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  • Practice and Enlightenment of Jinghai County centralized water supply
    Abstract: solve the problem of safe drinking water for rural residents is an important part of building a new socialist countryside. Tianjin Jinghai County Water around the floods, droughts and people, people and water from the water management objectives, to explore a

    Dec 10,2012

  • Xilinhot pastoral areas of safe drinking water project construction problem
    Abstract) The article discusses the problems facing the the Xilinhot pastoral areas of drinking water safety, the general idea and the measures taken to protect the safety of drinking water in rural areas. (Keywords) pastoral areas; drinking water safety; problems; co

    Dec 10,2012

  • On the way to the discussion earthquake construction organization
    Paper Keywords: seismic construction management approach Abstract: In this paper, the earthquake thousands of construction workers in construction management, with a broad range of construction and arrangement of mobile device management and other issues, management p

    Jun 27,2011

  • On the common highway engineering analysis and prevention of geological disasters
    Abstract: The Road is experiencing the most serious hazards of geological disasters, one of engineering and construction. Often requires the construction of a highway across the landscape unit, will encounter a variety of complex geological problems, such as collapse, l

    Apr 5,2011

  • Engineering geological investigation of the hydrogeological
    Abstract: The hydro-geological survey and research in engineering has a very important position, this paper describes engineering geological evaluation of the content of hydro-geological exploration, soil hydraulic properties, groundwater hazards caused by issues such a

    Apr 4,2011

  • Gannan Tungsten regional geology and prospecting
    Abstract: Gannan million located in South China fold system of the Yangshan - figuratively Zhuguangshan Long Wuyishan fold belt and fold belt. Paleozoic stage of an ancient Asian tectonic domain, Mesozoic tectonic stage is the Pacific coast. Tsung Yu Rao area is located

    Mar 29,2011

  • Based on meteorological factors of geological disasters Warning System
    Summary of the geological hazard warning and forecasting system construction principles, objectives and work processes, and disaster warning for WebGIS-based reporting system to achieve the composition and the feasibility of proposals put forward, has important practica

    Dec 12,2010

  • Thoughts of Chinese Traditional Settlement Construction
    Paper Keywords: traditional settlement, settlement landscape, clan consciousness Abstract: In-depth analysis of the traditional Chinese village with the natural ecological character, landscape features, to study the underlying ideological and cultural roots, hoping to

    Nov 17,2010

  • Four issues of Thinking geochemical prospecting
    [Abstract] Over the years, geochemical prospecting can distinguish between different ore bodies and mineralization, geochemical anomaly model and many other issues with the practical application of geochemical prospecting work is the difficult core issues, the paper ana

    Oct 12,2010

  • Geological exploration Duobaoshan copper Overview
    Abstract: Duobaoshan Nenjiang County in the northern copper bed, mine is located in the northwest section of the small southwestern slopes of Mountains, is a hilly terrain, 350-570 meters above sea level, the relative height is generally 30-70 meters. Development of sea

    Aug 19,2010

  • Types of mines and prevention of geological disasters
    Abstract: According to the spatial distribution and the causes of disasters, relations, mining geological disasters are deformed rock mass disasters, disasters caused by water table changes and disasters caused by internal factors such as ore bodies of three types of th

    Aug 4,2010

  • Beiliu common geological hazards and control measures
    Abstract: The geological disaster is natural or man-made factors, formed under the action of human life, property, environmental damage and losses caused by geological processes. Beiliu more frequent geological disasters in recent years, different degrees of towns threa

    Jul 28,2010

  • On the geotechnical engineering techniques and prevention of geological disasters prevention measures
    Abstract: In recent years, with the rapid development of China's national economy, a variety of resources development and construction activities, the intensity of human activities has generally increased, this will be very vulnerable to our geological environment has b

    Jul 26,2010

  • Coal geological exploration work in the coal exploration
    Abstract: We all know coal coal geological exploration work is a very important part of the work is an exploration of Coal Geology comprehensive work very technical, but also GEOLOGY an important part of the preparation of reports. If the geological exploration area rep

    Jul 23,2010

  • Bijie Soil and Water Conservation and Exploration
    Abstract: Soil and Water Conservation District to carry out Bijie the past two decades, "the development of poverty alleviation, ecological construction" as the theme, closely around the Soil and Water Conservation work to speed up Bijie population, food, ecology, econo

