On the way to the discussion earthquake construction organization

Paper Keywords: seismic construction management approach

Abstract: In this paper, the earthquake thousands of construction workers in construction management, with a broad range of construction and arrangement of mobile device management and other issues, management practices put forward new ideas and methodologies in the production of good practice in the application of results achieved .

With the rapid economic development in recent years, doubling the size of villages and towns expand, the number and size of factories and enterprises are also increasing, coupled with changing road surface element of the number of high-precision observation system, making the personnel and equipment are greatly increased, which have undoubtedly increased the the difficulty of collecting construction the old relationship between oil workers and peasants but also more complex areas, the protection of the normal construction is increasing the difficulty of large amounts of integrated management of migrant workers, living, and leased vehicles, the organization of production itself is a major problem, the traditional methods of organization longer meet current seismic development.

A way past construction problems

(1) arranged in vertical management is now three-dimensional receiver line spacing of 100m, or 50m, as the team was very close, in the management of equipment and personnel likely to cause confusion, the original traditional to the vertical line as a unit team management inappropriate .

(2) collect the old oil area to carry out three-dimensional construction, the number of multi-channel acquisition, pitch, and said distance is small, a large reception area, construction personnel-intensive, which will inevitably result in more damaging on the ground and surface, and the arrangement of thousands of Road while maintaining good flow state to blasting, the growing economic development zone to complete the construction of the old oil is very difficult to improve the efficiency of construction is imminent.

(3) before the construction of the past, only to do a whole design to the construction work area, and now more than construction harness, large area, the specific circumstances of each wiring harness may be different, including surface, ground, and the relationship between workers and peasants aspects are very different, the previous design method may lead to the construction of each beam line efficiency and quality are not stable.

(4) current density of shot construction of a large earthquake, the village has grown in size in recent years, increasing number of factories, mines and obstacles on the surface makes the density increases, which will inevitably result in offset and shot up the number of wells increases, At the same time making quality control difficult.

2 new methods of construction organizations

2.1 order management

Over the past three-dimensional model and two-dimensional arrangement of the management there is little difference between the last line from a large observing system, the current high-precision three-dimensional line distance and road construction from the very small, if still in accordance with two-dimensional management model will inevitably cause the waste of human and material resources and difficult to manage the increase, according to the construction characteristics of the observing system, targeted use of collection management unit, to adapt the old oil surface area of ​​the complex obstacles, the relationship between characteristics of workers and peasants, to achieve the rapid laying and arranged their move away and to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

2.1.1 Intensive training

Construction in the past, very little training, but also not up to standard criteria. Training is only required to complete the staff as to the basic purpose; and more in today's industry standards, more demands on staff standard pre-job training and education is an effective completed the first step is to complete high-quality arrangement of the cornerstone; therefore arranged to improve management efficiency and strengthen the system of pre-job training and the improvement is necessary.

Training must be comprehensive, and there is a corresponding job training programs and practice, written by the captain of the training sub-collection summary, submit the audit team leader. Training for seasonal workers, to do the appropriate examination. Long-term following the team's outstanding season, earthquake engineering, to count the group leaders were satisfied that the list of candidates collected the ranks. for good test scores seasonal workers who have satisfied the ranks of candidates for acquisition group leaders, group leaders in order to enrich the collection key reserve pool. collection points leader solely responsible for collecting the production unit and security.

2. 1.2 detailed management

Road over the past number of rare seismic acquisition, collection unit within the division can not be completed on time and arrange collection of tasks, now if you do not collect detailed three-dimensional division of responsibility and timely completion of difficult tasks through three-dimensional construction practice, the main collection unit for the pit team division classes, check class lines, repair lines classes, strengthening classes, cross-class, patrol. check line classes, including retractable line staff, the responsible persons of each class of workers on the team with overall responsibility for team affairs. refine the team division, the acquisition arranged in the efficiency and quality of work has greatly improved, but also reduce the labor intensity of collection unit employees.

