnel, according to program acquisition, required input the information into the system before arresting the wrong data, processing the data handling process more careful in in control, handling personnel to regularly use a certain period of time to browse and maintenance of the data generated, the analysis of the problems of non-standard data verification and correction, after the trial, that is detected and an error of judgment data, non-standard data timely feedback to correct.

Belong in the public areas of the social insurance agency, to establish a "people-oriented" service concept. Direct impact on the overall image of the agencies as a window service people, quality of service is good or bad. Resolutely put an end to the act prevarication, procrastination, blunt attitude and pass the buck and other common phenomena occur. precise services are fast, accurate, and satisfaction marked Expand "chuangxianzhengyou" activities, and social security departments should make efforts in the following three aspects.

Active service is necessary to strengthen social security departments should strengthen the service means to develop << >> staff code of conduct, staff dress, instrumentation, Manager terminology, business operations and make detailed provisions do Attn welcoming environment , warm and thoughtful service.

Learning to strengthen business knowledge. Managers ability to do business policies refined workflow clear sense of service concentrated.

Third, pay attention to service art application civilized language. Explain the policies or business process, staff speak must be accurate, relevant, tone of voice mellowed affinity Note rate of speech, tone, avoid anxiety, impatience. Empathy, want to want to come to the staff, do come to the staff are worried.

Adhere to the basic idea of ​​scientific management, the basic thinking and basic ideas, efficient use of information technology and to maximize management services on the basis of the implementation of standardized too,.

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