    Jul 16,2010

  • On the geological structure and Gas Mining Control Lot
    Abstract: In this paper, geological structure of the coal seam gas control and the preservation of soft coal in the analysis of hierarchical control of development, described the geological structure sent on the control of coal and gas outburst. Key words: geological

    Jul 15,2010

  • Different crops in arid soil of a
    Abstract: The red soil areas of serious seasonal drought, and to determine the extent of arid soil Kan value of a crop system to drought assessment of drought and soil moisture management has very important significance. Among the many crops by the early study, based on

    Jul 14,2010

  • Geothermal Resources in Contemporary China Development and Utilization of
    Abstract: This article from the four major areas to illustrate the contemporary Chinese geothermal resources development and utilization. First, I introduced China geothermal resources development status, and from two small areas to specific discourse, and secondly, I a

    Jul 7,2010

  • Evaluation on the mine geological environment
    Abstract: The evaluation of geological environment for the comprehensive renovation to provide a basis for mine geological environment scientific basis, explained the importance of mine geological environment evaluation, key evaluation of the content presented, and thro

    May 25,2010

  • Surface water station on the south-benefit analysis of transformation
    Of: Xiu-Ling Li Wang Hongzhi Li Chunfeng at Qinghua Li Cuixiang Abstract: With the oil field development and operation of oil and water station equipment aging, backward technology, production process, maintenance costs, there is the hidden safety problems, the paper

    Apr 19,2010

  • Regional Study on Method of creation of construction
    Paper Keywords: geographical logic of Architectural Trends Overview cultural characteristics and cultural connotation Abstract: This paper summarizes the characteristics of local environment of buildings, cultural features and economic and technical characteristics of

    Mar 24,2010

  • On the ancient Chinese and Western architectural features and cultural connotation
    Paper Keywords: architectural characteristics of ancient buildings and cultural features of the ancient West Abstract: China's ancient buildings in a balanced way symmetric group formed the courtyard layout, with the characteristics of Heaven, West of ancient building

    Mar 24,2010

  • On the Huainan mining area geological anomalies
    Abstract: The Huainan mining area were analyzed geological anomalies described. Keywords: geological anomalies Huainan mining area 0 Introduction Since December 1996, northern Anhui Mining Group karst collapse columns occurred well after the sudden flooding, conti

    Mar 11,2010

  • On the vocabulary names from the South China Sea to see the basic features of local culture
    Paper Keywords: South China Sea, geographical and cultural characteristics of place names Abstract: place names is a linguistic phenomenon, but also a cultural phenomenon. This relationship between language and culture from the perspective of the South China Sea 17 lo

    Mar 10,2010

  • On the geological disaster monitoring technology status and development trend
    Abstract: Methods of geological disaster monitoring the application of a summary of the status quo, and geological disaster monitoring methods to predict trends, the other made a geological disaster monitoring technology to optimize the integration and optimization of t

    Mar 10,2010

  • Wang Zhen igneous complex geological structure and mineralization of the space-time
    Abstract: The geological cause diagenetic and mineralization in the structure of space-time with apparent regularity. North Taihang - Yanshan District Laiyuan complex body part complex body on Changan Wang have such laws. Concluded that the law of the mineralization of

    Mar 9,2010

  • On degenerate types of coal and metamorphic
    Abstract: This paper describes the main types of Chinese coal metamorphism, according to the primary heat source and heat mode of action and coal characteristics, different factors into different types of coal metamorphism. Summarized as deep as metamorphism, magmatic t

    Mar 9,2010

  • Mineralization in a geological problems can not be ignored
    Author: Xu Hong Xu tree was Li Xiang Yuan Zhao E Abstract: geological mineralization has been foreign geologists, scientists attach great importance to deposit their research mostly focused on the qualitative aspects of the macro and, in particular, weak geological pr

    Mar 7,2010

  • ICPMS soil samples of germanium Iodine
    Abstract: whole sample with NaOH melt, hot water extraction, get a part of the solution by strong acid cation exchange resin, separation of a large number of sodium ions in solution, the use of inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry for simultaneous determination

    Feb 26,2010

  • On the mine geological environment management
    Abstract: As the various mine ore type, existing conditions, mining methods, geological environmental capacity of the different pairs of mine geological environment in varying degrees of damage, so control methods, control measures, management ideas should be combined w

    Feb 4,2010