2. 1.3 vertical management into landscape management arrangement

Because the reasons for the current construction methods, detection point density 50mX 50m, later changed to 100m X 50m, pitch and pitch is very small, team management, team management for the sub-horizontal, see line workers, line workers and retractable line search work area by block-based management station two rows of a class, class is arranged in the rolling rolling, so you can easily manage personnel and equipment to improve construction efficiency. arranged in landscape management, able to move fast and flexible arrangement and quick search line, and improve the stability of arrangement (Figure 1).

Required to collect three-dimensional arrangement of collection equipment, transportation vehicles much more than in the past three-dimensional. Using horizontal management, each station will be able to put away a rolling implementation arrangement will facilitate the care of equipment, improve production efficiency.

2.2 all-weather construction

Three-dimensional arrangement of road a few problems with a large area to receive more stations or break off a small wire barrier often happens, this situation is very prominent during the day, so day production methods came into being.

Since the three-dimensional construction since 2005, have adopted the mode of production throughout the day, through recent research suggests that the production efficiency of day and night, more than four times the production efficiency in the complex relationship between the old oil region, or even 5-6 times higher than in . compared to last only during the day of production, production should consider the following questions throughout the day.

(1) personnel shifts

Check line workers and line workers see the same area by two people responsible for basically two shifts responsible for the line search is also vice captain of four sub-shift, the captain is responsible for collecting sub-retractable line, lines, and a comprehensive look at the work. Gun Ban also need two shifts, and with a raincoat, water shoes and other equipment against rain and snow. increase the workers and peasants, workers, ensure the night-shift workers and peasants on the site staff. to participate in the production of the night staff are equipped with flashlights, rechargeable portable lights and other lighting equipment, The lighting can be used as night lights to find the location of use.

In order to ensure production quality and efficiency, the instrument is equipped with two car class operator and a member of the common interpretation of quality control, perform three shifts of the model that allows field technicians to get enough rest. To ensure the safety of drilling units and drilling as quality reasons, the drilling unit only in the daytime production. up well to pay gun class management class, the implementation of two shifts.

(2) the replacement of materials

As the day of production, in principle, all employees should collect room and board at the site, so in addition to battery, the size of line, collecting stations, fuel, and other needs replaced every day or several days, the draft for staff, food and so can be anywhere purchase, as long as sufficient quantities of tents, food by employees themselves. Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

(3) anti-lost

For the complex relationship between workers and peasants of the old oil region, the phenomenon of lost work area may be more serious than others, especially the day of production, the night staff's attention and effort are greatly reduced. According to statistics 80% of the collection devices are at night or dusk lost, for the construction team to purchase a large number of locks to the size of line, collection stations to lock are locked up for possession of all trenching can be buried or covered with straw, etc. to live. part of the collection station is also equipped with the GPS positioning system, also play a certain effect. most often missing is the battery, so the towns and villages in the vicinity of the battery and other suspicious sites are digging buried, or take the tent in battery position, so that it better care; in a long time period to stop guns, the battery received tents and other measures to reduce battery loss.

(4) Night Safety

As the night vision is limited, the security situation is very complicated; therefore, set up by the team's vice captain in charge of security and safety of team members is the direct leadership of the Night Watch team is necessary. Night Watch officers from the physical good and the good conduct of young people composition, from the early evening at 7:00 Night Watch to the end of seven. Night Watch team composed by about 30-50 people, mainly the production activities in the laying order within the key suspect in the vicinity of towns or larger villages to increase the number of activities , or take care of an extended stay of collection equipment and protective measures on site security personnel. Night Watch team is equipped with off-road vehicles and Pakistan, each with installed car radio and handset, time on site monitoring the situation.

