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  • For professional optimization system in Tibet Institute of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry ecology analysis
    Papers to write network: abstract: the ecology curriculum system optimization, is of great significance for the cultivation of high-quality ecology talent. Practice teaching is the primary means of cultivating students' creative ability and overall quality of the creati

    Aug 2,2012

  • About 5.1 clean fuel - hydrogen - the new textbooks experimental innovation and improvement program
    Chemistry is a laboratory-based disciplines, success of the experiment, and obvious phenomena have a direct impact on students understand and master the knowledge at the same time, experimental teaching is an important part to improve the quality of teaching to strength

    Jul 31,2012

  • On the track and field athletes physical and mental qualities of training
    Paper Keywords: track and field athletes physical mental quality training Abstract: In athletics, the athlete's physical and mental qualities of movement completed quality and the ability to obtain good results of the game plays a decisive role, athletics training, it

    May 14,2012

  • On Lianshui township forestry station management situation and developing strategies
    Paper Keywords: rural development measures forestry station problems Abstract: township forestry station is the organization and management of forestry production and management to implement the most basic institutions, and forestry extension service system is an impo

    Jan 6,2012

  • On the Chinese theory of tectonic processes and status
    Paper to write net: Paper Keywords: tectonics plate tectonics tank units geomechanics Abstract: tectonics theory development in China less than 100 years, but in this short period of time we see the Chinese geological community's 'Flowers', see China's growing wealth

    Jan 6,2012

  • On operations research content features and analysis of teaching reform
    [Paper Keywords] operations research teaching reform of teaching content [Abstract] This paper On the contents and characteristics of operations research, and teaching content and teaching methods of its improvement were discussed. Application of operations research

    Dec 23,2011

  • Detection of volatile compounds on the teaching of leather goods
    On the current production process and technical level, leather products, the production process is inevitable to use the toxicity of organic solvents (such as toluene, dimethylformamide, a large number of liming auxiliaries (organic amines, leather degreasing agent (pet

    Dec 15,2011

  • Sea level on Earth and uncover the mystery of temperature rise
    [Papers Keywords Earth sea level and temperature of artificial earthquakes and volcanic soil erosion, land reclamation stopped [Abstract] depth analysis of global sea level and the main reason for rising temperatures, global temperature and sea level rise leads to thi

    Aug 11,2011

  • On negative ion generation technology
    Abstract: This article describes what is negative ions and negative ions occurs and works, describes the role and mechanism of negative ions. Negative ions on human health and our environment is very important, so will be widely applied in various technical fields. K

    Jun 22,2011

  • On-cho Japan on Confucian ethics and Chinese differences
    Paper Keywords: Japan town people; Chinese Scholar; Ethics Abstract: Japan town people and the historical period in which the Chinese Confucian similar, although each has a Confucian ethical thought and cultural background, but because of values, moral consciousness a

    Jun 17,2011

  • Theory of organizational leadership: New development and new inspiration
    Paper Keywords: leadership member exchange theory; change - Bargaining Theory; cognitive resource theory; beyond schema theory; competency model Abstract: This paper made a review of recent leadership theory, from the leading members of the exchange theory, change - t

    Jun 7,2011

  • Pragmatic theory of language use in advertising
    Paper Keywords: speech act theory; indirect language; cooperative principle; Relevance Abstract: advertising language as a special form of communication, all the time not affecting the majority of consumer behavior. Advertiser in order to achieve their advertising to

    Jun 3,2011

  • On Searle's theory of intentionality
    Paper Keywords: John Searle; intentionality; Speech Act Abstract: language related to the British philosopher, the philosopher John Searle's speech act theory Austin made a further development. Speech act theory is that the philosophy of language in the final analysis

    May 25,2011

  • On the organizational behavior of the new development - on the basic assumptions of human nature
    Paper Keywords: new developments in human organizational behavior Abstract: The complex giant of modern management practices to make people pay more attention to the systematic human nature and human behavior research. Respect for human nature, woven in the organizati

    May 23,2011

  • On equipped Intellectual Property Development Strategy for Mapping
    Abstract: Mapping of IP equipment and equipment to work through the small whole process of mapping, surveying and mapping technology and equipment for the construction plays an important role in the protection and promotion. This paper analyzes the status of intellectua

