Commentary highlights the new curriculum reform in mathematics papers speak

In mathematics teaching in the new curriculum standards emphasize: effective math learning activities can not rely solely on imitation and memory, and hands-on practice, independent Exploration and cooperation exchange is an important way of learning mathematics. The assessment of the level of test papers speak but also reflects an important part of students' autonomous learning, However, since quite a long period of time, this approach has not been attaches great importance to our teachers. In fact, in our day-to-day work of mathematics teaching, targeted Papers of emphasis on detection, assessment of papers speaking, this is particularly important. Do this step by workers can find out the "disease" of teaching and learning, in order to prescribe the right medicine, Miaoshouhuichun. Effective assessment stresses on strengthening mathematics teaching effectiveness, and further improve the quality of teaching and are of great significance to promote the New Curriculum Reform.

A detailed analysis of the papers, to build a complete commentary stresses system

(I find the "cause" to make a detailed record

Examination paper marking after, we often find that some teachers put the papers in student achievement Entry distributed to students, even the results are not registered to put the question papers distributed to the students, sometimes the answers posted publicity to allow students to self-correct, so do the teaching efficiency will be raised? Secondly, some teachers casually it big theory "mouthpiece", I say I, you listen to your whole class teacher speaks out of breath, the students listen Tianhundian handsheets was weak. In addition, some teachers papers issued under, turn a blind eye exam. Let us ask ourselves, do so, how can it leak filled, and improve the quality of teaching? In fact, the papers marking, we often need to do a detailed analysis, such as: the papers of the degree of difficulty involved knowledge; average, highest score, lowest score, and the number of each fractional segment, which subjects well, which subjects doing poor. The diagnosis of the cause of the error, we collect student problems, and to explore the potential of students or unique innovative solution. Outline analyzed in detail, we developed rating speaks programs, or write praise stresses, such as what you want to comment, what do not speak what is heavy and difficult to speak, the order of assessment speaking topics, or would like to add knowledge system .

(B conceived assessment stresses the classroom the atmosphere interesting Guidance, to build a teacher-student interaction platform

The Russian educator Ushinski once said: and "mandatory learning no interest would stifle students master knowledge wishes". Visible, interest is the best teacher of students, they learn the knowledge, the ability of the premise. Not interested in power, like the engine has no oil can not function properly. Students with mental pressure, you will learn to be seen as a burden, will certainly lead to the kind of fear or even loathing, and ultimately lead to a loss of interest in the subject. If he were interested in these subjects and more concentrated, teaching and learning will be able to interact, they are learning the family will be getting better and better, and will finally be innovative. When students first time to face the scores, the students' emotions vary somewhat affect a classroom assessment effect. So, lesson preparation should pay attention to consider: How to create a good, relaxed, harmonious, democratic, open classroom atmosphere and teaching order, how to make different levels of students to fully show the personality, flash gel spirituality. Our analysis papers take full advantage of the situation of student papers answer, good local affirmed, praise, self-assured sense of the phrase, words, impressed with the fact that students awareness evoke students questioned questions for students to take the initiative into the cognitive processes kinds of mental activity. Sometimes we let the students took office review analysis to explain trust students to do the small role of the teacher, the better to play the teacher-student interaction exchanges and cooperation platform for students to listen to the Ear, School of interesting, assessment effective.

Second, assessment speaking mode flexible, highlighting the effectiveness

"Teaching method, teaching is not fixed, as long as we choose a different approach in the assessment stresses the process according to the psychological characteristics of students, using different means of assessment stresses assessment about forms, you will receive an unexpected effect. more effectively to equip students with the mathematical knowledge and problem-solving skills.

(Group type rating speaks

The conventional papers ratings speak mode, generally is group-style, that the teachers face all students with a way to speak for all students collective assessment. Assessment say is dominated by the main body of teachers, learning students, but do not engage in "one-man". In order to better play the main role of the students, teachers should pay attention to in commenting on the guidance and encouragement, to avoid blindly blame and blame. Another angle, teachers should be good at capturing the "bright spot" of students and guide them to actively participate in and encourage them to dare to express their personal opinions, and to enable all students to think, to more effectively address the problem. We can take the following modes can please different levels of students coming to power analysis of comments, please solution the excellent simple independence wonderful student came to power analysis of comments, even encourage bold underachiever to dare to stand up and tell their deficiencies. Enable all students to participate actively, let them experience the joy of collective success. We take this assessment stresses, both to develop students' individual strengths, and also to better mobilize the learning atmosphere of the classroom, to attract more students to listen carefully, and the effect is certainly better than the teacher "mouthpiece".

(One-to-one "a bunch of" assessment speaking mode

In the day-to-day teaching, we often complain about the students, how the last test done, but also about classroom assessment, this re-examination, the student will not do it? Indeed, the pro forma review in these situations in the exam teachers appreciate most basic knowledge of the subject, or answer questions, to reproduce a few of the topics or similar topics, some students will have done wrong. Wrong, often born of the middle and lower classes, the reason for the students' intelligence is a factor, to a greater extent, single teacher assessment speaking mode. Usually teachers are generally for the purposes of marking method "mouthpiece", "roller coaster" mode, fail to make timely breakthrough for the middle and lower raw intellectual shackles, opening up new thinking ability. The middle and lower raw often understand the question, but did not understand in that title, do not understand the problem, they will not take the initiative to ask the teacher or students, even afraid to ask, did not dare ask. As a result, the student has not yet mastered the knowledge, teachers still do not understand that the commentary stresses, the students also. In fact, their mastery is not as good as we thought. Thus, we can be more emphasis on the one-to-one "and" a bunch "mode. The so-called "one-to-one, teachers and students a Review, speaking before the assessment, the teacher students" cause "make records, and selected the topic of" analogy "time for students to" recharge ". Such as papers examine the negative exponential, In addition to the students about the teachers but also for students ready "giving top priority to the topic,

