Situation and Countermeasures about the development of China's Internet banking


Due to the development of the Internet, has spawned a generation of online banking, the banking sector toward new areas - network network banks to traditional bank generated a great impact across time and space constraints, with low transaction costs, easy liquidity coverage of a wide range of relative advantages of traditional banks, making online banking in recent years has maintained a trend of rapid development, has strong vitality. recent years, with the development of network technology and the improvement of the macroeconomic environment, China's network bank has been the rapid development of its convenience that online banking is the inevitable trend of development of modern banking and the future of online banking is bound to be a great space for development and challenges.

[Keywords]: Network Bank, the status quo, countermeasures


The so-called network bank, virtual bank that is offered through the Internet or other electronic means of communication, it will be a traditional banking moved online, the user must personally to the bank to complete the business, only now with a PC, a telephone line can enjoy round-the-clock online financial services. established in the United States in October 1995, the INTERNET network emergence and the arrival of the digital age, "Security First Network Bank" is the world's first financial organization mode network naming Following the birth of the new banking model, developed countries and regions, banks, securities companies, insurance companies have create a site on the Internet, and the formation of a full range of financial electronic services to nobody banking, telephone banking to ATM, POS . to the beginning of 2003, according to statistics, the world has issued 1.56 billion bank cards, and more than 2,500 banks to set up their own financial website, accounted for 10% -20% of the traditional banking business online banking, online payment ratio sharply increase the authority of the U.S. financial institutions to statistics, in 2003 more than 86 percent of U.S. commercial banks and credit unions to provide online financial services, online banking will be divided up to 30% of bank profits, online banking business in 2005 will account for the entire traditional banking 50%, the next 10 years, the U.S. banking branches will be reduced by half. network business has become an integral part of the banking business can not be ignored from the retail banking business point of view, the Internet banking penetration has reached a significant degree of Celent, a Communications Company The report pointed out that the penetration of online banking in the United States is now 22%, but not on the highest level in the world. Nordic and South Korea, the penetration rate has exceeded 35%. (Note 1 in the country, according to statistics, in 2004 as a whole new issuance volume of 113 million, the issuance volume has reached 762 million, the proportion of the total retail sales of consumer card accounts for social commodity rose from 2.1% in 2001 to 5% in 2004, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other economically developed cities The proportion of over 20%. (Note 2 network around us.

First, the necessity of the development of network banks

Since the reform and opening up, China's banking industry has made great progress, but compared with the banking sector in developed countries there is a huge gap between the banking sector should intensify reform, accelerate to catch up. Because online banking is the banking industry trends is a core factor in the development of electronic commerce, network banks are of great significance to the development of the banking sector and the community as a whole., China's banking industry as a breakthrough, online banking, online banking Chinese characteristics, and take in the world online banking development the forefront the need for the development of China's Internet banking should be following areas examined.

(A bank in need of reform and opening

With the arrival of 2006, China's joining the WTO the term of protection of the domestic banks to the banking sector reform and opening up is imperative when foreign banks will all enjoy all treatment of domestic banks, and fully carry out banking business in the country, domestic and international banking sector will be the formation of exchange and competition coexist. Objectively speaking foreign bank outlets still can not competition with domestic banks, but they have the financial strength, management level, the quality of personnel has obvious advantages. Therefore, foreign banks can not enter our country to vigorously develop branches, they must play to their strengths, and is likely to use high-tech means, especially in low-cost, low trade barriers, doing business bank in the form of a small network of business differences Therefore, the network banks will become the two sides compete for the focus of future business. So, domestic banks should take advantage of the familiarity of the customers, traditional culture, public relations and other favorable factors take full advantage of computers, networks, and other resources to the development of our unique network banks.

The face of the problems of the banking sector and opening up to the international market, domestic banks online banking as the entry point of the reform and opening up, accelerate the development of the business electronic processing technology, relying on state-of-the-art information technology, the development of a comprehensive international retail operations to guide the market, creating demand seize the opportunity to offer various small risk, less bad debt and stable income consumer credit business, a new attitude to meet the competition with foreign banks.

