Mathematical thinking ability of students on multi-channel activation

Papers to write network: high school student's mathematical thinking, comparison, analysis, synthesis, induction, interpretation of students on the basis of mathematics perceptual, use the basic method of thinking, understanding and mastery of mathematics content but also on the specific mathematical issues inference and judgment, to gain understanding of the nature and law of the high school math knowledge in the process of learning high school mathematics, we often hear students reflect class listening to the teacher, heard loud and "understand", but to their own problem-solving , the total was difficult, there was no way, sometimes, to be in class on analyzing a problem, we often see students racking our brains: "Oh, how I would not think of doing it?" In fact, there are many problems answers, students have difficulty, not because the answers to these questions too difficult so that students can not be solved, but there are differences in the form of thinking or results with specific problems In other words, at this time there are obstacles to the student's mathematical thinking such a thought disorder, some from omissions in our teaching, and more from the students themselves, students from non-scientific knowledge of the structure and mode of thinking. therefore, improve high school students' mathematical thinking ability has very important significance.

Thinking skills through individualized, activate

Start teaching in the high school math teachers must focus on understanding and mastering the basis of the state of knowledge of the students to explain the new knowledge, we must strictly follow the students 'cognitive development stage characteristics to take into account the individual differences of students' cognitive level, emphasizing students body awareness, develop students 'initiative, students of good will and quality, at the same time to cultivate the students' interest in learning mathematics. interest is the best teacher, students interested in mathematics learning, to generate the excitement of mathematical thinking stove that is, a greater degree of prevention of the generation of students thought disorder. teachers can help students to further clarify the purpose of learning for different students, individualized, respectively, to their new higher goal, so that students have a hop hop, will be able to touch the peach "feeling, and to improve the confidence of the students to learn high school mathematics. Example: high grade students came to the school, generally we have to review the quadratic function, quadratic function of the maximum, minimum, especially quadratic function parameters small value method for finding students generally feel more difficult, for which I made the following kinds of questions designed to help a lot of difficult problems students breakthrough, but also during the whole operation, students generally (including the basis of poor students emotional excitement, thinking always remain active design as follows:

The above design progressive layers, each finished one question, and timely that points to solve such problems, greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of the students' learning, improve classroom efficiency.

Second, to improve mathematical awareness, thinking ability is activated

The mathematical consciousness is the choice of students solving math problems on their own behavior is neither on the basis of knowledge of the specific application, nor is the evaluation of the application ability, mathematical awareness refers to the students in the face of the mathematical problem of what to do and how to do As for doing good or bad, was undoubtedly the skills, and sometimes some skills problems than students do not understand, but I do not know how to do the only reasonable, some students face math problems, the first thing that comes to mind is set that formula, done imitate that Road topics solved not seen or background slightly strange point of the kinds of questions we can not start, can not be solved, the mathematical consciousness behind. mathematics teaching in the same time stressed that the accuracy of the basis of knowledge, normative proficiency , we should strengthen the teaching of mathematics consciousness, guiding students awareness led to double-base, math awareness penetrate into the specific issues, such as:
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Therefore, in the teaching of mathematics, only strengthen the teaching of mathematics awareness, such as causal transformation of consciousness "analog conversion consciousness" teaching to the students to face the mathematical handy calmly answer. improve students 'math awareness is an important part to break through the barriers of students' mathematical thinking.

To break the mindset potential to activate the thinking ability

High school mathematics teaching, we are not just teach math knowledge and thinking ability of students of our teaching activities very important part. Induction students exposed to the original thinking framework, including the conclusion, illustration, inferences for breakthrough mathematical thinking students obstacle will play an extremely important role. example: In function parity learning, students often ignore the domain to determine the function of parity,

Many students exposed to the process of thinking, for example, teachers can talk to students methods can be well-designed diagnostic topics prior knowledge of the misconception of the students may have to use the principle of delayed evaluation, that is to be the view of all students fully exposed, and then put forward contradictory, to avoid exposure does not completely solve completely. sometimes can set difficult to discuss difficult issues and thought-provoking, select the students is not easy to understand the concept, can not properly use the knowledge or confused question students to discuss and draw correct conclusions from our mistakes, so that the students particularly deep impression. eliminate negative mindset in solving problems and by exposure to the students' thinking process. course, the activities of thinking in order to eliminate the students only "step by step" tendency in teaching should also encourage students to divergent thinking activities, to develop students thinking, independent thinking, not satisfied with the conventional method to get the correct answer, but to try to explore the most simple, accustomed to the best way to solve problems, develop creativity in thinking, but also a breakthrough barriers to students' thinking and thinking ability is activated an effective way.

Quality education to our traditional high school mathematics teaching higher requirements, but as long as we adhere to the student as the main body to develop students' thinking development as its mission, is bound to improve the quality of high school mathematics teaching for students to get rid of the sea issues tactics, really relieve the burden on students learning mathematics, so as to make due contribution to our math teachers to improve the overall quality of the high school students. posted in the free papers Download Center

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