About the application of the heuristic teaching

I believe that the Physics Teaching your inspiration. According to their own teaching practice, I summarize the four commonly used heuristic teaching purpose system to explore the physics teaching inspired skills.

(1) look forward to the heuristic

In exploratory experimental teaching, should expect to inspire students with abstract thinking design experimental procedures and programs. Inspire students to use these devices to students voltmeter, ammeter, power, rheostat and wires, switches, etc. to develop a measure voltmeter, resistance ammeter experimental programs, such as teachers to the correct answer directly to the students. then the experiment becomes mechanical activities of the students if teachers expect students to design, is the intelligence of the teachers to give students the tender, to guide students to reproduce voltammetry , the students will be able to flash a "two tables measuring table" spark thought and quickly draw a circuit diagram, after teachers inspire students to consider experimental considerations, teachers pleasure in looking forward to inspire students to explore the experience experiment fun of success.

(2 discovery heuristic

Concept teaching should avoid rigid indoctrination, intends to give students create their own opportunities to discover the truth. Speak photoelectric effect, I finished the photoelectric effect experiment principle, an ideal metal to a group of students (to facilitate the teaching of experimental data table, so that students according to This table draw maximum initial kinetic energy of the photoelectron Ek image function changes with the frequency of the incident light, inspiring students take the initiative to find a "time the function image" (Figure 1, then let the students write the function expression Ek = hv-W0 , and then let the students discuss their physical meaning, most students found hv is the photon energy, the initial kinetic energy Ek is proportional to the frequency of the incident light, the coefficient h is 6.3 × 10-34 J · s photoelectric effect, the metal in order to occur, the incident light frequency must be greater than 4 × 1014 Hz, this teaching, teachers only from the pointing, the student was able to experience the pleasure of discovery, when the students found the truth, climbing on ideas peak, teachers guide students to look back to look into the distance, the law of the photoelectric effect to give the necessary induction.

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Figure 1

(3 boosting the heuristic

Counseling should again inspire located the suspect after when the important formula ε = BLvsina finished electromagnetic induction, the students seem to understand, study hall counseling nobody asked but I know very well that many students in understanding the formula must have So I draw on the blackboard Figure 2, asking everyone in this case, the ab at both ends of the ε value how to change the cue, many students believe that v and B direction an angle of 90 °, which there what broken anchor? interested in the idea of ​​the students trap and then in time "to save" when reparse guide the students with the knowledge of the Lorentz force, the majority of the students will dawned ε = 0, then I'm letting the students to analyze ( Figure 3 when I only Description v the ε = BLvsina of the textbook formula should be understood as a speed component in the the wire vertical direction on suspected bowel inspired, so after counseling, sparking waves of student thinking.

(4 gestures heuristic

When to explain the conductor rod ab (mass m, resistance R, length L in a uniform magnetic field B along the limit sliding speed the inclined rail on the smooth and without taking into account resistance "questions in the classroom (Figure 4), should not the analysis process and the ready answers directly tell the students, should be left to the students to think about time. teach is not fixed, and this question can be used to silence speaks eyes, the action implied inspire students ideas: the right hand on Figure IV painting ab place, so that the wear of the magnetic field lines over the palm of the hand, thumb rail that slopes downward direction, and let your right hand the obliquely downward movement later so that the magnetic field lines through the left hand palms, and the left and right hand four fingers the same direction ....... proved, this silent gestures tedious The language is sometimes beneficial to enlightened wisdom and guide student thinking from "static" to "dynamic", find the wonders of interrelated phenomenon.

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