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  • About the design of an experimental class teaching
    Teaching design thinking Explore the relationship of constant force acting and the kinetic energy change "<< New Curriculum high school physics textbook compulsory ② (Shandong) (hereinafter referred to as the new textbooks mechanical energy (1), compared with th

    Oct 31,2012

  • The point total force equilibrium conditions "Student design
    New curriculum, high school physics curriculum standards: "high school physics course will help students continue to learn basic physics knowledge and skills, and to experience the process of scientific inquiry, understanding of scientific research methods, enhance crea

    Oct 31,2012

    Papers to write network: two TESTING RESISTANCE "ammeter connected, in high school physics textbooks about much, only appear in the exercises, it is very important it not only contains the Ohm's law and circuit knowledge of the connections, etc., as well as helping to t

    Oct 31,2012

  • About the application of the heuristic teaching
    I believe that the Physics Teaching your inspiration. According to their own teaching practice, I summarize the four commonly used heuristic teaching purpose system to explore the physics teaching inspired skills. (1) look forward to the heuristic In exploratory exp

    Oct 29,2012

  • Solving Physics Problems About the Model Law
    The physical model is an idealized physical form, is a visual representation of the physical knowledge, scientists conducting theoretical studies usually have to start with the creation of "model", the use of abstract, idealized, simplified analogy means to study the ph

    Oct 8,2012

  • The method of calculation about buoyancy
    Part of the junior high school physical buoyancy buoyancy calculated both focus is difficult to account for a certain proportion of the calendar year entrance examination scores. Many candidates solving ideas are felt helpless, this part of the kinds of questions in the

    Sep 29,2012

  • About profiling electromotive force and internal resistance measurement system error
    Voltammetric determination of the electromotive force and internal resistance of the power supply, the system error, this is mainly due to the internal resistance of the voltmeter and ammeter impact on the measurement results. Analysis of the experimental system error,

    Sep 28,2012

  • Teaching Reform of Engineering Physics quantum mechanics
    Papers network: Abstract: Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry quantum mechanics teaching situation, combined with the characteristics of the quantum mechanics courses, based on improving student learning and cultivating students' scientific spirit of exploration and i

    Aug 26,2012

  • About the role of experiment in physics teaching My Opinion
    Experience from the natural to the physical life to the physical understanding of the process, through basic scientific inquiry practice, so that students get the comprehensive development of the new requirements of the new curriculum standards. Facts have proved that

    Apr 3,2012

  • Preparing for the exam focus on strategy
    Abstract: the physical questions in the exam >> << physics curriculum standards, focusing on the foundation, strengthen scientific investigations to strengthen the application of knowledge, highlighting the theory with practice through the analysis of the ty

    Feb 27,2012

  • Analysis of the error of determination of electromotive force and internal resistance of common circuit
    Abstract: Many computational problems require particularly accurate, but the teachers and students in the resolution process, but errors can occur in physics teaching and physics teaching in the determination of electromotive force and internal resistance of the common

    Feb 24,2012

  • On the characteristics of thematic maps and editorial design
    Abstract: The Map according to the contents of points, can be divided into two types of ordinary maps and thematic maps. Thematic maps in accordance with the requirements of the map of the main map, highlight and improve the way expressed related to the topic of one or

    Feb 14,2012

  • Torque for the Cavendish experiment and discussion questions
    Abstract: The object rotation experiment, indicating that the object of reversing the Earth's surface is the objective reality, with torque Cavendish experiment used one-sidedness of the equipment proved Cavendish torque test is subjective and implementation imperfect,

    Dec 1,2011

  • A little talk on Optical reversibility teaching
    'Optical reversibility' is an important geometrical optics theory. It controls the optical path, mapping, imaging studies have a unique role and other issues from the perspective of thinking, the application of 'optical reversibility' is a kind of reverse thinking, prob

    Nov 8,2011

  • Analysis of the biological effects of laser and bio-physical mechanism discuss
    Net write papers: Paper Keywords: biological effects of laser laser laser and biological molecules Abstract: This paper outlined a laser interaction with biological tissues resulting biological effects, an overview of laser interaction with biological molecular mechan