These are the basis of the subject, by replacing the base and negative index, let students edges listen while practicing, assessment practice combined, enable students to thoroughly master the method. Other topics such assessment, the key is to speak through the assessment, allowing students to forget the knowledge or not knowledge can really grasp firmly. This model, although time-consuming, but the results are good, highlights the the rating stresses the role to a greater extent, with immediate effect. "A bunch of students to help students, teacher classroom assessment stresses, and then arrange the" good poor "students are paired, by good students to help the middle and lower raw explain yet understand the topic, both for students solve the problem, but also enhance the unity and cooperation among students, students interactive ability to cooperate.

Third, the assessment of speaking methods strive for diverse students of innovation migration

According to the diversity of the papers, especially mathematics questions, large topic more detailed analysis in the analysis process, we fully correct the error, and as far as possible from a different angle, a different method of analysis. Assessment stresses that we should teach students innovative ways to improve their ability to innovate. The problem should be viewed in the assessment speak papers, given the different levels and different angles to enable students to think, to seek a variety of methods to solve the problem, to find the best answer. Because to do so, not only can improve students' innovative consciousness, but also allows students to experience the fun of innovation and creative thinking activities, and gradually develop conscious divergent sense of innovation.

(Targeted stronger inspiring to live

The assessment stresses to be error-prone for students more mistakes topics, typically appear in the papers, or certain kinds of questions, focused, go into detail, difficulty, do not cover everything. We should focus mainly knowledge complete system overview, let the students know what knowledge, what way of thinking to solve what problems digging the root cause to dissect the cause of the error, a definite purpose, all broken up. The same time, teach not just "throw" should "entice" students "into submission" grasp this opportunity to be puzzled promote its thinking like a bow and arrow on the string, ready to go. Teachers from coaching, it enlightened, to achieve the effect of "stoning water transit", "vista" joy. Follows questions:
Links in the diameter of the free paper for download
⊙, AB = 4, D ⊙ on different from the endpoint A, B arbitrary point, extend AD to C so that CD = AD, links BC. Prove: AB = BC.

Question a lot of the middle and lower raw may not do, the main reason is not for the auxiliary line (link BD reviews when the teacher first for prompt link BD (coaching, and then let the students independent thinking, self-correct errors. Then let students Reviews solving ideas, examine what knowledge when students indulge in the joy, teachers ask students there are other ways? If no students think of other methods, the teacher may be prompted to link OD, OD is what line students are very Lenovo will soon be to use the the triangle median line theorem to prove after coaching, the students have mastered the problem-solving approach, the review concluded, again stressed: Often the case diameter auxiliary line on the circumference of the structure diameter angle is a right angle.

Through targeted reviews, so that students self-examination and found the crux encourage questioning, multi-angle to guide students to consider the issue, both students innovative spirit, and also enhance the students' interest in learning, it is more important to enable students to understand the problem-solving approach, to answer similar questions in the future will be able to hand.

(B) highlights the comprehensive, effectiveness, and cultivate the students' innovative migration

Often concerned about the students tested score, do not attach importance to the wrong due, even if the correct answer, and also do not know the problem-solving approach. Rating lecture to enable students to recognize errors in real terms, because, inspired by multi-angle understanding and analysis methods can boldly student summed up the thinking method of problem-solving. In general, students often wrong: careless copied the wrong conceptual confusion, conceptual errors, unscientific language writing is not standardized, the argument is not sufficient, reasoning according inadequate, unclear moderation moderation error or the classification of incomplete . The assessment stresses strive comprehensive solution to many problems, teachers should play a "test effect, provide feedback" role, and not on the title topic. Teachers not only to be good at by comparing the classification, abstraction, induction prompted Contact expand divergence, so that students have the space to think, to let students discuss bold speculation, analytic proposition intent the test center docking, the kinds of questions transformation. Follows questions:

So intrinsically linked to the use of knowledge to make appropriate changes in question exercises to guide students to actively participate in the generalization of new knowledge, to promote the migration of knowledge, students learn by analogy, the analogy of the ability to innovate in order to play the true role of evaluation about.

(C good analogy, induction, deepening the knowledge system, to build a clear knowledge structure.
Master the problem-solving ideas and learn math, a test paper, a type of subject, from a different point of knowledge to compile the different topics to different problem-solving methods. << Round >> chapter, find the radius of the circle. Common (1 apply vertical diameter theorem, the radius of the Pythagorean demand, (2 seeking the radius of the right-angled triangle circumcircle; (3 evaluated the the triangle inscribed circle radius; (4 using tangential nature Theorem, the Pythagorean seeking radius; (5 round with triangular or quadrangular comprehensive assessment stresses, if happens to be the topic of the radius of the circle are asking the above questions are grouped together and build the kinds of questions seeking the radius of the circle and its corresponding so by analogy, induction, training students' innovative migration, geographic clear all kinds of questions students will be better problem-solving ideas, and easier to grasp the problem-solving method, reached the heart is not chaos, have learned to use.

In the context of new courses, papers ratings say is an essential link in the process of teaching, to Shanghao papers ratings lectures seemed like an important, we must constantly sum up experience and lessons in teaching practice, to the new curriculum requirements as the guiding ideology, and constantly ways and means to improve papers ratings speak, prominent student student autonomy and pragmatic nature, and so are of great significance to improve the quality of teaching and the promotion of new teaching reform. Links to free papers Download Center

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