On mathematics teaching in primary schools in the ability of students questioned

Albert Einstein once said: 'ask a question more important than solving a problem.' Inventions are derived from many of the world 'doubt', 'question is the key to open the door to innovation.' Thus, 'questions' should be essential part of the teaching process. then in primary mathematics teaching students how to question the problems?

First, create an atmosphere for students to dare to ask questions

1, new ideas, democracy and equality. Teachers must first update the concept, specifically the right to question not only the teachers, should the rights of students, teachers should respect the student's personality, the students should be treated equally, equal treatment; in the usual exchanges, so that students feel that teachers should be amiable, approachable, to establish a democratic, equal and harmonious teacher-student relationship, teachers should encourage students to dare to raise doubts about the questions, when students take the initiative to ask questions, whether or not to mention the correct, simple and No, the problem of the quality level, should be given warm encouragement and sincere praise, to stand up and ask questions is a good start. As the saying goes, a good start is half the success. Do not satire, ridicule, teachers should be properly to give encouragement and recognition, let them with a sense of accomplishment, to protect the enthusiasm of the students to ask questions to create a good atmosphere to raise doubts about questions such as, once I determine the problem in teaching, 'added at the end of two integers to zero, this number will expand 100 times ', the students discuss the analysis, the conclusion is: this sentence is right. class I give full recognition, but also praised the speech of students. Surprisingly, after school, a student stopped me on the road, said: 'Teachers 'integer add two zeros to the end, this number will expand 100 times,' This sentence is wrong, because 100 times zero is still zero expansion.' Listening to him , I am face some fever: 'how do I so careless it, consider the issue so do not full.' ideological struggle of the moment, I am a student, said: 'Your analysis was very correct, thank you for helping the teacher to correct an error, the next math lesson on your own idea was to tell you, okay? 'math class the next day, I made a review of the whole class, and solemnly commended the students who encourage people to learn from him. This move looks very small, but the effect it brings is very large, in later math classes, as long as there are different views, the students had the courage to at any time to discuss and resolve.

2, reasonable arrangement, forms the teacher to give students time to question, in the teaching of each lesson to set the question part of the problem and this link can be arranged at the beginning of class, check the prep time for students to ask questions, you can also arrange In the course of conduct to allow students in the classroom teaching can always ask questions, you can arrange to do the exercises after the finish before the new lesson for students to ask questions. In terms of organizational form, we can organize the students to discuss first, so that students do not suddenly faced with teachers and classmates, the first in the group can ask questions, you can hold a team to the contest to ask questions so that students in eliminate the fear of an atmosphere of competition hearts. In addition, for students of lower verbal ability, you can write out the problem and guide them to refer to for the classroom for a moment, there is no question the courage of the students, teachers can encourage them to talk to individual guidance, you can also to let them in after school to talk about, so eventually ask questions in class I in the classroom, often using any given two or three conditions, so that students ask questions based on these conditions, a comparison of who provides and problems, and high quality so they are also very help to clarify the relationship between the number.

Second, scientific guidance, so that students can doubt the quality

1, in the knowledge of the 'growing point' to find the problem is that new knowledge from old knowledge to know that the migration process and to ask questions;
2, the problem of the 'point' to find the problem, which is inherent in the old and new found knowledge and ask questions such as teaching, 'cone' a lesson, the teacher on site to produce conical sand pile model, ask students: ' You see the sand thinking the problem? 'students to think, the hands raised many questions:' What the shape of the sand? '' how much the volume of sand? '' The sand weigh? '' sand of the area is? ', etc. These issues are precisely the teaching of the important and difficult, after the students through positive thinking to themselves, their thinking at its best, with special attention focused on efficiency is the best classroom .

From a psychological point of view, ask questions and curious nature of children, is the curiosity of children's performance. So the teacher has the responsibility to care for the students of this 'curious' psychological, and initiative from students Zhiyiwennan such as in teaching a number is divisible by 3 features, I let out a group of any number of students, teachers can immediately determine is divisible by 3, the students immediately into question: Why so fast answer, is a coincidence? teachers what a good idea? through the questions so that students learn new knowledge more in focus in the classroom, encouraging students to Zhiyiwennan, give students a space to explore, all students can learn their own, they want to get, let the students themselves to do, anything that can impact students 'intellectual spark the place, think of ways to provide opportunities for teachers, this way, students' questions are naturally produced.
Third, the emphasis on evaluation, the development of students' ability to innovate Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

Psychology tells us: as long as a person to experience the joy of a successful, they will provoke endless pursuit of ideas and power. 'If a child has not tasted learning, the joy of labor, never experience the pride of overcoming the difficulties ... This is their misfortune, 'so the teacher should be adept at teaching evaluation mechanism, to question the ability of students to encourage students to make a positive evaluation of the question. student questions are often initially scattered, shallow, which requires teachers to do the lead suspect work, so that students can place questions in focus and difficult place, in a combination of old and new knowledge at the famous scholar Jiuyuan said: 'Learning is no doubt suffering, doubt there into a small doubt is a small forward, a big doubt was big into. 'If the teaching' scores of size 'comparison, a student asked:' 1 / 3 must be better than 1 / 4 large? 'The teacher asked:' What do you think? 'student said:' A small round 1 / 3 of the not a circle 1 / 4 high. 'Through discussion, students realize that we compare 1 / 3 and 1 / 4 the size or number of speaking against the same round, the students are not satisfied with this, and asked:' how to compare just that small round 1 / 3 and the circle of 1 / 4 the size of it? 'Another student said:' First calculate the area of ??small round and each circle, then divided by 3 and 4, respectively, so that you can compare their size. 'Then the students intellectual development has far exceeded our expectations.

In short, as long as we are always in the classroom student-centered, give full play to their main role, the creation of situations, and guide them to identify problems, ask questions, solve problems, think boldly, enjoy that, the courage to ask, then students innovative and creative spirit will be full training and development. Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

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