(Two banking needs of the development

In recent years, the banking industry is changing operating a single species, the business approach is not convenient shortcut past the situation, business to integration, automation move closer, driven by the rapid development of industry-wide as a leader in business transformation.

1, vigorously develop the banking automation

After ten years of hard work, China's banking financial electronic level has been greatly improved, business content, the operation of the means have changed a lot. Financial business manual processing by the computer have all been replaced by large and medium-sized city ​​commercial banks experienced a single user - multi-user - the course of the distributed processing electronic business processing capabilities continue to improve, but the bank's traditional business approach has been not to maximize the meet customers' increasingly diverse financial needs banking must be developed to automate direction. Development Network Bank is the only way for the development of the banking automation example: online payment, agency work, withhold and pay utility bills and other services to meet the multi-level network banks to provide customers' financial needs: the development of the IC card penetrated into various fields of social life, such as taxes, road pricing, medical insurance, parking the financial business: customers using online banking, securities trading, foreign exchange trading, Treasuries trading. coupled with automated teller machine the ATM can replace most of the functions of the branches, and the retail business process automation, will eventually become a necessity so that the business process automation.

Visible network banks prompted the bank's traditional business approach from a single human-computer management, the development of a network based on computer technology without human intervention, self-service, automated model of development, will provide banking business integration operating platform.

2, the business model is closer to mixed

In November 1999, the U.S. << Financial Services Modernization Act >> promulgation and implementation of the business as a financial sub-sector since founding countries - the United States has gradually begun to shift from a separate operation for mixed operation.

The unified mixed operation of the banking, securities and insurance sectors worldwide has gradually become a trend, banks and non-bank financial institutions (such as: investment banks, insurance companies, online banking merger increasing number reflects recent years to International Banking and pluralistic character. European Union as early as 1992 has been the implementation of a universal banking system. economic animals known as Japan, in October 1999, the formal implementation of the financial reform plan, allowing banks, securities Insurance intersect practitioners, and encourage banks to conduct business in the form of a financial holding company reorganization the main reason is that the computer network technology in the economic activity in the in-depth development and application of computer networks as a convenient reason for the situation of the financial industry Mixed communication tools to greatly improve the speed of information dissemination. previous work must be completed by the division of work in order to now within a system of complete, which is a technical basis.

From China's actual situation, at least in a few years this shift trends can not be achieved. Mainly caused by China's financial management system is not perfect, the limited level of computer With the rise of China's overall economic level, network in the social life of the deepening penetration, this trend of development will be achieved in our country. changes in the way business is Internet Banking will become inevitable, China's banking industry should be vigorously developed its own characteristics, low investment, high efficiency attract valuable customers to join, in order to meet market challenges.

(Third Bank development strategy need

The rapid development of networks and information technology unprecedented challenges to the traditional banking sector, the banks are seeking ways to reduce costs, make their own in an invincible position in the competition, so it must conform to the trend of the times, go online banking the road.

1, to reduce bank operating costs

Internet banking provides than physical banks lower transaction costs, more features, better quality of service will allow customers and banks benefit both. Estimates of physical bank branches transaction costs $ 1.07, ATM (containing hardware and software, The cost of operation and maintenance costs are $ .27, telephone banking (including the cost of equipment, operators and other expenses of $ 0.015 each network bank transaction shall only cost $ 0.01 (Note 3 it can be seen from the above data, the network banking transactions cost far less than traditional banking, and the development of Internet banking will enable the banking sector has an absolute advantage in the cost, and online banking through an international network, the range of services than traditional banks broader, regardless of the original bank customers or other banks customers will become a potential customer base, such as from China Construction Bank to the city remittance outlets up to 50 yuan fee, and by the CCB online bank transfer a maximum of only $ 30, and greatly reduces the cost of the customer, and other Bank compared to the price advantage to customers of other banks is likely to turn to the account of the CCB, CCB customers.

