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  • Brief talk on statistical thinking and its impact on the statistical work
    Abstract: As China's economic development, statistical thinking and statistical work in China's economic development is becoming increasingly important in this paper, the statistical system of thought and its statistical significance are discussed. Keywords: statistic

    Oct 25,2011

  • On the Statistical Analysis of use in the enterprise
    [Abstract] Statistical analysis is the use of statistical methods and analysis of object-related knowledge, the combination of quantitative and qualitative research on the activities of the statistical work is an important part in the enterprise to play a huge role, but

    Oct 13,2011

  • On mathematics teaching in primary schools in the ability of students questioned
    Albert Einstein once said: 'ask a question more important than solving a problem.' Inventions are derived from many of the world 'doubt', 'question is the key to open the door to innovation.' Thus, 'questions' should be essential part of the teaching process. then in pr

    Sep 14,2011

  • Binary regression analysis based on analysis of fire data
    Papers to write Net: Abstract: According to the 2003-2007 fire-related statistics, regression analysis to study the economic losses caused by fire and the fire burned in the wounding of the number and the relationship between the construction area, the establishment of

    Sep 13,2011

  • Analysis of R software in the system of application clustering
    Summary of multivariate statistical clustering method has been widely used in natural science and social science fields, but in reality, cluster analysis multivariate data processing, statistical software can not do without the support, R software because of its free, o

    Sep 8,2011

  • Analysis of the human dynamics from the perspective of sales activity and order processing
    Abstract: In recent years, dynamics of human behavior on a large number of studies have shown that human activities close to the statistical distribution of interval power-law distribution through the sales order processing behavior and distribution of time intervals, i

    Sep 7,2011

  • On the survey and the survey error types characteristics
    Papers to write Net: Abstract: With the social development, statistics surveys as a source of information is bound to be more and more people pay more attention, it will also be more and more people to participate in the survey activities in the past. This departure fro

    Sep 7,2011

  • Environmental analysis of statistical data quality control problems
    Abstract: With China's economic reform, industrial restructuring, deepening economic and social reform in the face of the new situation, how accurate, timely, reliable, and complete control of industrial pollution and corporate and social life of governance, good enviro

    Sep 7,2011

  • For the analysis of mathematical models lottery analysis literature review
    [Abstract] Based on the lottery of the mathematical model and analysis of sorting out the literature to illustrate how the probability of statistical analysis tools to play on lottery prizes and awards set analysis, and the kinds of tools for lottery sales program, lott

    Sep 5,2011

  • On the statistics of statistical thinking
    Statistics is a substantial social science, both of the objective laws of social life, has examined the statistical method statistical basis of inheritance and development of the theory of statistical results, adhere to the statistical nature of the social sciences, so

    Aug 28,2011

  • On the statistical theory of statistical thinking
    [Abstract] the so-called statistical thinking, that is, the actual work in statistics, statistical theory, applied research, we must follow the basic philosophy and guiding principle. Statistical ideas including mean thought, thinking of variation, estimated ideas, rela

    Aug 27,2011

  • Comprehensive reform of the teaching of statistics discuss
    Write papers Network: Abstract: The problems in the teaching of statistics to explain the mode of examination by the reform, the reform of teaching in the form and means of strengthening the practice of teaching and other specific targeted measures for comprehensive r

    Aug 27,2011

  • About statistics: applications of the wonderful work
    The air was filled with the fragrance of gardenia strong the campus green flowing green. Hot weather is to hinder the pace of graduation, slightly a count, I have graduated two years, the past two years, whenever the weekend leisure, I always want to return to his alma

    Aug 27,2011

  • Analysis of statistics in the application of project management in
    Papers to write net: Summary: Project Management application of statistical methods of work can be timely, accurate and rapid response projects, construction, production activities, the planned full range of information for business gain a strong competitive edge. In

    Aug 25,2011

  • Statistics on occupational stratification Teaching schools
    Vocational school enrollment increasing the threshold is low, the uneven quality of the students, different students of knowledge, ability to comprehend and master the huge gap, especially significant that professional courses, theoretical stronger, if still used in tea