    Mar 16,2011

  • Theory of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of the level of police information
    Abstract: This paper analyzes the content of police information technology and construction goals, the establishment of the Police Information evaluation index system, gives the police the information based on fuzzy evaluation of the level of calculation. Paper Keywor

    Jan 14,2011

  • Shenzhen Universiade On the construction of public weather services
    Paper Keywords: Applied Meteorology, public weather services, the Universiade meteorological services, weather information dissemination, Shenzhen Abstract: By analyzing the needs and dissemination of meteorological information, meteorological services for the construct

    Dec 29,2010

  • Analysis of the graphic elements of print ads in the design and application
    [Paper Keywords] graphics, graphic elements, print ads, information dissemination [Abstract] With the continuous progress of mankind into the information society, the particular, the advent, the graphics in a whole new way of expressing its own value. This paper not o

    Dec 28,2010

  • On Social Constructivism and Technology Studies
    Paper Keywords: Sociology of Scientific Knowledge Social Constructivism black box Moses Bridge Abstract: Sociology of Scientific Knowledge turning to technology to form the social construction of technology, new research methods and perspectives. It broke the one hand

    Dec 7,2010

  • Impact of organizational structure on new vision of organizational change
    Paper Keywords: molecular structure of the organizational structure Organizational Change Abstract: This article draws the field of chemistry research, from the perspective of the organizational structure of molecular structure. The article first describes the concept

    Jul 14,2010

  • Alumina column chromatography purification process of PNS
    Study: Duan Yun Zhang Sheng Hao Aijun Liu Yang Chen Lijiang [Abstract] Objective To study the alumina column chromatography purification process of PNS. Methods HPLC method for the determination of the content of PNS to study the concentration of eluent, elution and a

    Jul 14,2010

  • On the Pod Lyle basic meaning of modernity
    Abstract: Modern meaning of Baudelaire's complex and profound, and its basic meaning is reflected in three aspects: thinking about modernity in the aesthetic level, different from the society, history, anthropology and other aspects of transient and permanent unity, emp

    Jul 6,2010

  • The chemistry of life
    Abstract: Chemical and people's lives, from daily life can accumulate a lot of chemical knowledge to enhance the students understanding of what they have learned to raise interest in learning chemistry. Key words: life; chemistry; Experience Absrract: Chemistry is c

    Jun 21,2010

  • Of geographical information systems software in the real estate management in the application of surveying and mapping
    Paper Keywords: real estate geographical information system drawn Che Abstract: The paper on real estate management methods of surveying and mapping, combined with MAPG Ling introduces geographic information system in the real estate side of the painting application.

    Jun 15,2010

  • Curriculum in Chemical Engineering to enhance the role of teaching quality
    Key words: Chemical Engineering Course Design Teaching Abstract: Chemical Engineering and Chemical Engineering course is designed to complement the course of a compulsory practice teaching. Article from the theoretical study, experimental design, equipment selection,

    Apr 29,2010

  • Space may jump (small constant force and the latest interpretation of the relationship between space and time)
    Time and space we must be familiar with the term, very close link between time and space, according to Einstein's theory of relativity, time in a particular case or even in space changed. But here we can give a small constant made it clear that you want to place speci

    Feb 24,2010

  • Application of olefin polymerization catalysts
    Paper Keywords: catalytic activity of silicon oxide Abstract: olefin polymerization catalysts which are characterized by use of common transition metals in the medium voltage and low voltage high-olefins under polymerization of the differences between. Polymerizatio

    Feb 23,2010

  • On the energy increase
    Keywords: penetration, reverse osmosis, RO membrane, the solution layer, increase energy, perpetual motion machine one summary Experimentally observed phenomenon of reverse osmosis permeate water phenomena and raise the fact that (an increase of gravitational potentia

    Feb 21,2010

  • Corpus cavernosum smooth muscle cells of the Identification and Analysis of Progress
    Authors: Dong Huang Xiaojun Chen Shitao Lubbe Paper Keywords: corpus cavernosum smooth muscle cells, identification of Abstract: This paper describes corpus cavernosum smooth muscle cells in vitro (corpus cavernosum smooth muscle cell, CMSC) for identification. Comparis

    Jan 8,2010

  • Analysis of the main initiative of the values of science
    First, the meaning of scientific values Readily looking through the books, and perhaps will be able to see the 'values' of this term. Being used to note the words of today's younger generation, the term appears frequently on the higher. So a person's evaluation of the

    Dec 10,2009