Low cost compared to the network of banks and other ways to run the bank has an absolute advantage, is bound to promote the banking industry vigorously promote online banking, and in order to increase the competitiveness of banks potentially will certainly encourage more users to choose online banking.

2, increasing the bank's own competitiveness

Traditional commercial banks can increase the advantage in the competition through online banking, outstanding performance in two aspects: the complementary effect of the substitution effect of clearing functions and services varieties online banking does not require a specific place of business, its clearing functions substitution effect mainly in the network of banking operations is based on the effective combination of traditional front desk with a virtual online front desk, which makes data processing integration the replacement entity banks to set up branches and outlets. to make up for the lack of traditional banking and financial services, play a complementary role, thus greatly improving the comprehensive competitiveness of the entity bank.

Network banks to increase their competitive advantage specifically reflected in the following aspects: First, the the settlement speed competitive advantage. Networks banking customers pay directly in the network transfer, electronic bill passed much faster than the traditional mailing bills. Electronic money, electronic the results of the settlement, domestic customers through a network can directly use the electronic clearing and settlement services provided by foreign financial institutions, foreign financial institutions, electronic money for the real-time settlement. visible, compared with traditional banks, online banking has obvious competitive advantage in clearing speed. Second, the competitive advantage of the differences in the customer base. traditional brick and mortar bank marketing objectives can only be broken down to a certain type of customer base, it is difficult to provide one-on-one service, even if it can, the cost is relatively high, the network banks in on the basis of low-cost, one-on-one service, thus forming the competitive advantage of the differences in the customer base. borderless competitive advantage under conditions of modern information technology, especially in the environment of the Internet economy, the bank a competitive advantage will globalization services. Economic globalization and information technology makes the competition between banks from physical capital to intangible capital network banks can take advantage of its information technology and information resources to provide the required elements and means of global competition for the entity bank and Internet banking customer base unlimited diffusion beneficial to expand the scale of the deposit and loan business. development of Internet banking has become an important tool for financial industry success, and the first preemptive win the competitive situation.

Above points is the foundation of the development of China's Internet banking environment quality of service and the commercial banks to continue to improve the image, with the advance of network banking, Internet banking is bound to have more customer groups, which will become the commercial banks to increase economic efficiency sources.

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Second, China's network the bank development status and problems

Internet banking has a convenient, fast, and on behalf of the future direction of development of the bank, the bank's potential profit growth point, so, commercial banks in China attach great importance to the development, promotion of the network banks and formed a trend of rapid development while China is still in the development stage, the infrastructure is relatively backward, making the network inevitably save some banks in the course of its development, which requires the establishment of a complete set for measures to promote the healthy development of the network banks.

(One of China's Internet banking development process

Internet to enter China since the early 1990s, the Chinese government, enterprises and banks are very active to greet the advent of the Internet era, the government is directly involved in the management and construction of the network, and has established a "Golden Bridge Project", to invest 20 billion yuan to promote the establishment of the network infrastructure, the formation of a favorable external environment. roughly gone through three stages in this context, the development of China's Internet banking.

First stage of the early days of the network banks. Banks of this period the website building only limited to creating a Web site to establish the image of the bank, and the dissemination of financial information, only on the Internet to establish a link. Followed by the intermediate stage of the network banks Internet banking at this stage due to the implementation of this function is relatively easy, low requirements on the security of the network and communication speed, the bank may face a lower risk, therefore, most of the banks to be prudent, launched the first this feature to the accumulation of hardware and software development of Internet banking experience, until conditions are ripe, the further introduction of other network banking services. Finally, the advanced stage of the network banks this stage, the network banks can provide a full range of banking processing function, this is the ideal stage for the development of Internet banking. it can achieve online billing, online payment functions, enabling customers to stay at home, the network banks will be able to complete a variety of transactions demand to become a virtual bank counter.

Overall, China's network bank to the advanced stage of the development of the network banks implies a huge potential profit growth point, so commercial banks are in great efforts to development, the promotion of online banking, online banking usher in its golden age , the market prospect is extremely broad.