    Aug 25,2011

  • From the perspective of the demand on housing prices keep soaring
    Abstract: China's real estate market is a regional oligopoly market, as regional commercial products, supply and adjust the lag is not fully competitive market, prices have a "ratchet effect", rise easily, hard fall in the case of a seller's market, prices rise because

    Aug 18,2011

  • Shanxi to upgrade the internal structure of the tertiary industry trend Analysis
    Abstract: According to the National Bureau of Statistics of the tertiary industry, four levels of classification, nearly 16 years of Shanxi Province, the internal structure of the tertiary industry development pattern of all-round analysis, using spss software, a linear

    Aug 18,2011

  • Xiangtan city group on the construction of low-carbon Problems and Solutions
    Abstract: Since 2003, the United Kingdom has proposed the development of low-carbon economy, low-carbon economy has become an important economic form by the widespread concern around the world. Subsequently, the proposed construction around the world to a low carbon eco

    Aug 18,2011

  • On the statistical distortion of the Causes and Countermeasures
    [Abstract] true and accurate statistical work is the "lifeline." However, in the distortion of statistical information, in particular, distortion caused by man-made false number has not been completely radical, and in some places was spreading, but also aroused wide att

    Mar 25,2011

  • On the distortion of statistical data and Countermeasures
    [Paper Keywords] causes data distortion measures of statistical data (Abstract) This causes the distortion of statistical data in a detailed analysis, the distortion of statistical data on the feasibility of radical measures. From the start of this century, China en

    Jan 4,2011

  • Problems in Agricultural Economics and Statistics and Solutions
    Summary statistics from the new situation, the importance of agricultural economics start with the work of the current agricultural economic problems, and propose measures to promote agriculture by the statistical work. Keywords Agricultural Economics and Statistics;

    Dec 30,2010

  • Measures to improve the quality of statistical information
    Abstract improve the examination system, changes in statistical systems management system, strengthen the legal system and law enforcement, strengthening the statistical and other aspects of team building to improve the quality of statistical information measures to imp

    Dec 22,2010

  • Reform of county statistics
    [Abstract] system of county and township statistical method has undergone several changes, but with the reform and opening up and economic development, the existing system of county and township statistical problems gradually exposed. I believe that to meet the needs of

    Oct 8,2010

  • On the basis of fixed asset investment statistical work
    [Abstract] fixed asset investment statistics, the national strategic decision-making, an important basis for social and economic programs, but also the state administration, checking and supervising an important means of social and economic activities. Fixed Assets Inve

    Sep 27,2010

  • The quality of statistical work in the Management of Blood
    [Abstract] Blood statistics management system established, the use of statistical methods and techniques, dynamic monitoring of the whole process of blood collection, blood banks reflect the real level of management and work efficiency, quality of leadership, decision-m

    Sep 24,2010

  • Strengthening the Management of the Hospital of statistical information
    [Abstract] further promote health care reform, the management of statistical information the hospital is facing unprecedented challenges. This article aims to analyze the management of the New Hospital weak statistical information, the hospital has put forward to streng

    Sep 20,2010

  • Statistical basis of the reform measures and methods of work
    [Abstract] Statistics grassroots work is a prerequisite for doing statistical work, the article analyzes the basis for statistical work from the main issues facing the start, respectively, from the statistical work of the ideas and objectives, work content, working meth

    Sep 19,2010

  • Basic statistics of the scientific concept of development
    [Abstract] based on statistical work is the primary source of statistical work and the cornerstone of the true extent of the quality of statistical data directly related to the socio-economic development and people's vital interests. Fundamentally reverse the statistics

    Aug 13,2010

  • Statistical analysis of information technology development
    Paper Keywords: statistical analysis of information Abstract: With the advent of information age, as the production of information products and Statistics Department, with a statistical leap forward to achieve great advantage of information technology to achieve stati

    Feb 24,2010

  • Colleges and universities administered by the professional class of non-statistical methods of teaching of statistics
    Wang Hui, Kan Chen-chen (Henan Institute of Finance Department of Statistics, Zhengzhou 450002) Abstract: Statistics have been classified as economics and management expertise in this specialty, one of a required core curriculum, their teaching is facing many challenges

    Jan 8,2010