On China's social insurance risk insurance source

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First, China's social insurance risks set forth

Social Insurance risk refers to the government to make arrangements for the social insurance system, by the system environment variables, system design defects and system implementation of the lack of efficiency factors applied to the social insurance risks of social insurance includes old-age insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, industrial injury insurance and maternity insurance. born from human to human senile countries fertility doctor, accident compensation, unemployment protection, in order to minimize the loss of uncertainty of the members of society, decentralized personal risk due to losses suffered in order to protect the basic livelihood of the members of society, maintaining social stability and harmony as established by the social insurance system, it will definitely not comprehensive enough understanding developments, uncertainties and other factors led to its facing various different risk people only through continued efforts to minimize losses due to risks or to construct social insurance risk early warning system to avoid the risk.

Second, China's social insurance risk insurance source

1. Risk of China's social insurance system. Risk of so-called social insurance system itself is the disorder due to defects or operational mechanism of the social insurance system and the risks posed by China's old-age insurance system arrangement flawed our system account combined pension The biggest drawback of the insurance system is run personal accounts empty account problems caused by evading the problem of the "transition costs", resulting in significant implicit debt of the pension insurance system in the transition process. financing of the social insurance system is imperfect. financing ratio less a reasonable single fund-raising channels, financing for a narrow range of factors that have made China's social insurance funding that there is a greater risk.

China's social insurance financial risk.: First, the financial risks of old-age insurance, old-age insurance system in China in the transition process to form a huge hidden debt, combined with the rapid increase in the elderly population, China's pension costs quickly increase, this old debts and new account brought greater financial burden to the country and society. unemployment insurance financial risks in recent years, China's state-owned enterprises reform, industrial structure optimization, but therefore also generated a lot of structural unemployment workers, unemployment insurance spending inevitably increases. medical insurance financial risk with the conduct of health system reform in China, the Pratt & Whitney intensified social members, the National continue to increase funding for the relevant aspects, it also brought some pressure to the state treasury, and China has gradually establish a medical insurance system covering both urban and rural areas, and to expand health insurance coverage, and to increase efforts to support Medicare, virtually increased financial risk.

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Social insurance in China's balance of payment risks mainly: first, the high unemployment rate has increased the risk of the balance of payments of social insurance with the deepening of economic reform, speed up the pace of the adjustment of economic structure as well as science and technology continue to progress, China appeared more serious high unemployment it brings a large balance of payments risk, first, the unemployed population increased structural unemployment are state-owned system reform led to their serving all pay unemployment insurance, unemployment inevitably enjoy unemployment insurance, which makes the unemployment insurance fund expenditures must increase, and the second is a laid-off, unemployed person's existence, there are many that some people living in poverty, resulting in long-term can not find a job, making the poor increase This in turn increases the risk of social insurance for the poor to pay the second, an aging population and the implicit pension debt of relatively weak economic foundation, the aging of the population fast approaching, our country's social insurance system, causing tremendous pressure. our unique population aging characteristics, such as base speed increased the risk of old-age insurance, pension expenditures, but also increase the risk of China's medical insurance, the elderly need more medical security for the settlement of medical treatment the cost, so that will not result in poverty caused by illness back into poverty.

China's social insurance system for the management of risk. The main problems: First, legislation lags behind. Taken the first pilot to promote the implementation of China's social insurance system, is not easy to form a unified national regulations around with different features, the mandatory law is not enough, the social security fund collection difficulties. Unknown powers and responsibilities of the social insurance system in China is unclear division of powers, the main duties of the social insurance blur, making the social insurance system can not function properly. Mismanagement due to lax management of social security funds, there are a lot of impersonator behavior increase the amount of the Social Security Fund of unusual expenses. Moreover, because some companies to resolve the plight of short-term funds, to take "early retirement" buyouts "This is undoubtedly the contradiction of employment into order pension contradiction, palliatives increase pension insurance expenditures, or increase the total expenditure for social insurance, and not a fundamental solution to the problem.

Social risks of China's social insurance system of social insurance is important to social stability system will inevitably lead to social insurance social risks, when a country's social insurance risk and may generate crisis, manifested in the residents of the government confidence and credibility crisis, when residents lose a source of income due to unemployment, old age, illness and other reasons, will survive to produce despair, thereby endangering social stability, balance of payment risks of social insurance, social insurance system of risk and social insurance there is a certain relationship between social risk among social insurance budget risk is the risk the appearance of social insurance, the risk of the social insurance system is a source of social insurance risk exists, social insurance and social risk is the risk of social insurance.


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