About the design of an experimental class teaching

Teaching design thinking

Explore the relationship of constant force acting and the kinetic energy change "<< New Curriculum high school physics textbook compulsory ② (Shandong) (hereinafter referred to as the new textbooks mechanical energy (1), compared with the old textbooks, new textbooks Changes in bold and reasonable we will find in the teaching process, teachers emphasized that the kinetic energy theorem to solve the problem is how easy it is, but the students always like to use Newton's laws of motion to solve, why? mainly because students learn Newton's laws of motion, experienced by the life experience to the theoretical derivation from qualitative analysis to quantitative calculation by the ideal experience hands-on experiments and a series of experiments to Newton's laws of motion ingrained in the students' minds, clear and thorough. students in the learning process of kinetic energy theorem, there is no undergo a similar process, the kinetic energy theorem is clearly unable to shake the status of Newton's laws of motion in the hearts of students in the first quarter, the new textbooks directly from theory to explore draw kinetic energy theorem, and encourage students to design experiments verify the theorem of kinetic energy throughout the entire chapter learning process, the students understand the in-depth study of the significance of the "reactive" physical quantities.

Learning of Newton's laws of motion, students understanding the reason for the change of the state of motion of the object, I put a new lesson title changed to "explore the reasons for change in kinetic energy of an object", on the one hand, students' previous learning can be implied to have come to an end, and now we to explore the implication in the process of the movement of objects from another angle other law, on the other hand, told the students power and causality between the change in kinetic energy, and the relationship between the force and speed the rate of change of previously learned is similar , and the study of the relationship between various physical nature is the the physics main content.

Before learning this section, students functional relationship is not a very clear understanding, if you want the students analyze the relationship come to both considerable difficulty Moreover, students are only qualitative knowledge of the physical quantities of kinetic energy, only to know it and the quality of speed related so there should be direction to guide the students in theory to explore, to reduce the difficulty of experimental verification is the focus of this section on the basis of theoretical derivation, it is a good time to develop students' scientific inquiry ability, but also to consolidate the theorem of kinetic energy an important part of , teaching materials and guidance, limited conditions, suggested that students can only read about or watching a teacher demonstration can not be experienced, inevitably some regret To remedy this problem, this lesson designed to enable students with a free fall Verify increment equal to the kinetic energy of the gravity acting.

Second, the teaching program

1. Introduced

(1 Introduction: learning through the front of the Galileo, Newton and other scientific guidance of the great man, we know that the force is the reason to change the state of motion of the object. Starting today, we explore the implication in the process of the movement of objects from another angle other laws, namely to explore the reasons for the change of the objects kinetic energy.

(2 moving objects with kinetic energy, determine the kinetic energy of the factors?

(3 If the quality of a basketball is 1 kg, the speed of 1 m / s, its kinetic energy is how much?

(4 basketball as the research object, step-by-step guide students to draw objects change in kinetic energy to force, and also the period of displacement. Although we do not know specifically how the kinetic energy of an object, but we know how to make the kinetic energy of an object changes I have here a basketball, who can get it to kinetic energy change?

Design intent:

Mystery set to stimulate the students 'desire to explore the old with the new, appreciate the link between knowledge points, the basketball into the classroom, increase intimacy, enhance perceptual attract students' attention from multiple angles. knowledge and known knowledge so that students feel unknown and interesting.

With knowledge theoretical exploration force, displacement, change in kinetic energy relationship between

Accelerated motion in order to make the automobile in constant traction role, for example, to study the relationship between them.
Known vehicle traction F, mass m, ground resistance is negligible, the initial velocity v1, v2 final velocity.

Given a certain amount of time for student research will have to be given if the students have difficulty Hint: which a physical quantity of force and motion? Enable students to comprehend to the acceleration of the contact force and the movement of the bridge.

Students present their ideas, teachers write.

Newton's second law can be obtained: F = ma

Kinematics knowledge available: v22-v12 = 2as

The final results of the students may not be the expression of the kinetic energy theorem, teachers want to keep his results.
For example, the .

Transition: regardless of the size of the displacement and the kinetic energy of it how to move to the left, such as: .

Design intent:

Reduce the theory to explore the breadth and depth to enable students to understand the ties between new knowledge and old knowledge.

3 students to discuss experimental design

Teachers so that students in groups of four discussions, intend to speak to send a representative to discuss if the students have difficulties will have to give tips to measure physical quantities, such as experimental design, and how to measure Links to free papers Download Center http:// eng.hi138.com 4. exchange experimental program
Regardless of the students talk about how well teachers should encourage, not too much negative defects of student programs, so as not to crack down on the students' enthusiasm, as much as possible the exchange of different programs.

If the students come up with have done experiments using marked point of the tape, study objects instantaneous velocity method for uniformly accelerated motion the process to help things along and then draw on the blackboard tape, review the average speed for a certain period of time is equal to the instantaneous speed of the intermediate time, write seek an expression of the instantaneous speed.

If no students came up with, prompts memories, have done what experiments can determine the speed In short, we must guide the students to take advantage of the point on the tape seeking instantaneous velocity, to prepare for the back of the hands-on labs.

Design intent:

Training team awareness and to stimulate the spirit of cooperation, modesty exercise language skills, as well as to listen to the opinions of others.

DIY experiment: take advantage of the free fall movement to explore the relationship of gravity acting and the change in kinetic energy

Transition: "Students can come up with so many programs, and the teachers are very proud of. Ask someone after school to design record, this is your wisdom of teacher today and you want to do with the experimental verification The instrument according to the table you can guess what sports to validate it? "students who could not guess, the teachers take the hammer to do a drop operation.

Today we free fall to explore the relationship of gravity acting kinetic energy change.
The teacher asked: "This experiment need to measure the quality of the hammer?" Students are thinking come: Not required.
Teachers introduce experimental apparatus, experimental procedure, as well as experimental considerations, the students began to experiment.
Teachers to do the experiment in the student patrol solve the problems students encounter students can do experiments faster data processing on the spot, students can do experiments slow after-school treatment.

Finally, let the students do experiments faster report on the experimental results, testing theory and practice are unified.

Design intent:

Some other experimental program can only teacher to do some experimental data processing is too much trouble, gravity is a constant force, they do not need to measure the quality can also review and consolidate previous knowledge. Aristotle said: "Tell me I forget, I see I will remember my experience I would understand. "Therefore, let the students a firm grasp kinetic energy theorem, enable students to personally experience the process is very necessary.

Third, teaching reflection

Lesson content in the actual operation, the classroom atmosphere is more active, my experience is caused by the following:

1. Played a very good basketball, and the enthusiasm of the students' thinking is mobilized. Lesson students thoughts on active thinking. New Curriculum advocate we have to use the objects around doing experiments. Physical model is used to represent the actual object on behalf of what objects, such as we often holding the ball, pieces of wood into the classroom, inadvertently closer to the physical and life distance.

2. New Curriculum advocates scientific inquiry learning, but not equal to each lesson open exploration activities should be carried out according to the characteristics of the course content, the of guiding exploration activities and challenging exploration activities combined, so that students thinking Zhang relaxation, and can take into account the different levels of students to strive so that all students can experience a sense of accomplishment in various exploration activities.

Through the design of the course content and practice, I deeply appreciate the new curriculum teaching philosophy brings the fun of the teachers and students, our teachers always starting from the needs of the students responsible for the lifelong development of students, the rational design of the teaching process, and students happy to learn, exchange, and will be able to train a number of innovative sense of exploration, willing to challenge talents Links to free papers Download Center http://eng.hi138.com