Asked the question in the introduction of advocacy explore learning

From the cognitive nature of mathematics learning, mathematics learning is inseparable from contexts. In fact, the process of student learning knowledge itself is a process of construction, whether it is the use of knowledge, understanding, or knowledge, are inseparable from the environment and the scope of application of the knowledge generated. The new curriculum emphasis on student learning based on real-life situations and existing life, knowledge, experience and understanding of mathematical problem - situations mathematics curriculum standards advocated teaching mode. It contains two meanings: the first is to have a "problem", that is, when the students to take advantage of existing cognitive also can not understand or can not correctly answer a mathematical problem, of course, the problem of obstacles can not influence students to accept and generate interest, otherwise, at least can not be called a good question, followed by "situational" mathematical knowledge or application specific environment, such an environment can be a real life environment, virtual environment, the social environment of empirical imagination is the abstract mathematical environment and so on. Therefore, the introduction of new courses, teachers for secondary development of teaching materials, meticulous creation of problem situations, through the appropriate guidance of the teachers, the students into the best state of learning, but also to activate the students body awareness, fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the students, to enable students to maximize participation to explore new knowledge, and to feel the excitement and the fun of learning of the successful students participating in, prompting the students to dedicate themselves to learn, pay attention to the knowledge of the content and practice of life up, carefully asked the question. Well, the basic strategy for the creation of the introduction of problem situations, what is it? Asked the question in the introduction?

, Cited in doubt stimulated interest policy

Education Modern educators Spencer pointed out: "education to make people happy, let all educational fun". Wuxinsiji also pointed out: "mandatory learning no interest will stifle students the desire to explore the truth". Therefore, teachers design issues, to novel, to enable students to learn a sense of fun and freshness.

Case 1: "dichotomy"

The CCTV presided over by famous presenters Greatly "6 +1", there is a section called "Guess the Price", you know how to fastest guess quasi Price?
"Stone ripple" murmuring among students, took the opportunity to design a game: the same students to cooperate with each other to guess the birthday, to see which group can use the minimum number of "guess the other classmate's birthday? Your shared how times?
By creating interesting scenarios, enhance students' conscious attention, mobilize the initiative and enthusiasm of students learning to stimulate the interest of students to learn the thirst for knowledge and learning mathematics.

Second, set the slope strategy

Psychologists from a proposal to resolve the process known as the "answer from the. The answers from the length of it, "answers from the micro", "The short answer from the" long answer from the "new answers from the" four levels. Therefore, teachers design issues should be reasonable to configure several levels. Focus on the knowledge and difficult, like climbing the ladder, from shallow to deep, from easy to difficult, from simple to complex, has reached the mastery of knowledge and ability to train the purpose.

Asked the question "answer from the four levels, layers, step by step, plus hard to lead students thinking step by step on the quest for knowledge height. In the face of such a subject, the students' mental preparations, does not feel impossible to start. At the same time on a problem-solving also provides a direction to think for the general conclusions drawn. Such knowledge to grasp the process is a gradual process, the formation of new knowledge is not easy to understand, it is easier to accept, to master it will be even more firmly.

Third, clever suspense strategy

The suspense is a strong stimulation of learning psychology, students produce "unable to stop" looking forward to situational, can cause students 'interest in learning to mobilize students' thinking and initiator knowledge motivation.

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number of strategies to shape help

Hua said: "number of missing shaped less intuitive, difficult nuanced in the form of a small number of". The Combination is an important method to study mathematics, "shaped to help number" is main aspects Shuxingjiege, with the nature of the graphics, can deepen understanding of the concepts, formulas, theorems, appreciate the concept of geometric meaning of the formulas, theorems

Fifth, practice strategies

New Standard pointed out: "stressed proceed from the life experiences of students, the students experienced the actual problem is abstracted into a mathematical model and the interpretation and application of the process", the math comes from life, and life play a guiding role in the mathematical teaching of teachers should be based on the life and production of the actual questions, the creation of the actual problem situations, to enable students to understand mathematical learning realism, recognizing the value of mathematical knowledge, so are more likely to arouse students' curiosity and interest in students the main body awareness. Many mathematical problems around us, such as bank installments, merchandise discounts, optimization and other economic issues, municipal construction and other environmental issues, political news, planning decisions; advertising credibility problems, and so on.

Case 5: a weather research center observations a sandstorm occurred to the end of the whole process, the beginning of the wind speed average hourly increase of 2 km / 4 hours after the sandstorm after the open desert land, the wind speed becomes average hourly increase of 4 km / h, a period of time, the wind speed remains the same, when sandstorms encountered green vegetation area, the average decrease of 1 kilometer per hour wind / eventually stop with the image of the wind speed and the time to answer the following questions:

(To give the boot to face real situations, teachers, under the given conditions, a function model, step by step, in-depth, and eventually converted to inequality, to solve the problem.

In short, the problem situations in the time of the introduction of new courses should, on the one hand, students concerned about the topic to stimulate students 'enthusiasm for learning, on the other hand should make students eager to know how to apply the knowledge to solve problems, to arouse students' intellectual curiosity. Second, pay attention to the problem interesting. Interesting knowledge is always attractive, interesting problems always lead students inquiry and deep thinking. In the introduction of the new courses, mostly students, some of the history of mathematics, or other interesting knowledge, both to stimulate students 'interest in learning, but also to expand the students knowledge and interspersed in the process of mathematical Shijie Shao strengthen students' mathematical thinking the penetration of cultural infiltration and mathematics, so that students in Mathematics Culture contrast of East and West, feel great role of mathematical rational spirit of human progress and to improve the learning interest in mathematics.

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