Brief talk on statistical thinking and its impact on the statistical work

Abstract: As China's economic development, statistical thinking and statistical work in China's economic development is becoming increasingly important in this paper, the statistical system of thought and its statistical significance are discussed.

Keywords: statistical thinking, statistical work, the impact

China's statistical work in the current, and understand the true meaning of statistics, understand statistical thinking in terms of statistics itself, help to improve the statistics of the overall level and quality of statistical workers; to the outside world, there are other jobs and others will help establish a theory can not replace and match statistics authority.

A brief statistical thinking

Statistical thinking is statistical work should establish a world outlook and methodology. Philosophy is based on the world outlook and methodology, is that people a guide to action, but also the statistical work in the guidelines to be followed where statistical thinking is different from other disciplines are unique statistical world outlook and methodology, but also establish the basis for statistical authority.

Statistics of the general idea is always to stand in the statistical study of the overall perspective of the formation of a large number of observation and understanding of the law law of large numbers and a series of so-called 'stand above', 'grasp the overall situation' is manifestation of this idea, which requires statisticians at work, so that the original aim, because the overall data from the individual body as a bearer of an integrated collection came after, and the individual data vary widely, some boundaries have difficult to judge. Then you need to stand in the overall point of view, to see which meet the general requirements, which do not meet the general requirements, to avoid the 'bystander, Like father,' to avoid deviation from the statistical function itself.

Second, several aspects of statistical thinking

1 mean thinking.
Mean to be the object of study is a concise and important representatives, involving almost all the statistical mean of the concept of the theory is the basic idea of ??statistics and it tells us that the development of statistical understanding of the problem is from the general regulation, the focus is not on the total size of or individuals, reflecting the view of the number concept and inference. mean the whole idea is also required, but requested to observe the general trend to avoid the interference of the individual by chance, it also reflects the overall concept.

(2) variation ideas.
Statistical studies of similar general characteristics of the phenomenon, its premise is that the overall characteristics of each unit there are differences. If there is no difference between the various units, there is no need for statistics, if the differences between the various units is based on known conditions can be assumed in advance, there is no statistical method statistical method is to understand the difference in the number of things . statistics reflect the variation of the more basic concept is the variance, is that 'variation' of the 'average' concept can be said that these two concepts mean and variance, respectively, play a 'significant differences with an implicit' and 'knowledge with the police different 'role. the average and variance are the characteristics of similar things in the abstract and macro-metrics.

3 estimates ideas.
Estimated to speculate that the overall sample, is the same type of things, getting from here to understand method using estimation methods have a default: the same sample with the overall nature of the sample can be representative of the population, but the representativeness of the sample by incidental factors , the theory of confidence in estimating the degree of measurement is a necessary step to maintain rigorous logic.

4 related ideas.
Marxist philosophy that things are generally linked, in a changing, often go hand in hand some things were changed or the attendant circumstances were present, the overall number of individual firms is again composed of these individual things are interrelated, we the study of things in general is based on the homogeneous formation between individuals in general, the overall total and the other are mutually related. related to the concept of performance is the relationship between things.

5 fitting ideas.
Fit is the relationship between different types of things in the abstract representation. Any single relationship must rely on other relationships exist, all the actual relations of things is always very complicated, this method is the fitting of the law or trends. the results of fitting the model to reflect the general trend, the trend is the expression 'changes things and relations as reflected in the number of process models and based on this and indicates the possibility.'
6 ideas.
Statistical methods are always inductive, its conclusions will always carry with them certain probability, based on local characteristics and laws of the promotion can not be completely out to determine the credibility, the inspection process is the use of samples to test in advance of the actual data some general quantitative characteristics of the credibility hypothesis. Links to free download

Third, the statistical work

Statistics should include statistical design, statistical surveys, statistical collation, statistical analysis, application and dissemination of statistical information such as D stages, and as a result of the statistical work should include a survey of statistical data is clearly the original data, data collation and analysis of the depth of the system processing of data, statistical studies statistical work of the whole process, but also study the feasibility of statistical information, credibility and availability. 3 exists between the strict meaning of the dialectical relationship.

The five aspects of statistical work, the design is the foundation, said that statistics is a scientific methodology, the most important is reflected in the statistical design, statistical work can achieve the goal, the key is whether the design and if the statistics as a product production process, statistical design is equivalent to product design, the survey is the construction, statistical collation is the assembly, quality inspection and statistical analysis is to analyze and publish statistical information on the application is advertised and sold. Each link has a strong technical, but the design and analysis are technical, most theoretical work, the special statistical functions mainly in two aspects. Statistical design is actually telling the operator how to investigate, how to organize, analyze, and information dissemination is to tell the user what can be achieved statistical purposes, which aims to reach the professional level. why statistics developed so seriously, why the United Nations Statistical Commission set up a special key is also reflected in the two aspects.

Today's society, statistics have been well developed, whether it is data collection method, or statistical study of the law, the objective is to understand the object of our study, or general understanding of statistics. Statisticians sorted out from the beginning of the investigation to the Foreign Service system data, this process makes the overall appearance of statistical people have a better understanding, if the back can we find the internal features from digital, we can conclude that the phenomenon of development of the law, combined with social and economic operation of law, the can raise the effective management of social and economic recommendations. statistical indicator system is a complete scientific system, approved by a number of statistical indicators is a scientific meaning, there is a strict division of labor between the indicators. Therefore, another analysis of the statistical analysis is can not be compared.

Fourth, how to improve the statistical work

Although the statistics in the 20th century has made great achievements in incomparable, but have not yet matured into a solid foundation with a full knowledge of the field, because the statistical study, its scope that can be involved is so large, we are faced with the unknown is so much and have need to constantly reinforce and expand its academic base in order to ensure quantitative cognitive functions and statistical functions, so, from the increasing and improvement of human statistical requirements, the We are also more emphasis on multidisciplinary and blending, to continue to learn from other related disciplines such as mathematics, complex systems science, chaos science, simulation, computer science and other results of the latest developments to complement and expand the statistical basis, otherwise, statistics the development of science will be a lack of vitality, it will hesitate.

In a market economy period, a comprehensive system of statistics they need to have some basic statistical operations, expertise and relatively fixed statisticians to complete the relative stability of the statistics team, you can gain experience for enterprise management and make greater and faster contribution if the sense of duty, self-motivated enough, low quality services, is bound to be adversely affected work. statisticians should be good at learning, and constantly improve their professional quality, be able to do their jobs the same time, business units, business systems, particularly in business Group needs to have a sense of responsibility, sense of the times, and a pioneering spirit of innovation and high professional quality, able to lead and work colleagues in a study of statistical charge.

In this case, the statistics should self-esteem, be confident, self-improvement, can only stand. Statisticians must study hard, work hard, strive for innovation, and more results. At the same time, business leaders and relevant departments should also be statisticians create opportunities for them to learn the organization of statistical knowledge and business knowledge related to the legal system and computer knowledge, and support them to participate in statistics meetings, encourage staff to participate in professional level statistical and technical title examination, provide statistical information to guide them to actively take the initiative to participate in enterprise management , to work actively and have a larger contribution or faster progress, should be given prompt recognition.

With the development of society, the status of statistics in our country more and more, more and more attention, more and more perfect system of statistical thinking, I believe the near future, China's statistical work will not join the higher level level.


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