(B) the development of China's Internet banking status quo

Faced by domestic bank shares triggered by the Internet, online banking movement naturally refused to willingly backward, work hard to keep up with the global development of the situation, and quickly integrated into this trend until now, almost all commercial banks launched its own unique Internet banking services, online foreign exchange business processing can now be achieved, a great convenience to the user.

Bank of China is the first domestic first extend the traditional banking to online banking by commercial banks .1996 world network economy is booming, BOC advantage of its foreign exchange resources and overseas branch network, business scope and international made a lot of valuable experience from the line early in the online banking system using a state-of-the-art of the SET standard, from the beginning, and left a high starting point, high investment, walking in the forefront of China's Internet bank in March .1998 proceed with the first online payment service, the customer has a Great Wall debit card as long as SET payment gateway, you can fully guarantee the safety of customer funds and online payment function. At present, the China Merchants Bank, Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and China Construction Bank and other banks have opened online payment business, two business areas of the variety of businesses across the personal banking, corporate banking, so that people truly feel that China's commercial banks in unique role in the development of electronic commerce, the development of China's e-commerce injected vitality, and opened the way until the end of April 2005, according to statistics, China Construction Bank, the number of e-banking customers has reached 20,090,000, with an average daily trading volume reached 35.2 billion million, of which the fastest growth in the number of personal online banking customers, personal online banking transactions grew prominent. (Note 4

In short, the domestic banking sector has been noted and recognize the importance of online banking, and invested considerable capital, technology and personnel to develop their own network banking online banking in China is in a period of rapid expansion, but the rapid development will inevitably bring some inevitable problems. compared with the network of foreign bank, there is a technology gap. domestic banking sector only more flexible application of science and technology to the network banks, learn from foreign experience, while paying attention to handle the presence of The problem, in order to attract a variety of consumer groups to use online banking to online banking to become a link between between commercial banks and customers, who seize the right to development of the network banks, whoever occupied the commanding heights of the future bank competition.

(C) the development of Internet banking in China exist

Online banking after several years of development, the banks have accumulated some experience in the development, you can calmly deal with the day-to-day work, but the network of bank development road is tortuous, and there are still a lot of need to be addressed and overcome the problems in its development.

1, the network transaction security issues that must be perfect

(Online banking, electronic security technology

The online banking tiny error will lead to unstable or even collapse of the banking system as a whole, not only affect the company's image, and brought back to the client inconvenience, even eventually lose customers, which requires Internet banking server hardware and software continue to reasonable upgrade to accommodate customers' growing demand for public services. addition, as the network business development bank, will inevitably lead to a large number of economic information online transfer the funds allocated in the online flow of transactions through the Internet, information confidentiality, authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation is the most critical factor in how to ensure secure transactions, and most need to solve the problems of the development of Internet banking for personal confidentiality.

(2 safety system risk

Online bank vulnerable to various attacks from the network of internal and external network banks generally have many layers of security protection system, to ensure the smooth running of the network banks virtual financial counter, how to coordinate the stable operation of the various security systems is an important issue. In addition, more than 20,000 kinds of computer viruses and ubiquitous network hackers also very easy to make the entire system data loss or even all of the information is lost, this is a heavy blow for the banks.

(3) The issue of confidentiality

When it comes to traditional bank business need to verify the identity documents, network banks only need to verify a user name a password will be able to withdraw all the funds in the account, once the password is lost consequences will be very serious. Caused by the reasons for the loss of your user name and password from two aspects: First Network Bank data loss such as network hackers broke into the banking system to the theft of a customer's password, customers lost due to their own reasons. example, using simple password or public Internet at how to strengthen The authentication of the user, as well as the full protection of the user's data and information is a daunting task in front of online banking.

