On the Statistical Analysis of use in the enterprise

[Abstract] Statistical analysis is the use of statistical methods and analysis of object-related knowledge, the combination of quantitative and qualitative research on the activities of the statistical work is an important part in the enterprise to play a huge role, but also business development production planning, development strategy and the main basis for planning.

[Keywords] statistical analysis of business development

A statistical analysis of the overview and features

1 Overview of Statistical Analysis

Statistical analysis refers to the use and analysis of statistical methods and knowledge about the object, from a combination of quantitative and qualitative research activities carried out on it is the second statistical design, statistical surveys, statistics, after finishing a very important work, the former stages through the analysis on the basis of the work to achieve a more profound understanding of the study. it is certain topics, the collection analysis program design, data collection and collation of research activities which began in the system, improve the statistical analysis of the data is a necessary condition.

2 Statistical analysis of the characteristics of

The use of statistical methods, the combination of quantitative and qualitative statistical analysis is an important feature. With the popularity of statistical methods, not only statisticians can be statistical analysis, all walks of workers can use statistical methods for statistical analysis. Only the statistical workers involved in activities as statistical analysis of the argument is not correct, strictly speaking, providing high-quality, accurate and timely statistics and high-level, there is a certain depth, the breadth of statistical analysis is the statistical analysis of the product. In a certain sense, to provide a high level of statistical data, statistical analysis of the final product after processing.

(1 use of statistical methods: statistical methods based on the quantitative relationship between the overall phenomenon of a special class for the object of general scientific method, can be classified from the perspective of experience in the use of methods and mathematical methods, and experience is that people experience long-term statistics related methods in the number of commonly used statistical analysis of comparative law, group analysis, index and factor analysis, etc. fall into this category for this type of approach if properly used, can improve the statistical analysis of the scientific.

(A combination of quantitative and qualitative 2: Statistical analysis of the face is not abstract numbers, but in the context of qualitative analysis through the performance of their number to know the object of study, therefore, familiar with and master the knowledge and study is very necessary.

Second, the statistical analysis used in the enterprise

Statistical analysis of a business operation in a pivotal role to play from the statistical point of view the whole process of understanding, through statistical design, investigation and preliminary statistics obtained by sorting, you can total the number of objective characteristics of the phenomenon to obtain a certain degree of understanding. But these are only preliminary understanding of the surface, and only on the outside to the inside of these data analysis and research, in order to grasp the essential characteristics of things, changes of internal relations and development, so that further deepen the understanding of statistics due to statistical analysis a deepening understanding of the role, making the statistical analysis in the enterprise is widely used.

Statistical characteristics of a quantitative, statistical analysis of the role, mainly through the implementation of quantitative analysis Statistical analysis of the process in people's understanding of the role of three main aspects: First, quantification of objective things, including things that reflect the objective the number of regular performance, the second is recognized to the extent based on the quantitative quality of things, different things that determine the quality of the number of boundaries and the third is to reveal the new law, namely, by analysis of the quantitative relationship between the things that have not yet been recognized laws Statistical analysis was one from the perceptual to rational knowledge, the process of the objective world in the company to correctly handle the statistical analysis, can more fully see the whole situation, you can better promote the development of enterprises and to play the role of statistical analysis and significance . on the socio-economic areas, the overall statistical analysis or statistical functions to play, to improve the status of an important means of statistical work. With the implementation of China's reform and opening up, the profound social and economic changes occurred in the field, leading departments and decision makers at all levels alone personal ability and experience has been difficult to grasp the rapidly changing situation, and make more difficult the correct scientific decision-making in this case, along with the advantages of statistical analysis show it to the data, the situation, problems, suggestions integration, both the quantitative analysis, there are qualitative analysis. more focused than the general statistics, more systematic, more clearly reflect the objective reality, and easy to read, understand and use. which is to play statistical information, advice and supervision functions of the primary means. At the same time, also increased the statistical work of social status.

Statistical analysis is widely used in enterprise development, mainly in three aspects:

First, the statistical analysis in business forecasting applications. In statistical prediction, the general emphasis on static analysis and dynamic analysis forecasts predict the combination of static analysis and forecast-based first of all, companies should be based on their own characteristics, focusing on annual, quarterly statistical prediction analysis, management and business goals to ensure the effectiveness of assessment Secondly, according to the business plan objectives and historical sales data to determine the data indicators, to identify fluctuations in the economy and differences in common again, according to the company's overall planning and industry are unique, integrated use of a certain prediction model to improve the scientific analysis of the company's market share depends on the company's products, services, pricing, communication, relationships with competitors such as other factors being equal, the company's market share depends on the size of its market cost and benefits relationships with competitors. Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

Second, the statistical analysis in business decision-making applications. With the advance of information technology companies, enterprises affected by the external environment gradually deepened, which requires timely business information for processing and analysis. First, the market demand and supply capacity analysis, mainly including the purchasing power of residents, potential and actual commodity market demand, brand maturity, order fill rates, consumer preferences, etc. Through the analysis, can determine the profitability of business space, the gap between supply and demand, etc., for the leadership to determine the product sales volume, to develop marketing strategies to provide short-term basis. Second, the analysis of socio-economic and environmental impact including domestic and international macro environment affect the development of our industry, and local regulations, folk customs and the impact on the development of enterprises The third is the analysis of the competitiveness of enterprises through analysis of the industry, the operation of other enterprises, in contrast to the gap in understanding their own development and potential, so as to develop the right strategy to provide a reference.

Third, the statistical analysis stage in the analysis of business process analysis and control applications in the process of program implementation, tend to be some unpredictable conditions. The need for timely conduct of process analysis and phase analysis of data on a regular basis using statistical analysis of business plan completion, progress and so on, can be found in time during the execution of the problems through the completion phase of the comparative analysis of the results will help determine the target completion rate. easy to measure the market potential of the same performance between different markets. but also as a basis for goal-setting sales.

In the enterprise, statistical analysis is to understand the current situation, predict the future, in order to better promote enterprise development and progress in important ways. To do statistical analysis has an important role and significance, so we have to improve the statistical analysis and research, so Statistical analysis of the development of better become a powerful driving force.


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