    Oct 14,2011

  • How the force on the objects of
    Force analysis of the objects correctly, the premise is to solve mechanical problems and one of the keys. As the students an initial understanding of force, force analysis of objects regarded as a blind spot, especially in the role of the object by a number of forces, b

    Jun 10,2011

  • On the bus On the horizontal stabilizer of the virtual fatigue
    Paper Keywords: horizontal stabilizer; finite element analysis; virtual fatigue analysis Abstract: Based on the geometric parameters of bus stabilizer bar, load and constraint conditions, the establishment of a horizontal stabilizer of the finite element analysis mode

    May 16,2011

  • On Gherman - erudite maverick physicist
    Paper Keywords: Gherman strange quantum numbers actually model Yaesu Farquhar Abstract: This article Gherman grew up, life performance, exceptional scientific intuition and unique style to make a brief introduction. To commemorate the "quark model" the 40th anniversar

    Dec 14,2010

  • Innovation in Design of experiments and scientific capacity-building and moral education
    Paper Keywords: design innovation scientific ethics experiment Abstract: This paper describes the process of teaching physics experiment designed experiment to implement, pointing out that foster innovation, but also should pay attention to the scientific and moral ed

    Dec 13,2010

  • Resistance identification method of reading
    Many of our daily lives in both resistance and electronic products, some very large, some very diverse kinds. The role of resistance are not the same, and some protective effect, and some limit, some when the sensor use. So in the circuit if the resistance becomes cruci

    Aug 13,2010

  • Leibniz and the modern value of vacuum
    Abstract: Descartes Leibniz inheritance associated with the material on the concept of space and time and space relative to oppose the proposed Newton's absolute time and space, thereby denying the vacuum of empty existence. Leibniz research on vacuum in his time did no

    Jun 20,2010

  • Humanistic culture of physics
    Abstract: Physics as a most basic natural sciences, the formation and development in the production process, contains a wealth of human culture. In order to fully tap the thinking of natural science, humanities, science and culture and the humanities to strengthen the l

    Jun 19,2010

  • Interest in learning the physical training of
    Physics is a basic education, it makes access to scientific knowledge, the educated, master scientific methods, and foster a scientific spirit. Students afraid of the status of physics, has become a global issue. How to face this reality, how to meet this A challenge? "

    Jun 16,2010

  • Physics experiments high school physics teachers in the dominant position of teaching
    [Key words] new curriculum standards for physical education goals psychological characteristics of students to teachers in the role of experimental transformation [Abstract] physics experiments in physics learning in secondary school have an indispensable position in

    Jun 16,2010

  • Two inertial problems
    Frame of reference for all the laws of physics are the same, how to understand the Bible? Objects in non-inertial reference frame by an inertial force, indicating that inertial and non inertial reference frame is different, and why after by an inertial force, in non-ine

    May 24,2010

  • Try point of view of quantum theory
    Photons can be divided into it? Objects absorb photons, the photon energy is completely absorbed it? Energy photons can be divided into it? Energy in the micro world there is not a common phenomenon in a row. This is different from the macro-microcosm significant feat

    Apr 29,2010

  • Scientific thinking problem-solving obstacles in the cause and Strategy
    Abstract: Solving the cause of more thought disorder, memory, learning, skills, context, motivation can affect many aspects of problem-solving thinking. This paper analyzes the obstacles to scientific thinking middle school students the causes and solutions. Key words

    Apr 24,2010

  • On the Moral Education in Physics Teaching
    Paper Keywords: Moral Education in teaching and educating the courage to explore careers in science Paper Abstract: Moral education in school has been placed in an important position not only to teaching in the classroom to teach students the knowledge, more important

    Apr 23,2010

  • The formation of physical concepts and laws of the master
    Physical concepts and physical laws are the most important basic knowledge of high school physics content. In high school physics teaching, help students form a strong concept of right and accurate grasp of the physical laws of physics is of great significance. After al

    Apr 9,2010

  • Unique perspective of inertia
    What is inertia? What is the relationship with the force? Inertia and the law of inertia is different, what is the inertial reference frame? What is an inertial reference frame? Law of inertia is the inertial reference system established by it? Gravity to cancel? The

    Apr 1,2010