2, although the establishment of a third-party security certification body, but its applicability is not strong

China's network banks are basically generated by the entity banks in order to strengthen the financial competitiveness of the banks lack of mutual communication and coordination of information, leading to the banks in their own way, the established network information system is difficult to achieve a shared, can not form a unified and efficient network of the banking system, banks lack the scientific safety certification system. secure payment system must be established to solve the problem of data transmission security authentication and non-repudiation of transactions such as CA safety certification based on commonly used by domestic commercial banks SET protocol and SSL protocol is the most commonly used technical means, and encryption technology in China is in a more advanced position in the international arena is also the greatest threat of our Internet banking security management and planning in customers end, the vast majority of banks are using the China Financial Certification Authority digital certificates for client authentication and data transfer encryption. China Financial Certification Authority to provide digital certificate services as a third party to ensure the authenticity and integrity of online transactions. Which network banks, consumers should first obtain Which electronic security certificates all this in addition to customers cause trouble, still invisible to increase the bank's credit risk. reasons of this phenomenon is that our country there are a few state-owned commercial banks and joint-stock commercial banks, online banking, to provide their own authentication service model not only so, the banks are to issue their own digital certificate from a normative perspective, the only country to come forward to establish a unified public Certification Center to play a certification center neutral authority only under such a premise in order to provide a convenient operating environment, in order to make the network banks and into people's lives.

3, the basic legal environment inherent

Network of banking development has certain risks to our jurisprudence leads many blank spots. << Adapt network in China and online banking banking management Interim Measures >>, << Contract Law >> financial legislation still remain "separate management" level, is not conducive to the development of network banking, and inadequate efforts to play a role in the practice, for example, financial electronic prompted many financial transactions using paperless electronic contract with our legal on written and oral form is fundamentally different, new << Contract Law >> While acknowledging the legal effect of electronic contracts, but the broad-brush description of the electronic contract, lack of maneuverability. based on the financial industry on the Internet at the same time there is no time and space geographical constraints, the globalization of the Internet for financial transactions provides a trading platform. the Internet reached financial electronic contract usually difficult to determine the manner of the signing of the contract and the place of performance, making it difficult to determine the jurisdiction of electronic contracts.

We are pleased to see that on April 1 this year, the Electronic Signature Law >>, << People's Republic of China formally implemented, the troubled network of banks and other e-commerce electronic signature of years has been the protection of the law. Breakthrough of Chinese law, provide a bright future for the healthy development of the network banks, it will greatly boost China's e-commerce law provides reliable electronic signatures and handwritten signature or seal has the same legal effect as at this stage, as The first law in the field of information technology in China << Electronic Signature Law >> flag than practical significance. businesses and consumers can take advantage of electronic signatures in business activities can safely engage in daily activities such as online shopping, online payment but the accompanying regulations are not perfect, so we should clearly see the electronic signature has been recognized by the law, but when the dispute is who is going to act as electronic referee? How to ensure technical standards and safety assurance of support as well as the privacy issues of electronic signatures! This series of new issues also need the insight to seek ways to solve Once the foreign banks full access to the network in accordance with China's accession to the WTO commitment banking sector, foreign banks on the Internet "beach landing" on the urgent need, in accordance with China's national conditions and improve our country's laws and regulations and standards, in order to adapt to the rapid development of Internet banking.

4, the network infrastructure behind the low level of social information

Internet users in China has reached 98.8 million (Note 5 Most of the people who used the Internet for the speed of the Internet shuffles and worry about the Great Wall Broadband, ADSL broadband has been in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities quickly develop up, but can enjoy broadband crowd, after all, still in the minority. user visits a site, they often have to wait for some time to display the contents of what causes it? networking equipment, such as servers, network cards and other performance and matching problem is one of the reasons. The network bank development depends on complete information infrastructure, and some areas in China but also in the lack of electricity, no phone, overall infrastructure development of the other main reason for lag and imbalance restricts the development of online banking. serious shortage of investment capital, resulting in the banking business electronically, low level of technology, low level of network and regional banks, the software and hardware used in various industries, lack of uniform standards, making it difficult to quickly establish a national cross-industry networking and settlement system, a serious impediment to the development of network banking model.

