On Lianshui township forestry station management situation and developing strategies

Paper Keywords: rural development measures forestry station problems

Abstract: township forestry station is the organization and management of forestry production and management to implement the most basic institutions, and forestry extension service system is an important part of the township forestry station to give full play to the functions of the effective completion of the city of forestry construction tasks to promote rapid and sound development of the county forestry, this county township forestry station management on the status, problems and countermeasures are discussed.

Lianshui the original 31 towns, villages and towns after the rut and save 23. To 2010, before the reform of township forestry station 23 township setting a quota for a total of 33 people, there is 29 people, set up seven central station, for the nine development well township forestry station supporting the office equipment.

1 Lianshui forestry work station problems at this stage

1.1 forestry station staff level of expertise and technical capabilities to be improved

From 2003 to streamline agency Lianshui institutions began to gradually establish and improve the forestry station staffing, but the professional level is not high in 29 out of only a few graduate professional school of forestry, and other agriculture related fields are The formal induction training business after only a few times, never had the training system.

1.2 Town, poor infrastructure, forestry station

To speed up the development of forestry and county leaders attach great importance to the higher forestry points, and enhancing the town of forestry station building, the existing nine township forestry station is equipped with motorcycles, computers, printers and other office equipment, but there are more than a dozen forestry station is only a telephone office, or even in addition to desk even the phone, the device can not be simple simple.

1.3 does not straighten out the management system

Lianshui township forestry station management to implement a dual county, township-based management system, human, financial, and material "three powers" by the township master. Although this system has integrated social forces assault forestry production, forest protection network to facilitate grass-roots organizations, etc., but there are the following drawbacks: First, the instability of forestry station personnel due to the township forestry station was such a decision can be different county towns Forestry departments because of their work in consultation ventilation to deploy personnel, forestry station staff to adjust more frequently and have a greater randomness, not the full deployment of scientific and rational use of forestry and human resources to effectively tap the human potential of forestry professionals and technicians serious loss, the second is the broad tasks of forestry station. Reflect the majority of forestry stations, forestry workers engaged in forestry work station each time less than 40 days, the rest of the time the arrangement is mainly based on packet film packet township village, birth taxes, supervision reminder fee. Forestry station staff are mostly several roles, difficulty concentrating effort to join the forestry production, management and protection, technical services, etc., resulting in a phenomenon named Lin and ignoring the forest, the three priority work of township the survey learned, forestry station assigned to the higher forestry sector is more important tasks However, forestry often compete with the daily work of town staff, racing against time, forestry station staff have a dilemma, forestry work and the township can not reconcile the contradiction between the work of so-called "who eat rice, see who face", when working with township forestry work conflict, often placed priority township work, forestry work into a secondary position, to complete the work of the township, and then complete the forestry work, thereby missing an opportunity to work in forestry, forestry has caused a lot of adverse effects fourth, the control of personnel management. Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

1.4 is not obvious functional role

Township forestry station as forestry science and technology and social welfare institutions, bear the dual functions of management and services in rural social services system, the position is very important.

2 Lianshui local forestry station development strategies

2.1 improve the management structure

Management system that hinders the township forestry station construction, the biggest obstacle. With the rapid increase in forest resources, the township forestry station Lianshui responsible for the administrative functions of the more important, should be clearly township forestry station counties Forestry the agency, and business leaders should be perpendicular to the county urban Forestry. This management system is conducive to government decrees to ensure the implementation of higher-level forest policy, forest ecological construction to maintain the sound development of the situation is conducive to the standardized management of forestry station improve the efficiency of forestry station; help to exclude local interference, improve quality of law enforcement to better protect forest resources.

2.2 promote the mechanism innovation, enhance the professional training of forestry technicians

Technical staff in the post to be systematically continuing education, the quality of the local forestry personnel to be improved, professional level capacity strengthened to better work for the local forestry service.

2.3 strengthening the infrastructure

To take full advantage of the "National key forestry projects district forestry station construction project" and the current state of implementation of stimulating domestic demand and promote the development of a favorable opportunity to actively seek investment and construction projects of national budget funds the construction, forestry, construction or repair station house, equipped with computers , printers and other office equipment, telephone fax machines and other communication equipment, motorcycles, cars and other transportation equipment, GPS locator, accurate altimeter, planimeter and other forestry technology and equipment in recent few new sites to be 33, all other stations for maintenance. 2-year period to invest in capital of 15 million, according to the standardization of building standards, the county township forestry station station station appearance and capacity of equipment is equipped with a big leap all the forestry station has independent office space, office environment and working conditions have been significantly improved.

2.4 to strengthen the management team

The township forestry station to establish a sound internal management system of forestry station, the job responsibilities, personal responsibility, goal management system for the regular learning system, building a clean government system to examine the rewards and penalties and the need for love station station open condition, the administrative examination and approval matters such as making government affairs column on the wall. with the system management of cadres and workers, cadres and workers with work performance evaluation.


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