2.3 Power Management arranged

Day mode of production will inevitably lead to the battery can not be arranged on the back in camp before dark charge, and taken to replace the battery in order to delay the production method is the most efficient production processes. Reasonable arrangement and management of power supply equipment and personnel, not only can improve efficiency, cost savings, while protecting the equipment in the construction site, mainly to save battery power. for saving battery, in the site are most worried about is the safety issue, usually, the site work on the battery 1-3 days may need to change, and every morning from the house to charge a fully charged battery to the site with three carriages, each carriage is responsible for a team of three working is 1-2 rows of batteries, the instrument operator in accordance with the general unity of command replace the battery, so battery power loss than to stop gun back to reduce the time and increased productivity. equipment operators, production staff, deputy team leader and explain the scene at the site of the instruments on board the best time to negotiate for the battery, usually in large line is broken or failed to address other members of the workers and peasants somewhere must stop gun case 1-2 hours for the battery, because the replacement of a large three-dimensional arrangement of the time to two hours.

For battery pay attention to speed, hidden well, in order to reduce the time to stop guns, but also to be tailed to reduce the chance of being stole, thereby reducing the amount of the loss of equipment. Night for battery is very difficult because its hard to find dark three carriage the correct position, the battery more easily robbed or stolen; so if the battery is difficult to insist on the arrangement of the work the next day morning, it must be replaced before dark the day, night or affect the production. arranged on the battery is not all to adhere overnight, the poor quality of some of the reliability of the old battery is not strong, the night also need to change; so arranged in the sub-captain who is responsible for cross-class arrangement and is equipped with a dozen car batteries.

2.4 Single-beam line design

The last construction beam line design is not single, because the increasing difficulty of construction, proposed a single design quality of the data collected through the beam line of the comparison, identify problems and weaknesses in order to sum up experience and improve quality, more perfect in all aspects of management and design .

Therefore, single-beam line design is generally in the construction of the beam line measurement is completed, in-line design, designers and other groups to explain the team with the more compact design ever closer to the actual situation, the higher the rate of implementation.

The emergence of single-design, to predict in advance the quality of construction defects and construction problems, and propose specific measures to stabilize the quality and efficiency of the construction played a significant role.

2.5 to reduce the rate shot up, shot up the quality of methods to improve the innovation

The complex relationship between the workers and peasants of the old oil region, lower rate is to reduce gun up production costs and improve production efficiency and effective way.

Main gun line is pulling problems.
The complex relationship between the workers and peasants of the old oil region, pulling the gun line is the most serious in the sparsely populated areas, and even gun line is contiguous organized, premeditated pulled the gun in the line near the village and it was pulling the focus area.

The first is the progress of drilling progress and artillery to match the acquisition, that number should be suitable for drilling in advance. Too many ahead of drilling, even when laying out the scope of the arrangement, arrangement of guards on site staff can not monitor the gun line security situation, resulting probability of pulling gun line is increased if the blasting is too slow, a large number of wells completed in the order of improper Liberating will increase the risk of gun cable is unplugged, so the production team leader according to production schedule reasonable arrangements day of drilling progress.

Followed by the gun-line approach is often hidden changes and innovation. Gun exposed surface of one end of the line is often embedded in the need for security around the wellhead.

In recent years has proved that gun line is pulling in more than 30% reduction in the number in the form of complex regional security can take a variety of flexible ways to avoid risk.

3 Applications

In 2009, three-dimensional construction, changes in construction methods to make the organization more in line with quality and efficient construction requirements, while minimizing the cost in the complex relationship between workers and peasants of the old oil area, the equipment was looted and damaged and the cost of workers and peasants spending is a major factor in controlling costs through the application of new methods of construction organization, making the equipment damage and lost worker-peasant's expenditure is greatly reduced, and get the following results: ① single design implementation rate of 90%; ② tested additionally reduced rate of 10%; ③ construction efficiency 10%; ④ lower rate shot up 5%.

4 understanding

(1) Three-dimensional seismic exploration is the development direction of the old oil region, the times of the production method of organization is necessary.

(2) Effective three-dimensional construction management and organization is important to obtain high-quality data protection.
(3) three-dimensional construction of the new organization is based on the quality of construction as the fundamental approach to the construction cost based on efficiency and effective management. Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

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