On the math several ways to import

How to give a math lesson? I think one of the key is how to make students highly concentrate, to seize the students' conscious attention, how to make the students quickly into the role? Saying goes: "All beginnings are hard." A college classroom must have a simple and clear design novel prologue, only a good start, can quickly cause students conscious attention, to stimulate students' interest in learning, into the role as soon as possible in order to enable students to become masters of the classroom, learning the main more, teachers played the role of the director is to guide. I have for many years engaged in the practice of mathematics teaching in the removal Some experience to share with you.

First, ponder import law

An old saying: "Reviewing the Old, can as a teacher carry." This method can start from the old knowledge of the review, and natural new knowledge. Old and new knowledge are closely linked to the contents of this method the most vulnerable fascinating.

For example: learning merger of similar items, you can first review multiplication distributive law, be presented for problem sets

(135x79 +65 x79 = ________

(23.14 x 135-3.14 x 35 = ________

(3 a +2 a = ________

(4) xy-2xy = ________

Students through a review of the old knowledge of natural transition to the new knowledge of the merger of similar items with letters, so that students feel the joy of success.

Second, the analogy into law

Speak similar triangles nature analogy from the nature of congruent triangles. Congruent triangles corresponding edge, the corresponding angle, the corresponding segment, equal to the corresponding perimeter. How the similar triangles groups amount? Looking for what is the difference between them and contact? This approach allows students from the migration of knowledge, and so on to promote the discovery of new knowledge.

Third, the operation of import law

Hands-import method is to organize the students to practice operating through student yourself brains to explore the knowledge, the discovery of truth. For example, when talking about the angles of a triangle is 180 ° to allow students the three angles of the triangle cut pieces together. Summarized from the practice of the angles of a triangle and 180 °, the students enjoy the discovery of truth happy to expand the teaching of the figure in the side of the cylinder, allowing students hands cut side of a cylinder and observe its shape, group discussions and exchange , resulting in only along the high line cut to the side of a rectangular expansion plan, the conclusion yourself get the impression will be deeper.

To discuss the import method

According to the different characteristics of the type of classes, exercise class, so that students in small groups to discuss the exercises done by the team leader responsible for the statistical error more problems, and promptly reported to the teacher, the teacher can be targeted to explain the various methods of the same title at the same time, a group show, can fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the students, so that as many students to participate in classroom learning. Links to free papers Download Center http://eng.hi138.com

the problem into law

Question import method is based on high school students The source of the psychological characteristics of a class will give students to create some doubt, the creation of conflicts, suspense, and stimulate thought, to enable students to produce urgent interest in learning, to induce students by the suspect to thinking, from thinking to known method. For example: a classmate accidentally neighbor of a triangle of glass to break, it broke into three, you can not just take which one go to the glass shop cut a and originally identical triangles glass? If you can, take what a suitable piece of it? students talking about. Then, I told the students to use to solve this problem triangle judgment. Now we study this problem - congruent triangles judgment, we see that students approach learning this lesson is the most reasonable. So that learning enthusiasm of the students are fully mobilized.

VI demo import law

The presentation aids import method enables students to abstract things, through presentation aids image, specific, vivid, intuitive grasp of knowledge. For example: when speaking angle geometry definition, can be demonstrated with a compass, compasses side as a starting side, the other an edge around the vertices rotation, the very image of a corner will be displayed in front of the students, and then such as speaking similar triangle, pick up Teacher large set square observed both inside and outside the triangle shape, which leads to the definition of similar triangles. This way of teaching, so that students deep impression, easy to understand, remember the prison.

Stressed the import method

According to the characteristics of high school students interested in something meaningful, a class described a method of the lesson or the importance of this chapter. For example: a quadratic equation is the focus of the algebraic operations, quadratic function is the key focus of algebraic operations, it occupies an important position in exams, is the cornerstone of the future to pursue advanced studies, today we have a quadratic function of the study, please do not lose at the starting line. A few words to mobilize the conscious attention of the students.

In short, due to the different math-import method also presents diversity, its key is to create a positive classroom climate and the environment, and fully mobilize the internal positive factors to stimulate intellectual curiosity, to enable students to truly become masters of learning, attention concentration to create favorable conditions for the smooth acceptance of knowledge for the students. Links to free papers Download Center http://eng.hi138.com

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