5, the social credit environment and traditional payment habits to limit the expansion of the network banking

Traditional cash payment concept makes it also focused on the concept of wealth is reflected in the cash on Volkswagen difficult to accept non-cash transactions such as electronic money, and the credibility of the online banking holding skeptical. Now use online banking users are still mainly concentrated in the younger generation has a high level of education and income consumer groups, online banking obstacles can be imagined. Implemented in countries not yet fully accepting electronic money network bank transactions to see not seen the virtual environment, a sound credit mechanism is one of the basic conditions for the healthy development of the network banks, China in this regard, there are a lot of inadequacies in corporate and personal credit system construction still basically belong to infancy, yet to establish a set of covers the whole social credit system, and developed countries, there is still a big gap, which affects the development of the network banks.

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Third, the development of China's online banking Suggestions

Internet banking is a comprehensive system to face the challenges of the current banking network, the urgent need to further improve the online banking platform for the development of our country, and in the formulation of the system should be tilted So how do we solve the existing problems, fully play to the advantages of online banking, I think it can be from the following aspects.

(A constantly increasing the application of new technology to ensure the security

Internet banking is a technology-intensive industries, technology is the determinant of its further development. Actual application of the scientific and technological level of the network banks are not difficult to deal with high-tech modus some criminals using high-tech cameras, the candid customer's password before the ATM machine withdrawals in far away places, and then copy the card data thus theft of clients' funds, or the misappropriation of customer account information online using the Trojan hacking program, then illegal online trading, enabling customers suffered property damage . Will not only increase the public's skepticism of network banks and banking entities face the issue of credibility of the industry and the face of the lawless elements of technology, our network banks must increase the application of new technologies to protect the interests of investors and banks such as the use of already mature fingerprint technology to apply it to the ATM machine, the customer can choose to open an account in the bank fingerprint withdrawals, so even if the customer's card number and password theft, the probability of loss of funds will also minimize the addition of online banking transaction tracking technology, customers suddenly in the ground of non-account exceeds a set amount of network transactions in a timely manner by phone contact the customer to confirm the transaction. transactions can also be completed by confirmation SMS that network banks to provide customers with SMS transaction business, customer opened send text messages, as long as the transaction Bank to the customer, Customer acknowledges that the transaction was successful. banks only increase bank card technology to prevent efforts to strengthen the automatic alarm on unusual transactions to accelerate the migration to the IC card magnetic stripe cards to achieve security control only to establish a complete set of online transaction security system, including system maintenance system, data backup systems, virus prevention system to detect and eliminate security risks, in order to protect the network banks safe and normal operation.

(B strengthen the cooperation between domestic banks, the establishment of a unified, authoritative CA certification system

June 2000 China Financial Certification Authority run since, largely to avoid fraud in the online payment process, but still can not ensure the absolute security of online banking transactions, we can take advantage of the power of the Banking Association to seek an authoritative, trusted, impartial third-party trust institutions, online banking authentication system using a combination of non-governmental organizations and government departments dual management system, so that both the development of network banking to provide a greater degree of freedom, but also arbitration and oversight functions to a higher level, thus contributing to raising the level of authentication technology.

(C improving and perfecting the legal system of online banking

The laws and regulations should be established with international standards, as a reference to develop regulations to the development of standards for international banking network. Fully understand foreign Electronic Transactions Act, taking into account the strengths of the national laws and regulations, and to enrich our existing >> << Contract Law >> << Commercial Bank Law, the relevant laws << Negotiable Instruments >> accurate grasp of international trends in online banking. along with the People's Republic of China Electronic Signature Law << >> introduced, in accordance with the relevant requirements, establish from the accompanying sound network banking laws and regulations system, the form of a law clearly stipulates the powers and responsibilities of the parties to the transaction. << >> Electronic Signature Law plays the parties to the transaction identity verification, secure transactions defenders, illegal transactions combat 'triple identity. introduction of not only the legal guarantee for the healthy development of the network banks, as well as standardized requirements of network banks. Such explicit network-bank financial risk control legal requirements, offering network banks explicitly select certification standards, the legal basis of the eligibility requirements and inspection, supervision, we can take full advantage of the signature method >> << electronic characteristics of the information age, in our current a vast electronic signature has not been widely used in the personal realm, under the conditions of the current legal system, to strengthen cooperation with international organizations to develop common regulations to combat Internet fraud, money laundering, cyber crime network behavior, for the development of the network banks fully demonstrated its function space.

(Four banks to speed up infrastructure construction, improve the level of social information

Compared to China's banking infrastructure and advanced technology from abroad there is a big gap is an indisputable fact, infrastructure improvements, including two aspects: one is the upgrading of the hardware on the upgrading of the software, unified operating platform, to merge the separate and distributed data processing center focused dataset, information centralized, the purpose is to achieve the sharing of data resources for scientific decision-making of the bank managers to improve the level of service and management.

Banking and Public Security Bureau, Customs, tax and business sector computer networking, network as the carrier, based economic activities, social information sharing system to enable banks to know the cardholder's credit, in order to achieve the reduction and risk diversification. promote the development of Internet banking.

(Five to establish and perfect the mechanisms of social credit, promotion of credit card transactions to promote the development of Internet banking

Enhance the level of society as a whole credit a good credit for the development of Internet banking, which is a comprehensive system engineering, can learn from abroad to establish and perfect the advanced experience of the credit mechanism and the use of legal, economic, moral, and other means to quickly upgrade credit level and improve credit mechanism of the society as a whole. resident identity card, to speed up the construction of personal information system, and vigorously promote the use of credit card transactions, the use of the special status of the national civil service, to promote the use of credit cards in the national civil service. On the other hand, the bank owners moving to lower bank card credit card spending rate of charge, making the businesses active marketing of credit card transactions, to change people's the inherent cash transactions Complex, cultured credit card use environment to promote the development of Internet banking.

(Vi strengthen the network of financial problems, to fully consider the network banking risks

Internet banking is a comprehensive issue, involving more content and extensive knowledge, online banking is a systematic project, its research must not simply rely on a method, system, technology can be done must be committed to a three-dimensional system, in order to protect the legitimate interests of Internet banking transactions and online banking to run effectively. addition, we must strengthen the construction of the network of bank risk management system, in this regard, according to the Basel II >> framework design our network banks to adapt to the risk weight, build the platform and into the commercial bank risk evaluation system assessment.

(Vii create a scientific and efficient industry regulatory mechanism

Nature of network banking its supervision should be distinguished from the traditional banking supervision, which is how to protect online banking to the healthy development of network technology adopted by banks and their means of safety requirements are different from those of conventional banks, the important task of network bank regulatory system on the one hand should adjust, modify and enrich the existing network banking supervision and regulations, on the other hand to study to build a set of open and transparent, and efficient operation and protection of a strong network of banking supervision system. Mode of thinking based on our comprehensive online banking supervision, strengthen the administrative supervision of the competent authorities of the online banking, to create a network banks to participate in the parties to the legal environment for fair competition, the administrative legal protection for online banking investment. Strengthen the regulatory measures to improve the level of regulation strengthen supervision of the the network banking industry agencies and practitioners, perfect practitioners institutions, practitioners and a variety of network banking products market standards, standardize the behavior of Internet banking, and effectively protect the interests of customers to promote the sound development of the online banking industry to strengthen the network banks The basic mechanisms of internal checks and balances, to improve the quality and level of self-regulation of the industry association for the specification and development of the online banking market order, continue to accumulate experience in real network banks to create a good environment to promote the continued development of the Internet banking.

(Viii strengthen the cooperation of banks and insurance companies online banking transactions on insurance

China's insurance industry, the development of diversified, but the banking insurance is still rare. Facing domestic consumers holding credit card no password disturbed heart network Banking can provide what protection?那就是给网络银行交易上保险.这种方法在发达国家已经很普遍,而我国在这一领域还是一片空白.网络银行应该尽快与保险公司合作,对在网络环境下的交易推出我国特色的网络银行保险交易品种,提出网络交易环境下消费者应遵循的必要措施.消费者按照要求去做了,剩下的危险或意外,由保险负责,以保护消费者的利益,加速网络银行的推广.



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